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Help to lose weight

Updated on November 9, 2009
Fast food!
Fast food!

Help to lose weight

Sometimes finding the motivation to lose weight is the hardest part of any diet.

You really really want to but getting started and past the first three days is so difficult.

Maybe the first three days went great and the next three were the problem.

No matter what, you now know that this new venture is going to take a bit more time and patience than first anticipated.

Losing weight has to come from within.

You have to want to do this for yourself. Doing it to please others is a recipe for disaster.

You also have to look at how the body works when losing weight and understand this if you want to help it reach it's goal.

Losing weight really is from within.

When you have decided to go down in weight I will try to post as many hubs as I can thinking up ways to help keep you going.

What gives me the right to say i can help you? I am no better than you. The only thing that qualifies me is that you are here, so i know you are looking for help and I know exactly where you are what you are feeling. I have been there. I know how hard it is to get there and i know even better what it takes to maintain the weight loss.

So what qualifies me is that i need your help as much as you might need mine.

I have honestly been on the same page as you and guess what I am not trying to sell , courses, cheap diets that don’t work or appliances that will cost the earth and sit in your cupboard for years.

Neither will I try to convince you that running is the best form of exercise, just because i enjoy it but together we can find out what is best for you.

Sometimes I find running hard too so I use other forms of exercise as well. I will eventually share this with you . Maybe not today but I promise to get back to this in a later hub.

I am reaching out to help you as a person as I know what it feels like to be trapped in an oversized body.

The only thing I am looking for in return is the encouragement to stay slimmer and not pile on the fat again. This is where you can help me.

Here are some facts that helped me to understand that everything I was doing was not a waste of time.


MOTTO:  It only takes one step to start.

If you don’t care for exercise or going to the gym, get your coat on and step outside.

Today you can walk for 5 minutes tomorrow 6. It all helps. Any exercise you take is a plus. When you talk yourself into doing a little bit more than you would have you are on the right track.

But, but, but ,butbutbutbut……….don’t head for the cookie jar when you return, you don’t need to reward yourself just yet. First of all you have to give your body a little time to burn some calories from the training. Yes I know there are many articles that tell you you have to eat immediately after training. This is, however, for the marathon runners and elite training groups. These guys need to maintain their weight not lose it.  You my friend, are with me on my team we are losing weight we need to burn it.

When your next meal is planned, do not stuff a premade meal down from the fridge. Take time to prepair the food. This takes time and the meal will psychologically last longer.

Fast foods are just that, you see them , open them and they are gone……………..this , as I remember it just leaves me feeling hungrier and waiting in desperation for the next meal.

As time goes on this leads to frustration and giving up.

It took me at least five years to stop fad dieting, it really did. I had to get honest with myself and tell myself that i could only lose the pounds if i took a trip inside, understand what was going on in more ways than one.

The real rewards come when you first notice that the scales are reading a lighter weight and then when your clothes are getting looser.

It does take a great deal of discipline and determination to lose weight so be proud of yourself when the pounds start dropping, you deserve to be. You have done this yourself, no one else can do it for you. Remember that.

Have you ever really noticed that when you are overweight you cal it weight problems?

Have you thought about why?

Of course, you call it a problem because it is just that……….A PROBLEM.

Problems need solving and it is just that you are doing when the scales are dropping instead of increasing.

Some people tell you to throw away your scales. Sorry if this is what you want to hear you are in the wrong hub.

When I am overweight my scales are my best friend. They tell me if I am dropping accordingly and believe it or not they tell me if I am dropping too fast……that’s right… can get there where you are actually beginning to drop weight too quickly. This is unhealthy and not advisable. If it took you 10 years to gain the weight, starving yourself  to get back to that weight will cause more problems for your metabolism.

Sometimes when you are dieting and training at the same time to get fitter you will notice that the scales don’t budge for many days. This can be quite heartbreaking for some, but believe me there are good reasons for this. Don’t despair and more importantly don’t give up. If you stick with your plan and don’t cheat you will reap the benefits very soon.

