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Is Coffee Good or Bad For You? The Pros & Cons of Coffee Drinking

Updated on April 18, 2008

Do you like coffee? I do, it's taste and aroma make my mornings so much better! But I heard that regular coffee drinking can have some negative effects on my health, so I decided to do my own little research and here is what I have found:

Coffee Pros

  • 1. Antioxidants. Coffee is rich in antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and melanoidins. Antioxidants help prevent oxidation, a process that causes damage to cells and contributes to aging.
  • 2. Parkinson's disease. Regular coffee drinking reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease. A number of studies [1],[2] have demonstrated that people who drink coffee on a regular basis are significantly less likely to develop Parkinson's disease.
  • 3. Diabetes. Coffee drinking has the potential to protect against the development of type 2 diabetes. A prospective study[3] as part of the US Nurses Health Study found that moderate consumption of both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in younger and middle aged women.
  • 4. Liver cirrhosis. Coffee drinking may protect against liver cirrhosis, especially alcoholic cirrhosis.
  • 5. Gallstones. There is some evidence [4] that coffee drinking may be protective against gallstone formation in both men and women.
  • 6. Kidney stones. Coffee consumption lowers the risk of kidney stones formation. Coffee increases the urine volume, preventing the crystallization of calcium oxalate, the most common component of kidney stones.
  • 7. Improved mental performance. Caffeine in coffee is a well-known stimulant. Coffee promotes alertness, attention and wakefulness. The cup of coffee can also increase information processing.
  • 8. Alzheimer's disease. Regular coffee drinking may help to protect against Alzheimer's disease. Recent study [5] in mice showed that caffeine equivalent to 5 cups of coffee per day reduced the build up of destructive plaques in the brain.
  • 9. Asthma. Caffeine in coffee is related to theophylline, an old asthma medication. Caffeine can open airways and improve asthma symptoms.
  • 10. Caffeine safety. In 1958, caffeine was placed on the Food and Drug Administration's list as generally recognized as safe.

Coffee Cons

  • 1. Heart disease. This is somewhat controversial. Most prospective cohort studies haven't found that coffee consumption is associated with significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

    On one hand, diterpenes cafestol and kahweol present in unfiltered coffee and caffeine each appear to increase risk of coronary heart disease. High quality studies [6] have confirmed the cholesterol-raising effect of diterpenes. Also, coffee consumption is associated with an increase of plasma homocysteine, a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

    On the other hand, a lower risk of heart disease among moderate coffee drinkers might be due to antioxidants found in coffee.

  • 2. Cholesterol. Heavy consumption of boiled coffee elevates blood total and LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels [7]. Unfiltered coffee contains two cholesterol-raising compounds cafestol and kahweol.
  • 3. Blood vessels. Coffee negatively affects the blood vessel tone and function.
  • 4. Heart rhythm disturbances. Coffee can cause rapid or irregular heartbeats (cardiac arrhythmias).
  • 5. Blood pressure. Although coffee drinking is not a significant risk factor for hypertension, it produces unfavorable effects on blood pressure [8] and people prone to hypertension may be more susceptible. Recent Italian study found that coffee drinking can slightly increase the risk for development of sustained hypertension in people with elevated blood pressure.
  • 6. Osteoporosis. Coffee intake may induce an extra urinary excretion of calcium. Heavy coffee consumption (600 ml or more) can modestly increase the risk of osteoporosis, especially in women with a low calcium intake [9].
  • 7. Heartburn. A cup of coffee can trigger the heartburn.
  • 8. Sleep. Most are aware of the stimulatory effects of caffeine. High amounts of caffeine taken before going to sleep can cause difficulty falling asleep, tendency to be awakened more readily by sudden noises, and a decreased quality of sleep. However, some people can drink coffee and fall right asleep.
  • 9. Dehydration. The caffeine in coffee is a mild diuretic and can increase urine excretion. This effect may be easily neutralized by drinking an extra glass of water.
  • 10. Dependence. Although "generally recognized as safe" by the FDA, caffeine is still a drug, a mild central nervous system stimulant, and it produces dependence. Caffeine withdrawal is a real syndrome. You may get a few days of headache and irritability if you choose to quit drinking coffee, however, it is relatively easy to break this habit, and most people are not addicted to caffeine.

