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Coenzyme Q10 Side Effects

Updated on June 27, 2012

What exactly is Co q 10?

In this feature we will be covering everything one needs to know regarding Co q 10. Briefly, C0q10 is used for its antioxidant properties. And, as most of you will know, antioxidants are good for you. it is widely held that, Co-enzyme-q10 has diverse perks with imperceptible side effects, and has been considered to treat a host of ailments and diseases. But how well does it really work? And if it's so great, then why is it you most likely haven't heard of it before?

This article will also look at some of the research that has been undertaken and what the early results are on some of the many potential uses of Co-enzyme-q10. In particular, you'll find out how Co q 10 can involve gum disease, blood pressure and your dermatological health, while regarding its potential side effects. As with any supplement, no matter how minor it may seem, be sure to discuss any supplements with your medical practitioner before beginning a Coq10 regimen. Because there are loads of potential uses, you can't be too careful when discussing how the potential side effects might impact you.


Co q 10 at Work in Your Body

C0q10 is already present within your body. It is found in the mitochondria of your cells, and assists in making adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. Because it is part of the energy-making cells in your body, it exists in its most concentrated forms in flesh of the body that need the most energy, like your heart, liver and kidneys.

C0q10 also exists in other parts of your system, but don't feel like you're swimming in Co-enzyme-q10. The average adult's system only houses between a half gram to one and a half grams of Coenzyme q10 total.

This tiny amount of C0q10 is all-important for your body to work. Though Co q 10 has been used with the aim of curing many illnesses, many of these applications remain controversial.

C0q10 health benefits

As an available without prescription nutritional supplement, Coq10 is being used to heal many things, from heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol to diabetes, breast cancer and gum disease. But that's not all. Coenzyme q10 seemingly can help with immune deficiencies, increase fertility, treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, reducetinitus, delay aging and improve skin, and increase fitness. That's quite a lot of things. But what are Co-enzyme-q10's true benefits?

at this point in time, there are no all encompassing, sure bets with C0q10. It is believed to be healthful in numerous applications, most notably heart-related damage, but until additional larger, longer and better regulated studies are performed, no one can be 100% certain.

Presently, anyway, Co q 10 has demonstrated the most categorical benefits in curing hypertension, or high blood pressure. Persons with high blood pressure have been shown to have less Co-enzyme-q10 than others, and Co q 10 has been shown to lessen blood pressure in early analysis. The alleviation of hypertension is the only Coq10 application that has received a "B" rating, meaning there is good, solid scientific evidence that this is useful, nonetheless naturally, additional analysis is wanted to be completely confident.

Beyond that, nothing is quite as obvious, nevertheless there are several sign of of potential out there in the scientific world. C0q10 is suspected, through numerous trials and research, to have the potential to protect the heart from damage resulting from other illnesses. For example, C0q10 may aid in helping the heart from heart-damaging side effects from a cancer drug, diabetes and heart disease, and may improve heart function.

If there's the chance that Co-enzyme-q10 might assist in treating something that's affecting you, it can't harm you to test it then, surely?Not so fast.

Coq10 Side Effects

Although Co q 10 is a supplement and occurs naturally in your system, it doesn't mean that it'sside effect free. Nonetheless, most Co-enzyme-q10 side effects are feeble. Some may experience allergies with increased C0q10 intake. There have been some reports of rashes and itching.

Alternative side effects include a lowering of blood sugar within the system. This is particularly a concern for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia. In addition, if you're using another medication to regulate blood sugar levels, tell your gp.

Coenzyme q10 may decrease blood pressure which could be a great benefit to some people, but those with low blood pressure, or those who are already on drug to regulate their blood pressures should be careful beforeembarking on a Co q 10 supplement treatment.

Be sure to inform your gp of any drug, prescription or otherwise, that you are taking, regardless of what you're taking them for. You never know how supplements may impact with other medications, or what effect they can have on your body. In addition, those who are pregnant or breast feeding should not take Coenzyme q10 as the effects have not yet been examined.

If you have periodontal issues you might find Co-enzyme-q10 could be of assistance.

