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Clary Sage Essential Oils Properties and Benefits

Updated on December 26, 2015

About Clary Sage Essential Oil

Among the many oils used in aromatherapy, Clary sage is one of the most versatile essential oils used in the process of rejuventaion. This is due to the presence of various healing oil properties found in the natural oil extracted from the plant source, which brings about a wide range of health benefits. The plant used to extract clary sage oil is from a specie known as Salivia Sclarea, wherein its buds and leaves undergo a steam distillation process.

The use of clary sage essential oil as a healing oil is no longer a recent concept since it has been utilized as an herbal cure even during ancient times. It is popularly known for its eye care benefits but it also has several other medicinal attributes which are marvelous. There are two general aspects in terms of the benefits that one can derive from the use of clary sage essential oil: physical and emotional. You can learn more about how these medicinal properties from the oil makes all these benefits happen.

Physical Health Benefits

Medicinally speaking, clary sage essential oil is a gem. Doe to the plant's excellent therapeutic properties, it is most convenient to have this at home for convenient treatment of a wide range of health conditions. This is one reason why the use of clary sage as an herbal remedy in the ancient times have persisted until today in the field of aromatherapy.

Read more below to find out how you can use clary sage oil, not just for treatment of ailments, but also for preventive health measures.

Antispasmodic Properties

This is one of the most useful therapeutic properties found in clary sage oil. Therefore, it is a common treatment used for all types of spasms and its entailing symptoms. It can therefore help reduce the amount of pain and discomfort caused by muscular cramps, spasmodic cholera, spasmodic cough, cramps in your respiratory system, stomach aches, and headaches while ensuring that continued treatment is done to effectively eliminate this problem.

Antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties

Wounds are not only painful but also expose you to the dangers of acquiring new infections due to easy access of foreign bodies. Therefore, the antiseptic qualities of clary sage oil makes it useful as a natural remedy against all types of wounds. When the oil is applied directly on the area of wound, you can prevent acquisition of different types of germs and prevent further damage.

Aside from the antiseptic properties of the plant, the antibacterial qualities of clary sage essential oil helps to destroy, inhibit growth, or prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to avoid developing infections. According to research studies, clary sage oil is most effective against bacterial infections on your urinary tract, excretory system, intestines, and colon system. Regular use of clary sage oil could also prevent harmful action of bacteria inside your body, such as those that you consume during intake of food stuffs.

Emenagogue Properties

Clary sage essential oil also has beneficial effects on women's health as it particularly lifts the pain from those suffering from irregular menstrual cycle or painful periods. The emenagogue property from clary sage oil makes it ideal for treating obstructed, irregular, and painful menstruation. It is also good to know that using this as natural remedy will not entail any adverse side effect that might develop. This property has also been proven effective for its curing action which happens by opening up your obstructed menses to provide relief from pain. Therefore, clary sage essential oil is highly recommended for producing natural female tonic.

Sometimes, post menopause syndrome goes together with several symptoms such as mental irritation and dizziness, which makes it ideal to use these essential oils. It also enables you to deal with menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, and many more by balancing female functions.

Digestive and Carminative Properties

Clary sage essential oil offers excellent natural treatment for common digestive disorders which help alleviate suffering from such illnesses. Its digestive properties can provide effective relief against a wide range of stomach problems. For instance, it can reverse the effect of indigestion by regulating your digestive functions and relieving any pain associated with it.

When having stomach tension, it combines with carminative properties to facilitate digestion by speeding up the process of gastric juice and bile secretion so your digestive function returns to normal. Flatulence and stomach cramps are among the many digestive disorders that Clary sage oil effectively treats.

Ocular Properties

Like in the ancient times, clary sage essential oil is best known as an effective medicine for your eyes. Since your eyes are sensitive parts of the body, you need to consult with an expert aromatherapist about the recommended dosage when using clary sage oil for optic medicine.

This property of the essential oil can provide a wide range of eye care benefits such as improve your vision, brightening your eyes, protection against all types of eye infection, improving eye function as caused by age degeneration, and delaying cataract formation.

Hypotensive Properties

Cardiovascular problems are one of the leading causes of mortality. But clary sage essential oil contains hypotensive properties that make it effective in normalizing your blood pressure level. This property of the essential oil relaxes your veins and arteries to avoid increasing your blood pressure. In doing so, you can avoid the risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases such as brain hemorrhage, heart attack, among others.

Emotional Health Benefits

Your emotional health is an integral component to maintaining your overall health. After all, your brain controls both your emotion and physiological function, so you have to keep it nourished to ensure that everything is functioning normally. Clary sage essential oil contains various properties such as sedative, nervine, and antidepressant properties that help you control and regulate your emotions.

Sedative and Nervine Properties

The sedative properties of clary sage oil helps you to remain calm even under intense pressure. It also improves your ability to concentrate, relax, and enjoy good quality sleep. These are all important qualities that can impact your physical health in the long run. With the calming effective of clary sage oil, you can regulate your emotions and avoid imbalances in the body arising from it.

On the other hand, the nervine properties of clary sage essential oil maintain functions of your nervous system and avoid diseases that affect it. Hence, clary sage oil is often used in therapies to cure depression, stress, anxiety, paranoia, fear, and nervous tension.

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