And here is the list of studies to confirm some points:

1. Saaksjarvi K, Knekt P, Rissanen H, Laaksonen MA, Reunanen A, Mannisto S. Prospective study of coffee consumption and risk of Parkinson's disease. PubMed

2. Hu G, Bidel S, Jousilahti P, Antikainen R, Tuomilehto J. Coffee and tea consumption and the risk of Parkinson's disease. PubMed

3. van Dam RM, Willett WC, Manson JE, Hu FB. Coffee, caffeine, and risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective cohort study in younger and middle-aged U.S. women. Diabetes Care. PubMed

4. Leitzmann MF, Stampfer MJ, Willett WC, Spiegelman D, Colditz GA, Giovannucci EL. Coffee intake is associated with lower risk of symptomatic gallstone disease in women. Gastroenterology. PubMed

5. Arendash GW, Schleif W, Rezai-Zadeh K, Jackson EK, Zacharia LC, Cracchiolo JR, Shippy D, Tan J. Caffeine protects Alzheimer's mice against cognitive impairment and reduces brain beta-amyloid production. Neuroscience. PubMed

6. Urgert R, Essed N, van der Weg G, Kosmeijer-Schuil TG, Katan MB. Separate effects of the coffee diterpenes cafestol and kahweol on serum lipids and liver aminotransferases. PubMed

7. Urgert R, Weusten-van der Wouw MP, Hovenier R, Lund-Larsen PG, Katan MB. Chronic consumers of boiled coffee have elevated serum levels of lipoprotein(a). PubMed

8. Winkelmayer WC, Stampfer MJ, Willett WC, Curhan GC. Habitual caffeine intake and the risk of hypertension in women. PubMed

9. Hallstrom H, Wolk A, Glynn A, Michaelsson K. Coffee, tea and caffeine consumption in relation to osteoporotic fracture risk in a cohort of Swedish women. PubMed


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    • jonixk profile image

      jonixk 9 years ago from Lisbon

      Great article katie. I'm a coffee drinker myself, 2-3 coffees a day. I didn't khow that coffee could prevent so many diseases.

    • twirlylou profile image

      twirlylou 9 years ago from Spearfish, SD

      Katie, I am also a great coffe drinker - a pot in the morning. Leaving the afternoon and evening coffee free seems to help me sleep at night. The article is very informative.

    • Rob Jundt profile image

      Rob Jundt 9 years ago from Midwest USA

      I'm taking all the pros and forgetting all the cons. Java is essential to my early morning routine.

      A quick tip: If you haven't invested in a coffee grinder, do so. Grinding the beans just prior to brewing makes a huge difference in taste; for the better of course.

    • profile image

      Gems4friends 9 years ago from Spokane, WA

      I Agree with Rob. The psychological benefits of well made coffee out-weigh a lot of risk factors. And he's right about the grinder. We also use an espresso maker, so our morning coffee is a home-made latte with a double shot of expresso. Much better than that boiled hot dark liquid! :)

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 9 years ago from Connecticut

      I love that list of Pros! I am a coffee addict. Moderation is the key (that I don't have). :)

    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 9 years ago from UK

      Good piece of article. What's your conclusion? Does the benefit outway the negative effects? I think it would have been a good feed back. What do you think?

      Let's look at the evaluation of coffee drinking this way. What is the Plus, Minus and Interesting things about coffee drinking.

      Let the debate go on! I' loving ---it.

      Well done!

      Good piece of work.

    • sgjerome profile image

      sgjerome 9 years ago from Singapore

      Some people drink coffee because they add alot of sugar. This will increase the chance of getting diebetic

      I love coffee and I drink with no sugar

    • craigan profile image

      craigan 9 years ago from United States

      I really think the pros of drinking coffee far far outweigh the cons. I always say, anyting in moderation is fine! Just don't have TOO much coffee and the benefits for you are tremendous!

    • seohowto profile image

      seohowto 9 years ago from Bay Area, CA

      I like coffe SO MUCH that I would forget about all cons. I was drinking a cup of coffee every morning for the past 15 years, but have recently switch to decaff. I have noticed some of the cons that you listed here and I decided that it is a good time to stop getting coffeine. Feel better now, but still love true coffee.

    • blackjava profile image

      blackjava 9 years ago from Canada

      Great information. Like every thing, moderation is the key. Drink 2 or 3 cups over the course of a day and you'll live to be a ripe old age. Guzzle down 6 or 8 cups and you could be doing your self some harm.

      I love a good cup of java.

    • profile image

      rsrring 9 years ago

      The benefits sound great! I love my morning cup of joe. I didn't know about the cholesterol thing... maybe that explains why mine is so high!

