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Cleure - A New Kind of Hypoallergenic Skin Care

Updated on May 4, 2012

How a New Brand of Hypoallergenic Products Saved My Skin and Hair!

This is the story of how I discovered Cleure, a new brand of skincare products that saved me from a life of constant skin breakouts and flat, lifeless hair. It is also the story of how I woke up to an alarming problem that most of us are not aware of, that exists in the skin care and personal care products we use every day!

I have sensitive skin and even worse, I cannot use shampoos or skin care products that contain artificial perfumes or fragrance. Let me tell you, this has been a real problem for me in the "looking good" department! Now I'm not overly into my appearance, in fact there are so many other things I am more concerned about in today's world, but like anyone, I prefer to look my best!

Now as you can imagine, having sensitive skin, and not being able to use 99% of all the shampoos and skincare products in the world was a real problem! Not to mention that I have baby fine, thin hair that looks really terrible if I use most brands of hypoallergenic shampoo.

Unfortunately, all the fragrance free shampoos on the market that I tried just made my hair duller, flatter and more straw like. :( It went on like this for years. Every once in a while I would find something that worked a little better, but sooner or later the company would go out of business! This was back a while, before people became more aware of the effect that fragrance and other chemicals can have on our health.

At the time, I didn't know anything about safe cosmetics or the effect that chemicals in products have on our bodies, I just wanted to look good without the perfumes! In desperation, I set about searching on the internet.

I found a LOT of great products, and tried many of them. I learned that many products which are described as "fragrance free" contain chemicals to mask the scents, or they contain parabens and other irritants that actually make my skin worse off.

Well, I only found two types of shampoo that worked for my hair. One had a smell that was difficult for me to tolerate, but was relatively safe. Recently though, I tried a NEW shampoo, that is safe and doesn't have a difficult smell. I didn't have much hope, but it actually worked!!

My thin, limp, fine hair became shiny and fuller, and I loved it! Now even my husband is using it! You read the rest of my story and see my "before" and "after" pictures here at my hypoallergenic shampoo page.

Finding Safe Cosmetics
Finding Safe Cosmetics

Paying Attention to the Ingredients in Our Skincare Products

Why Hypoallergenic Products May STILL Cause Your Skin To Break Out

One of the things I learned from visiting the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website was that so many ingredients that are used in our skincare and personal care products are not good for our health. This was a real shock to me, even though I've been involved with health, healing and healthy eating for most of my adult life!

I'm not sure why I never paid attention to the creams and lotions I was applying to my skin and hair. It was only when I become sensitive to fragrances that I was forced to pay more attention tot he product labels of what I was using.

Perhaps the biggest shock of all came when I started looking into hypoallergenic product lines that are made for people with eczema, rosacea, acne or sensitive skin. Usually these products leave out the artificial fragrances, which is a good thing, especially for people with fragrance allergies or fragrance sensitivity.

That's one of the positives, but unfortunately, I discovered that many ingredients being used in these hypoallergenic skin care products actually are known to CAUSE skin irritation!

I've been investigating this for a while now, and I am finding it VERY rare to find a hypoallergenic product line that doe not contain ingredients which cause skin irritation. Please see my hypoallergenic products page and our safe cosmetics page for more detailed information.

So, in my quest to find products that contain a minimum of irritating or allergy producing ingredients, and which also do not contain harmful chemicals, AND which also will make me look good (well, as best as I can!) it was a new brand of sensitive skincare products which really saved me and my sensitive skin!

The best thing for me is that the skin care products have had a dramatic affect on my appearance, reducing wrinkles and enlarged pores in a way I've never seen. I actually saw results immediately, and within a week it looked like I had a facelift!

I've included several educational newsfeeds here that you may find helpful in learning more about this. The first is from my site, the second is from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the third is from the Environmental Working Group. I hope you find these as helpful and enlightening as I did!

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