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Clipa purse and bag rings

Updated on March 1, 2015

Product Review: Clipa for Infection Prevention and OUTFOXing Germs

We are reviewing the Clipa product, a clip for purses and hand bags. We will also investigate the reasoning for the Clipa in regards to infection control and health in addition to the pros and cons of carrying a Clipa.

Where do you get the majority of your germs from?

Tracing back your steps over even one day will likely reveal many habits or occurrences where your personal hygiene and infection control plan break down. Besides the obvious hygiene breakdowns (hand washing, food safety, etc.), we also need to look one step further into our personal health habits.

Clipa Poll

Clipa the instant handbag hanger
Clipa the instant handbag hanger

What's your take on the Clipa

Would you use the Clipa and would it lessen the germs?

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Clipa for infection control and personal hygiene
Clipa for infection control and personal hygiene

Millions of Germs on Your Purses and other Bags

You touch your bags daily... and then your hands touch your face...

For the purpose of this review, we want investigate the amount of germs picked up by your purses and personal bags. So, think back about which areas you have set down your purse or personal bags in the last few days. People often leave purses and bags on Bathroom floors, toilet backs, airline baggage areas, seats, counters, restaurant tables, grocery store carts, movie theater floors/seats and so forth.

Clipa on Amazon - Try out a Clipa- ordering is a click away

Get a Clipa mailed directly to your home to increase your healthy habits! Having a personal hygiene and infection control plan does wonders for your health!

Germs on Purses

Believe it!

Clipa for personal hygiene plan
Clipa for personal hygiene plan

Don't Believe Us about the Germ Content on Your Purse?

We tested!

Talking about keeping purses clean is important in the pursuit of good health! Don’t believe us? A purse or bag is a secondary item that your hands frequently touch. Meaning, despite washing your hands, they are often re-contaminated once you grab your purse.

An ABC News story revealed that millions of germs are found on purses. Specifically, an investigator “found about half a million bacteria on the bottom of one woman’s large bag.”

Despite germ concentration being so high, many women think it’s inconvenient to worry about purse placement. That's where the Clipa comes in. Clipa is a simple solution to help keep purses and bags from sitting in germ infested areas.

Clipa product in use for infection prevention
Clipa product in use for infection prevention

Positives of the Clipa Product

Here are the positives and negatives of the Clipa as determined from our product review. Try one out for yourself and let us know what you think [here] or by emailing us at


-Can be hung almost anywhere with the latch design

-Simple design that is easy to use

-Supports a lot of weight

-Opens to support multiple bags

-Can be attached anywhere accessible

-Generally unnoticeable except as an accessory to the bag

-Reduces the germ content

-Spreads less germs to your hands and other clean areas purses are set

-Prolongs the life of the purse (germs, water damage, etc.)

Clipa for a clean purse
Clipa for a clean purse

Potential Negatives of the Clipa Product

Not much negative, but we needed to scrutinize.


-Swings freely from the strap (especially when strap is not pulled tight on shoulder)

-Rubs on other metal clips and attachments on the purse straps (does not damage metal but can rub on low quality metals or lacquered pieces)

-Often big and noticeable on small purses

-Seen as over-the-top for less hygienic people

-One more thing to lose (although, the Clipa design beats all competitors with the close feature which helps you not lose it)

Clipa on shopping cart for purse bacteria
Clipa on shopping cart for purse bacteria

OUTFOX Prevention's Recommendations

The votes are in.

For being a tool to keep your purse or bags from infection filled areas, the Clipa is a simple and effective solution. Most women happen to be defensive about their purses being the cause of spreading illness and disease and often deny that millions of germs could be present. However, the reality is that purses pick up a lot of germs depending on where they are left and how they are handled.

We recommend the Clipa as a great way for you and those around you to enjoy better health. We confirm that it is an effective habit to include in your personal hygiene and infection control plan.

Hand sanitizer poll

Do you consider hand sanitizer enough to keep your hands clean?

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Tell us what you think about the Clipa!

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love my Clipa!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Clipa seems interesting... not sure as a male that I would carry one around. Thanks for the share!


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