    • Matt Maresca profile image

      Matt Maresca 9 years ago from New Jersey

      It's weird. I actually don't drink coffee, but I'd say about 95% of the people I know do. That being said, I like things that give me a little pick-me-up, so I wouldn't be surprised if I become president of the Coffee Drinkers of America Association within the next few months. As a "fitness guy", I don't think a cup or two a day is a bad thing, just as long as you drink plenty of water. Nice information.

    • ArtCantHurtU profile image

      ArtCantHurtU 9 years ago

      Great post- coffe drinkers are sure to sit up and take notice! I think overall coffe is very benefitial, it is largely the sugar and ( or sugar substitues) and cream that make it less healthy. In moderation coffee has been proven to help physical exercise and concentration.

      Personally, too much makes me irritable.(no one wants to be around that!)

      I like organic, fair trade coffee because I know there are no perservatives and chemicals added to the beans. This is important to me because I am grinding up the bean and then soaking it in boiling water - this is also how you'd extract chemicals form something. So why risk it.

      A friend of mine turned me on to a great organic coffee that has reishi mushrooms in it. The infuse the beans with cordyceps and ganoderma ( performance and immune enhancing herbs) You can't taste anything but really really good coffee, and it is a much nicer way to boost my immune system every day!Normally I drink about 2 1/2 mugs a day.

      After that I switch to water. Oh yeah, the coffee is called Nutricafe, - you can get it online and it is very reasonable , plus it tastes good < the most important thing!

      Great topic!

    • profile image

      newcapo 9 years ago

      Wow...the Pro's definitely outweight the con's (unless a person has a current cardiac condition)....That's a good thing because I've got to have my coffee. That's a good idea about matching a glass of water for every cup of coffee.

    • profile image

      dlhoh 9 years ago

      thanks for the info. I love coffee and have read few articles about coffee, but your article is a great summary of the pertinent points. Thanks again!

    • KatieB profile image

      KatieB 9 years ago from New York

      The most serious health risks of coffee are related to it's caffeine content. So, moderation is a key.

    • Gadzooks profile image

      Gadzooks 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Wow you have really done your hoemwork with this. The problem I have with all this info, is that its just overwhelming. I mean that level of detail is probably available on almost everything we eat / drink, and whether things are good or bad for you seems to change so frequently (in terms of latest medical advice).

      I really cannot take all this in... so I just drink cofee cos I like it, and don't worry too much about the stats...

      Great hub page though!

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      I like to drink coffee but I limit myself to drink only once a day. And each time, I don't drink a full cup of coffee. I believe that if you don't eat or drink excessively, things should be fine.

      Every food and drink will have their pros and cons depending on how they are managed and consumed.

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Good thing I drink coffee! :-)

    • profile image

      vilynn 9 years ago

      Katie - Thank you for the thorogh research and for sharing it with us.

      It took time and effort and is much appreciated by this coffee fan.

      For those ofyou who love coffee and have not embarked on the adventure of grindingyour own beans-there is a whole new wonderful experience awaiting you. Starbucks, etc. have nothing on home brewed coffee from your own fresh coffee beans. And there are many, many wonderful flavors to be had!

      Have a joyful, jazzy, java day!.... vilynn

    • profile image

      Become your HERO! 9 years ago

      Organically grown fair trade coffee in moderation ( even instant coffee ) can form a great part of your day.

      Coffeepot Conversation


    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 9 years ago from The Netherlands

      I wouldn't like to miss my daily coffee. Regardless of the benefits or dangers. This is a coffee junky speaking ;-)

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney


      Val and I Owned a coffee lounge at 24 years of age, Survived 50 years of marriage. Today by 8.00 am I have had three large mugs of coffee. By 10 PM tonight I will have drunk at least five more, that is normal.

      Some comments to your points: -

      Parkinsons agree

      Gallstones - Had 10 weeks in hospital with three operations ( Horror time) 99 gallstones blamed, mostly on coffee intake.

      Liver - 2 of the 3 operations were for ulcers on the liver caused as a result Cholestcystectomy

      Kidney stones Agree

      Improved mental performance Val disagrees

      Alzheimer's disease. I am getting worried

      Asthma agree

      Cholesterol Became very high. Changed diet and exercised Lost the Cholesterol

      Perfect blood pressure.

      I like your hub and have become a fan

      Don't give up your coffee.

      In the papper yesterday a Radio personality was drinking 13 cups of Coffee and 8 litres of Coca Cola Per day. That sounds a little extreme.

      Great effort on your hub

    • jezzbb profile image

      Jess Ba-ad 9 years ago from Philippines

      It's ok of drank in moderation. Some suggest to drink no more than 3 cups and day. Too much caffeine intake can fatigue your adrenal glands over time. I've also read not to drink coffee after 2 pm to get a quality sleep at night.

