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How to Create a Cleaning Competition

Updated on March 1, 2015

Cleaning Competitions Create Healthy Motivation for Cleanliness- Judge with Glo Germ!

Competitions have often been used to increase the level of participation for various tasks, subjects and so forth. People usually rise to the occasion to win... So why not when teaching about hygiene and infection control? We see some of the best performance when people are competing.

Creating a cleaning competition for your class, health facility, food service or other industry may help increase the compliance of your students or employees. The best way is to have 2 identical stations that can be judged after cleaning. It really doesn't matter what industry you are in or what type of organization you have. You can get creative in order to get results from your students or staff.

Need ideas or want a free consultation to help get a competition going in your organization? Message my lensemaster account (OUTFOXprevention) or email Also, check out our other lenses! We have information on health week ideas, Easter hygiene lessons, St. Patrick's Day hygiene lessons, glove removal instruction, disaster preparations and much more!

Cleaning Competition...

Who wins? Everyone wins when it is clean!

Glo Germ for Cleaning Competitions on Amazon - Use the Glo Germ to test how well each team cleans!

Glo germ for cleaning competition
Glo germ for cleaning competition

The Cleaning Contest Lesson

Here's how to judge cleanliness with fluorescent powder and a black light-

OUTFOX Lesson: Cleanest Area Competition Cleanest Area Competition

Content Objective:

  • Students will be able to use effective cleaning techniques and procedures. In addition, the lesson should show how speed and effort are key factors that determine whether a workstation gets clean or not. The creation of a competitive setting should help engage the student base.


  • Glo Germ System (Fluorescent powder or gel and black light); 2-4 identical desks or workstations of any kind; educational and promotional posters; prizes and awards (which could include pencils, magnets, etc.); stopwatch(es); cleaning supplies for each team; Certificates of Achievement; Cleanest Area Competition Prize Ribbons; etc.


  • -Clean
  • -Antibacterial
  • -Sanitize (Sanitation)

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

  • -Why is it important to maintain a clean environment?
  • -How can someone really tell if you cleaned a certain area?
  • -Specifically, did you know germs are too small to see?
  • -What are the benefits of cleaning up your area at school and cleaning up your area at home?


  • -Show two identical areas or items (one with the invisible fluorescent germs and one without)
  • -Use the Glo Germ System to illustrate how germs spread and affect us daily.
  • -Have students apply the Glo Germ Identifier Lotion or Powder. Make sure they get it all over their hands (i.e. doorknobs, sinks, pencils, or other designated area)
  • -Using the black light, show students how germs lurk on their hands
  • -Have them wash their hands and check for the germs again
  • -Use the Identifier Lotion or Powder for many of the activities and games supplied by OUTFOX in this manual


  • Start the lesson with an explanation of the competition. Show an example of two identical items and how one has the invisible germs (to the naked eye). Explain that when you are cleaning you cannot check how effective you are. Hence you need to be thorough and make an effort to clean all areas.
  • First, split the class into teams. Disclose the cleaning criteria that they will be judged on. Next, establish the time limit and elect the judges. To start the competition evenly spread Glo Germ powder or lotion on the competing desks, workstations or sinks (best if you do this before class or when the teams are not watching).
  • Make sure all teams have identical cleaning supplies. Next, reiterate the rules before they begin so there is no confusion (cleaning criteria, time limit, etc.). Finally, Start the stopwatch!
  • Once a team finishes or time runs out, inspect for cleanliness. Turn off the classroom lights and use the black light to inspect for spots or areas that were missed. To award the winning team(s), hold an awards assembly and pass out Certificates of Achievement to all participants. Hand out awards or prizes to the best teams to stimulate positive behavior.

"Hands On Experience:"

  • Cleaning Competition
  • o Can be as intense and involved as you would like
  • o Can be done over one day or many
  • o Can be a team or individual competition
  • o Can be a whole area, just their desks, or any other area that shares common characteristics

Wrap Up:

  • -The best way to wrap up is to take all teams (or individuals) around to the cleaned workstations or areas and demonstrate the positive and negatives (while using the black light to show left over "germs")
  • -The awards ceremony and germ-themed prizes will be great takeaways from the lesson

Home Connection:

  • -Germ-themed prizes and awards
  • -Certificates of Achievement
  • -Encourage the students to hold a competition of their own at home (may have to judge based off of visible dirt and grime unless they have purchased an at-home Glo Germ Kit)

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