Your body needs to build and tone muscle.

Building and toning muscle takes energy and muscle really does weigh more than fat.

Use a tape measure and measure around your chest, waist, thighs, hips etc etc. Note the differences this is a better indicator that you are on the right track.

Yes I still say the scales are important at this point. You should not be gaining 5 or 10 pounds.

For women who are frightened to build muscle for fear of looking masculine, think again. Shapely muscles are attractive. In addition there will be less chance of having skin sagging over untoned muscle. When you exercise you will also tend to drink alot more water which in turn helps to saturate the cells in the skin.

When you have larger muscles they need more energy to work. Therefore your metabolism will increase to supply the new muscle and you will lose weight faster.

Even walking will increase leg muscle, they don’t have to be like popeyes buldgers.

If you do some sit ups the resulting tummy muscles will require more energy to work. This results in more weight loss. You no longer need to simply starve yourself. Your muscles will work for you.

However, don’t be fooled, gain the muscle and think that you can stop using it when you have reached your goal. Sorry to say that it only takes six weeks or less and that muscle will deteriorate and you will lose the extra assistance. If the muscle stops burning energy, the energy can be stored once again as fat.

So think logically, the more fat you turn into muscle the more weight you will lose, muscle requires energy to work, fat only needs a place to rest it’s weary cell. They have favourite districts, like the behind , waist and thighs. Put up an eviction notice ladies, don’t let them go there.

Okay, if you are sitting there saying, "well thats easy for you to say, you have already lost the weight". Stop it! That kind of comment just tells me that you are not motivated and i will as you " why are you here". Do you really want to lose weight r are you just feeling sorry for yourself?

That was cruel, i know that but i need you to dig deep down within yourself to motivate getting started. The only wat to start, is to start.


How does the fat disappear then? Especially when the scales stay the same.

Well, it’s like this. When you train and put your body into motion, it requires fuel to do so.

Fat cells are easy to break down for the body and they split into different components producing energy, water and other by products without going into too much detail.

The energy is transported to the muscle requiring the energy to work and feeds it.
If you try to overdo the exercise the by- products will gather too quickly and need some time to escape from the muscle. This causes muscle pain and is due to a build up of lactic acid.

This is why you have to build up exercise gradually. So don’t be afraid of doing too much. Your body has a fantastic mechanism for letting you know what you are capable of. It is not just the puffing and panting. If you are very overweight it may be beneficial for you to show your doctor your action plan and get his or her approval.

Remember back to the bit where we said it took you almost 10 years to gain the weight. Then don’t be in too much of a hurry and think that you can lose it over night. It takes time.

Be patient and notice the small differences. Keep a journal and take photographs. It will be easier to see the changes.

How do you lose weight faster then?

There is one little trick that works.

Interval training.

Lets say you walk or run for 15 minutes each day .

If you warm up for 5 minutes and then increase your speed to as fast as you go for 2 minutes and then return to the normal speed. Repeat this 2 or 3 times (depending on how long you train for) you will increase your heart rate. This increased heart rate in intervals will increase the demand for energy. This also helps you to tolerate longer training sessions in the future as your heart being a muscle is now effectively being trained.

Surprise surprise but this too demands more energy and the result is faster weight loss.
Remember also there are no rules that say that you have to do all of your training in one go. You can train for 10 minutes and rest for 10 before starting another 10 minute. It all adds up and it is really only you that can decide how much energy you want to burn.

It makes it so much easier when you think that you can eat more if you exercise more.

Weight loss is the amount of energy put into the body minus the energy burned . We usually count this in daily requirements . If you increase the exercise , increase the muscle you have it is logical that the body will require more energy to keep it supplied.

Therefore both training and muscle contribute to increased metabolism which helps you to lose weight faster.


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