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 9 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Enjoyed seeing the antioxidant qualities of coffee. My doctor says that until one drinks 10 eight ounce cups each and every day, there are no actual physical harms...unless you personally notice that drinking the caffeine later in the day causes you "wakefulness" at night that hinders your sleep. I personally can't imagine drinking the equivalent of 10 eight ounce cups of coffee each day!! Though I guess there are these folks now that things like Red Bull exists. Nice post!

    • Preston Sage profile image

      Preston Sage 9 years ago from United States

      Your hub on the pros and cons of coffee was interesting, but even though you didn’t come right out and make any conclusions on the info, your pro-coffee bias was there. From the other comments it apparently made the majority, who are coffee lovers, happy. That’s all right if you feel that way.

      I just think you’re better off without it coffee, especially the caffeinated variety. I’ve been caffeine-free for a while and I feel so much better now that I don’t have those highs and lows and need my morning fix to get going.

      Studies are like scriptures, you can find one to say just about anything you want. Really though, to quote a 1958 statement from the FDA saying caffeine was safe? Didn’t they say eating tons of eggs and drinking whole milk was good for you then too? Cigarettes weren’t even bad.

      There were a lot of “may be’s” and “can be’s” in the pros you mention too. I just think there are better ways to get antioxidants, prevent diabetes, protect your liver and so on than by drinking coffee. There are still some that think it is toxic, caffeinated or decaffeinated, best avoided. I don’t know about that either, but I don’t set much store on studies proved today and disproved tomorrow. It really is hard to know what is good for you or not.

      Really, I’m not trying to stir up any controversy or hate. I appreciate your hub. There are a lot worse things than drinking coffee. So, if you enjoy it, go ahead and if you don’t drink it, that is fine too.

    • icepricessa profile image

      Abigail Zhu 9 years ago from Singapore

      informative and interesting, i'm not really a coffee person... lol but its nice to know

    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 9 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      Coffee is my life! :}

    • marisuewrites profile image

      marisuewrites 9 years ago from USA

      herb teas might be an interesting hub, you want me to request one from you...? Marisue

    • grumpyjacksa profile image

      grumpyjacksa 9 years ago from south africa

      Somehow it just clears up the mind . Or should I say : It perks you right up .........

      Unless you drink it like my niece - she's a night shift nurse , and she takes two coffee and seven sugar to a cup . ( yes , seven sugar - she only fills the cup half with coffee to leave space for all the sugar - and she's a nurse.......)

    • Mary K Weinhagen profile image

      Mary K Weinhagen 9 years ago from Minnesota, usa, Planet Earth

      Fun hub! I love my coffee so I guess I'll focus on the PROS!

      Thanks for the balanced lists though. It is appreciated!

      ~~Mary K

    • Kay Kerns profile image

      Kay Kerns 9 years ago

      Wow! This was a very interesting topic! You wowed me with about every fact on here, that is so crazy! I did not know that coffee could possibly raise your cholestrol! Good, informative hub!

    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 9 years ago


      Coffee is my drink of choice. I drink it pretty much 24/7. I do also drink milk and water upon occasion. My cholesterol level is low, as is my blood pressure. I do not drink decaffeinated, ughhhh,,,,,and I have absolutely no trouble sleeping, although for a period of time I did, but it was from some other cause. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, anytime, anywhere, my late hubby used to say I could fall asleep on a rock. And no, I do not have narcolepsy lol,,,,

      I have forgotten that I have a coffee grinder, so I'm going to go dust it off now and make some coffee,,

      thanks for the hub,,


    • tjmum profile image

      tjmum 9 years ago from Isle of Wight

      Unfortunately I cannot have coffee as I have IBS and caffeine is a definite antagonist. I have herb or redbush tea which has no caffeine. Still, it just goes to prove that the 'experts' really don't know what they're talking about as we've been warned off coffee for so long. Great Hub

    • MasonsMom profile image

      MasonsMom 9 years ago from U.S.A.

      Great info here! I Love coffee!

    • Hope Wilbanks profile image

      Hope Wilbanks 9 years ago from Louisiana

      Terrific info! And very interesting since I'm a coffee drinker myself. :)

    • rudevils profile image

      rudevils 9 years ago from Indonesia

      coffee is nice especially when the wetaher is cold, it gives you extra spirit n stamina

    • blackjava profile image

      blackjava 9 years ago from Canada

      Great information. I love good coffee. I have been drinking coffee for about 50 years. I have probaly read all the literature regarding the benefits or lack of, of coffee.

