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Chronic Diseases - Benefits of Integrated Fitness Training

Updated on August 8, 2015
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Jeannie has been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. She advocates chronic disease prevention with diet and exercise.

Comprehensive fitness programming represents a coordinated continuum of healthcare management for the prevention of chronic disease and injury, which sets it apart from routine exercise programs. Chronic diseases are fast becoming the leading cause disability and death in the United States. Recurrent illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and cancer are widespread and on the rise at an alarming rate. Poor lifestyle choices, lack of knowledge or access to prevention information result in the dramatic increase in frequency of chronic diseases in the last 30 years.

Chronic disease has become the leading reason for disability and 70% of death in the United States. Whether directly or indirectly, most Americans will be affected by chronic diseases at some point. Direct loss of quality of life and worsening health can be linked to chronic diseases. With time, permanent disability and reduced lifespan are eminent.

Indirectly, chronic diseases can slowdown economic growth due to lowering productivity, which can lead to rising corporate healthcare costs. The fact is that in reality 0.75 cents of each dollar spent on healthcare costs equate to $1.7 trillion dollars. This represents the amount of money spent for the treatment of chronic diseases. Any health condition or illness that limits functionality and requires ongoing medical treatment, extending longer than a year is a chronic disease.

Typically, chronic diseases result in some form of permanent physical or mental impairment in at least 25% of individuals diagnosed with an incurable health condition. In 2006, chronic diseases contributed to five of the six central reasons of death in the United States (1). Cardiovascular disease and cancer were at the top of the list by 57%, and 80% of these mortalities were avoidable with adherence to a healthy lifestyle (2). For 2010, the direct and indirect estimated cost of the treatment of cardiovascular disease alone was an astounding $503.2 billion dollar (3).

Most chronic diseases and injuries are manageable and preventable by way of early detection, treatment, and healthy lifestyle changes. The essentials of Integrated Fitness Training incorporate a variety reconditioning training. These forms of reconditioning include:

•Flexibility training

•Cardiovascular training

•Stabilization, balance and core training

•Reactive or Plyometric training

•Speed, agility and quickness training

•Resistance training

Integrated fitness training is beneficial for anyone with a history of chronic disease, one or more structural imbalances and is at risk of injury. Integrated fitness builds on progressive and systematic programming to achieve optimum levels performance including:

•Improved metabolism

•Improved cardiovascular efficiency

•Improved hormone and cholesterol levels

•Increased tensile strength and endurance

•Increased bone density

•Decreased body fat

•Increased lean body muscle

There has at no time been a better opportunity to get into a form including integrated fitness program, which offers all of the elements needed for total body fitness. An all-encompassing strategy is imperative to meet the needs of men and women who want to decrease the risk of chronic disease and improve fitness of physical, physiologic, and athletic optimum performance levels.


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2. Hoyert DL, Kung HC, Smith BL, Deaths: preliminary data for 2003. Natl Vital Stat Rep 2005;53:1-48.

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Get Into Action!

Just 10 minutes of cardio resistance intergrated, interval training can  make the difference in how you look and  feel!
Just 10 minutes of cardio resistance intergrated, interval training can make the difference in how you look and feel!


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    • aries3296 profile image

      Jeannie Ramirez 2 years ago from South Florida, USA

      Here's a quote I found from SparkPeople that I thought you would like:

      We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.

      - Carlos Castaneda