C0q10 and Periodontal Issues

If you've ever had a sensitive tooth or receding gums where the roots were starting to reveal themselves, you know for sure how especially painful mouth troubles can be. And if you're a consistent sufferer, you're probably ready to try just about anything toget rid of the pain. Gum disease can cover many issues, from swelling, redness, bleeding and aches to receding of the gums, all of which C0q10 is said to be able to heal. So, should you start to load up on the

Coenzyme q10 supplements?

Ineptly, for those looking for a quick fix, the answer is maybe. Coenzyme q10, above all when complemented with Vitamin C, should strengthen your gums. This can be especially useful for receding gums. Studies have also presented that people who have gum disease have reduced Coq10 levels, drawing to the supposition that some Co-enzyme-q10 supplements can help. Nevertheless, not enough widespread trials have been conducted yet to decide conclusively if Co-enzyme-q10 supplements can assist in the curing of gum disease, so the best approach may be some Co q 10 medication linked with an assertive practical diet of frequent cleanings, thorough brushings, and routine flossing using proper techniques.

maybe you can have better fortune trying Co-enzyme-q10 to cure your blood pressure?

Coenzyme q10 and Blood Pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure, there is some clear analysis that C0q10 supplements should help your existing prescription medication work more efficiently.

A recent medical study found that for over a hundred patients with an existing high blood pressure diagnosis, more than half were able to stop taking between one and three of their existing blood pressure treatments at an average of four and a half months after including a daily dose of Coenzyme q10. It's very promising research, but it is only one research. However, using Coenzyme q10 for hypertension is the only treatment of Co-enzyme-q10 that is truly certified, which means that while additional study is wanted, it's one of the most encouraging and potentially beneficial uses.

Conversely, if you have low blood pressure, make sure you don't take Coq10, no matter what you might want to use it for. Whether you're taking it to help with receding gums or heart disease, you never know how else it will affect you, in this case, potentially very negatively.

People pay out lots of cash every year on improving the health of their skin, sometimes in the range of thousands of dollars on acne treatments, anti-wrinkle products and other medications.

Coenzyme q10 and Skin Health

Are you still young? If so, read on, but you'll need to remember this information later, as you currently have the highest levels of C0q10 in your body than you ever will. It will only decrease with age. So, if you're in your 30s, it's worth thinking about, and if you're already 40 and are determined in keeping your skin fresh and healthy looking, you definitely want to stop and learn about C0q10 and skin health.

Some trials have stated that Co-enzyme-q10 can counteract free radicals and the harm they cause. Free radicals are molecules that have unpaired electrons, making them highly reactive. They can harm cells, particularly in this case your skin cells, causing wrinkles and making your skin look old. The antioxidants contained in C0q10 can combat and reverse skin damage, preserving the collagen and elastin within your skin cells to make you appear more youthful.

More and more products available today, in particular skin creams, are adding C0q10 as an component due to these properties. The notion that C0q10 can reverse damage is no doubt the most beguiling. Although, if you're 50 or over and you're wondering if you will abruptly look 30 again, the answer is, a resounding no. No treatment is known to cause results that effective, and like the majority of Coenzyme q10's purported perks and utilizations, there are still more trials to be done before results are conclusive enough.

If you're beguiled by the potential of Co-enzyme-q10 and want to add it to your daily diet, always remember it's prudent to ask your doctor first.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this feature on Coenzyme q10 helpful? To find out more about C0q10 please click here.

A Video About CoQ10 and Potential Side Effects

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I started taking CQ10 as a pick me up but now seem to get more tired & digestion is poor also hair is thinning a lot on crown of head which very upsetting as always had lovely hair, I started taking this supplement for no other reason as am considered very well for my age 84 and only retired at 83 can this supplement affect hair I am taking 200 mg a day. Yvonne

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I started taking CQ10 as a pick me up but now seem to get more tired & digestion is poor also hair is thinning a lot on crown of head which very upsetting as always had lovely hair, I started taking this supplement for no other reason as am considered very well for my age 84 and only retired at 83 can this supplement affect hair I am taking 200 mg a day. Yvonne


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