      If you drink coffee in moderation ( say 2 or 3 cups over the day) Then the benefits far out weigh the so called negative. As with anything, moderation is key.

      Considering that about 80 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every year, I find it hard to belive that there is much health risk. Generally speaking, the amount of caffeine we consume in North America is minor compared to a lot of European and Middle East countries.

      Have you ever had Turkish coffee or Greek coffee? How about espresso. Italy and France have a culture of drinking many cups of espresso in a day.

      Like a lot of studies done years ago, most are inaccurate and out of date. Newer science and information has a habit of reversing old opinions.

      So, in my opinion, if your biggest worry in life is how much coffee you should consume, you're a lucky person :)

    • TheMorellGroup profile image

      TheMorellGroup 9 years ago

      I am an avid coffee drinker. Awesome Hub with pros and cons!

    • tinyteddy profile image

      tinyteddy 9 years ago from INDIA


      it is a nice hub but i beg to differ from you that coffee has antioxindats and prevents type 2 fact it is the other way around as reported in our medical litterature. just one study may not be substantiate evidence.

    • Lisa K profile image

      Lisa K 9 years ago from Wales, United Kingdom

      Hi, great hub and its the only place I have read about coffee & asthma, I always have a coffee if I am feeling an asthma attack come on or after one and it´s something I have done as its what i´ve wanted to do, not becuase its something I have been told about or read about, so its great to know that the coffee is a benefit and now maybe people won´t think i´m mad !!

    • NightSquid profile image

      NightSquid 9 years ago

      Hi KatieBI was viewing this hubPage and I noticed it didn't have very many graphics, so I made some.  check them out at they're free to use I hope you find them useful Cheers NightSquid

    • profile image

      Shane 9 years ago

      damn. i drink like sixteen cups a day. i am going to die

    • profile image

      Zaya 9 years ago

      Thanks for research. I have been enjoyning having coffee since I moved to the US without knowing about bad or good. I just fall in love with coffee.

      In our culture, people say that there are two white poison of health: Sugar and Salt.

      I beleive it. So I just drink coffee without sugar.

    • Acorn Valley profile image

      Acorn Valley 9 years ago from WV

      I couldn't move in the morning without coffee. I can drink it all day long with no effect on my sleeping (I'm chasing a 1 yr. old and a 4 yr. old all day in addition to running a home-based business) so I sleep like a rock. I'll admit though that the addiction factor is huge, I cut back significantly during pregnancy and the withdrawal headaches were unbelievable. I was one really cranky hormonal mess until the withdrawal was over. Now I'm just my overcaffeinated bitchy self again.

    • VLukrich profile image

      VLukrich 9 years ago from Weiser, Id

      Boy did you hit a subject! I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 33! Now I do love the jump start in the morning but can I not have it and still feel good and ready for my day? The answer is not until last year I actually found a product to put into my water that lets me keep the even keeled energy and well being feeling that helps me without coffee. But do I still drink it... yes I'm just a latte girl and don't mind saying so! Stay Happy! Vicki

    • Ms. Fit profile image

      Ms. Fit 9 years ago

      Coffee! Can’t live with it and can’t live without it. Besides being addictive, it creates a vicious circle. You crash; you need another coffee because you feel so exhausted. An excessive amount of Coffee is great for causing Adrenal Fatigue. Still, there is nothing like a fresh, hot, cup of coffee in the morning. :)

    • salespagetactic profile image

      salespagetactic 9 years ago from San Jose

      I don't drink coffee at night anymore... I can never get to sleep ever! LOL

      Great hub, thanks for all of the information

    • Jenevieve profile image

      Jenevieve 9 years ago

      I am a fan of coffee, but I quit during my pregnancy--its not so good to have more than 1 small cup a day when your pregnant. But now--nothing gets in the way of that huge 22oz cup of Java--I'm addicted! Great Post!!! Jenevieve

    • solarshingles profile image

      solarshingles 9 years ago from london

      I love coffee! I don't really care about medical info, because they are changing their discoveries every few years.

      I trust to my personal feelings, wonderful smell and delicious taste of coffee...

    • robie2 profile image

      Roberta Kyle 9 years ago from Central New Jersey

      I absolutely cannot function in the morning till I've had a cup of coffee and wouldn't dream of giving it up--tried once and had the headache from hell for two days. Never again! well written, and supremely useful info. and the documentation of sources knocks my socks off. Thumbs UP!

    • profile image

      Vera 9 years ago

      How old should you be to start drinking coffee?

    • ianc13 profile image

      ianc13 9 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      I drink coffee regulary and enjoy it totally, only thing is, I cannot stand perked coffee and only drink instant. Are the pros and cons universal or is instant different in some way?

      Great Hub!

    • profile image

      tanyawatson 9 years ago

      I didn't know there were so many "pros" to coffee. I personally don't like it black and have to drink at least 1 cup every day. Thanks for the article!

    • profile image

      ssssppppmmmm 9 years ago

      I don't think the pros outweigh the cons..... "It wakes me up in the morning, but hardens my arteries and may give me a heart attack -lol"... I personally feel like I can't function in the morning without my coffee, but addiction is no excuse. I'm going to slowly cut back, I've tried before, and get a headache if I don't drink some. But I think it's healthier not to drink it daily.....

    • Kat07 profile image

      Kat07 9 years ago from Tampa

      Very interesting - comparing the lists, I can't decide which is worse! I guess it just comes down to personal preference after that! Great hub, tons of interesting info!!!

    • best of the web profile image

      best of the web 9 years ago from US

      Good one.

      Thanks for sharing

    • rumelphones profile image

      rumelphones 9 years ago from Derby UK

      Great hub, i'm studying neuroscience and I have an exam soon on psychopharmacology and the psychology of addiciton. Coffee is in my exams and I've found this really helpful that you have linked to Pubmed.


    • profile image

      Anne 9 years ago

      I used to have to take at least two cups of coffeee in the morning to get me awake. However I am not taking ti makes me gittery after taking this supplement in the morning. I feel really awake and alive :0)

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Great hub. I am trying to cut down on my coffee but I need to have coffee in the morning. I have it with skim milk and no sugar.

    • Annette Rozen profile image

      Ann Martin 9 years ago

      I write all my hubs while drinking coffee. Great to know all the pros and cons of what im ingesting!

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      I drink one cup of really strong, beans painstakingly mixed, powder-ground and pressed coffee with cardamom spice, half & half and mocha-marshmallow creamer every morning. It's one of life's little luxuries and I love it! Nothing that good and that enjoyable can ever be bad.

      Great hub. Relish that morning coffee...

    • hopefully profile image

      hopefully 9 years ago

      I enjoy my coffee like the rest. Two things... 1st I understand if you drink coffee it helps fat burning! So go for your walk and then have a coffee with friends - perfect!

      Second, wonder if the properties of coffee are diminished when you put Cow's milk in it, like the study they did with tea in the UK showed?? Apparently, the milk binds with all the stuff that is good for you in tea - wonder if it is the same with coffee? Just some thoughts to stimulate more discussion....

      In the meantime, catch me out walking and then at my fave coffee stop!

    • Mommy Fabulous profile image

      Mommy Fabulous 9 years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio

      I guess just like anything else, there is a good and bad side. Everyone has to weigh the risks and benefits for themselves. Personally, I like coffee too much to stop drinking it. The only thing that would possible make me reconsider that would be the caffeine addiction - I don't like the headaches..

      Great hub, thanks for the info!

    • joseph h profile image

      joseph h 9 years ago from Australia

      hey hopefully does it really help lose weight?

      its good to drink

      i got tolld not to drink it if ur looking to lose weight but thanks for that

      good hub

    • hopefully profile image

      hopefully 9 years ago

      Don't know if it is true, but some of the fat burning books I have read suggest that it raises your metabolism - which leads to higher fat burning - which is logical. Theory of exercising and then having coffee is that you get to the fat burning state in the exercise and the coffee prolongs it. I'm no scientist, but it makes sense to me.... Having said that, when I do exercise I have a short black, then at least I am not putting calories and fat back in my system with the milk! Look, I'll try anything! And I don't need much excuse to drink a good coffee!

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

      I am glad i stopped by to read this article and all the comments which have helped answer a few questions that were always pondering and niggling in the back of my mind about drinking coffee!!

      Thanks 4 sharing,

    • profile image

      Amy_Roberts 9 years ago

      Really interesting and informative hub! Thanks for the info - i've realised I need to cut back! lol.

    • mulder profile image

      mulder 9 years ago from Warnbro Western Australia

      My wife drinks Coffee Im a Rooibos or green tea fan great hub thanks

    • fianita profile image

      fianita 9 years ago from Jakarta-Indonesia

      I'm coffee maniac. I only want to read the pro part. Thanks :-)

    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

      I agree with taking the "pro" side! A day without coffee is like lungs with no air! I just wouldn't function! I am also one of those who will get a headache without it! Great hub!


    • tlap profile image

      tlap 9 years ago

      I love coffee! But have recently switched to 'Lite' to cut down on the caffeine.

    • micamyx` profile image

      micamyx` 9 years ago

      I love coffee and coke so much and yes, i actually have a plan to go to a heart doctor one of these days due to palpitations and heartburn. My back hurts too :(

    • profile image

      pompeii pamaran 9 years ago

      Im going to have a heart attack...the coffee killed me.

    • Taryn Elizabeth profile image

      Taryn Elizabeth 8 years ago from USA

      Type-2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease prevention?? Really?! 0.0

      Wow. I never knew.

    • MummyAnn profile image

      MummyAnn 8 years ago from UK

      Brilliant article. Why does the media give coffee such a bad name when there is a lot going for it?? I was shocked about the adverse effect on Osteoporosis, I used to drink about 2 pots of black coffee a day and I now have Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis, maybe the coffee didn't help!? Guess I'll never know.

    • gss profile image

      gss 8 years ago from Florida

      This is a great article. I love coffee and would never want to stop drinking it. I don't drink it in excess but must have it first thing every morning. Thanks!

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Great article! Caffeine, when consumed in moderation, and without sugar or cream, has a lot to recommend it.

    • petexanh profile image

      Peter 8 years ago

      good well researched . I cant cite the article but I read in one issue of Men's Health that Con 9 isn't too much of an issue. The amount of water in a coffee is generally more than the amount of water lost resulting from that dieuretic effect of caffeine.

    • profile image

      MIRAI 8 years ago

      too much "in denial" here, which is the trap drug addicts or poor dietary people fall into. if you got off a meat diet and started eating healthily all those "pros" above wouldn't come into question. Coffee is unnatural substance for the human body. Acidic addictive caffiene! But keep fooling yourself if you want to. The same goes for nicotine, alcohol and psychotropic drugs. In fact most of the garbage medical drug industry. If the REAL truth be told the majority of the inhabitants of this planet do not understand human diet, thus are naïve or like self-fooling infants. No wonder McDonalds is in nearly every town on the face of the Earth. Anyway if you are really healthy your body immediately REJECTS coffee, and gives you warning signals. If it doesn't or you cannot read the signals, it shows the state your body is in, or your lack of awareness. Reality check people! :-)

    • marycon08 profile image

      marycon08 8 years ago from Philippines

      hello.... this hub is cool...

      I am really fan of a coffee...its like water to me...

      i almost consume 4x cup a day... minimum.

      and it brings boost of energy... I always read those article about coffee..and yeah..all of them say so... more on anti-oxidants..

      And it prevents almost all kinds of sickness...

      Informative Hub...


    • profile image

      beth 8 years ago

      im 15 and like all a health freak, darnk about 2/3 or more a day. i do think i was addicted because i now that i have one in the morning, the first two days i had a realy bad headace. Now when i have coffe i feel more awake when i do drink it and i feel as if it lasts longer. Thanks for the research think il go back to having 2 a day now!:D

    • flowerpick profile image

      flowerpick 8 years ago from PHILIPPINES

      yeaH Caffaine si very bad.. very bad to our nervous sytem

    • tourmaline2777 profile image

      tourmaline2777 8 years ago from Chicago

      Very informative hub! I love coffee and I won't give it up anytime soon. I drink one cup a day so I think I should be safe.

    • profile image

      Oromia 8 years ago

      In general Coffee is good for health! Thanks for sharing the information with us!

    • Lisa Packer profile image

      Lisa Packer 8 years ago

      Well, one thing that must be considered when you talk about being healthy: What's it worth to live in such a strait-jacket of "healthiness" that life is no fun? That, for me, is the bottom line of my coffee fetish. Without several cups of my freshly ground Millstone Chocolate Velvet with a good dash of hazlenut creamer, life just doesn't have the same pizzaz. So whether the "pros'' outweigh the "cons" or not, I'm gonna have my coffee! Thanks for the great hub!

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      Healthy info...I have also some healthy article too

    • Sterling Sage profile image

      Sterling Sage 8 years ago from California

      I think a lot of people don't understand that caffeine is a drug, just like any other drug.  Each drug has its own set of pros and cons, and caffeine is no different.  I won't focus on the severity of its dangers, because there's so much uncertainty on that point.

      My problem is that everyone seems to think that coffee's unregulated legal status and widespread acceptance make it somehow different from other drugs.  It isn't.

      Caffeine is a moderately powerful stimulant.  Almost everyone I know drinks it every day, and can't function well without it.  The withdrawal symptoms are horrible.  Most people who use it are trying to accomplish more and to feel better while working hard.  Others use it to stay awake when they really need to sleep; it masks their bodies' natural signals that tell them it's time to rest.

      Caffeine is an addictive drug, just like nicotine, cocaine, valium, amphetamine, morphine, heroin, vicodin, and others.  It is certainly not the most dangerous or most addictive drug, but that doesn't change the fact that it's addictive.  Contrary to what others have said, I think the media doesn't give enough attention to the fact that almost everyone is addicted to this drug.

      Look at how people view marijuana.  It's regarded by most as a problem in society, yet it's one of the few drugs that can't cause a fatal overdose.  Many just assume that it's bad because it's illegal, which doesn't make any sense.  It's no more logical to assume that coffee, a legal drug, is safe and healthy to use.

      Personally, I like coffee.  I love the smell, the taste, and the ritual of drinking good coffee.  I'm not saying that drinking coffee, tea, or cola is automatically a bad thing, but people should be aware of what they are putting into their body.  Teenagers (or anyone else) who try caffeine are often taking the first step toward a life-long addiction, and that's not something that anyone should take lightly.

    • tonja niemi profile image

      Tonja Niemi 8 years ago from Eagan, MN USA

      I love coffee! Your compilation of data is fantastic! On a humorous side, one PRO of coffee is that I am happier when I am drinking a cup - and hence, people around me have a better experience as well, because of coffee. Coffee makes life grand.

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      One thing about coffee is that the smell is sooo good. I'm not much of a coffee drinker tho'. I prefer green tea.

    • profile image

      lol 8 years ago

      yay coffee :) DD is the best!

    • profile image

      Sare 8 years ago

      Well coffee almost always gives me an upset stomach, as it does my mother and one of my closest friends. This I know is not healthy. And the so called pros of coffee can be consumed from fresh foods. Not too mention most coffee establishments and manufactuers sell old stale coffee and that is why lots of sugar and milk are essential to make it taste better. Fresh coffee is supposed to taste rich and sweet, not bitter. The big corps are trying to sell you.

    • JPSO138 profile image

      JPSO138 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

      Very informative and very clear article. Well presented with good facts and justification. This is definitely awesome. Keep it up!

    • profile image

      guess 8 years ago

      nice that show's that the more educated you are about the things the eat, do, or use the better you feel about it, now i don't fell bad about driking coffee every day thanks kat

    • abowie profile image

      abowie 8 years ago from San Francisco

      Thanks for the info. As a person with heart disease I can varify that coffee is one of the top things to cut out of your diet. Good work.

    • ClaudiaP profile image

      ClaudiaP 8 years ago from California

      Great hub! I have read articles that were either praising coffee a lot or being very negative. I appreciate your hub for presenting both pros and cons in an objective way and for supporting your assertions with good reference. Excelent!

    • profile image

      juelz 8 years ago

      the art of coffee: by andrea jankVery hot and very strong

      Let it brew good and long

      Creamy white and very thick

      Fluffy cream in a dish

      Pure white crystals, a thousand in a spoon

      Won’t be long, soon very soon…

      The aroma is exciting

      The taste beyond words

      The warmth so inviting

      And of this I am sure

      Now it is done pour the cream in a cup

      Then comes the coffee

      Then the sugar, yup!

      Smell the aroma

      Taste the strong brew

      Feel the great warmth

      Is this not the best, thing to do?

      Don’t be shy

      Take a big shot

      Now now don’t cry

      You should know it is hot!

      Coffee, my friend, is an art

      Something you take seriously to heart

      Coffee black, is good it’s true

      But coffee with cream, and sugar too

      Is quite the best, you’ll ever have

      So my friend what’ll it be

      Coffee black?

      Or coffee with cream?

    • profile image

      The Lonely Hubber 8 years ago

      Hi KatieB

      I'm at the point of no return with coffee. So yeah, bring on hell or high water! :)

    • profile image

      V.C 8 years ago

      We all know that millions of people all aroung the world love coffee. When you drink coffe too much, it's not good for you. Sometimes drinking coffee is OK.

    • profile image

      Wade 8 years ago

      Im 19 and Drink Coffee everyday at work and it really gets me going on the computer i couldn't live without it.

      Can't believe the first person who posted was over 14 months ago wow im a little behind!!!

    • profile image

      jonty 7 years ago

      Very well written hub .....

      very much informative ......

      Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

    • profile image

      sean 7 years ago

      coffee give me wood

    • profile image

      sean 7 years ago

      coffee give me wood

    • pinkhawk profile image

      pinkhawk 7 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

      ...i learned new things about coffee...thank you very much for the information ma'am! :)

    • profile image

      ram 7 years ago

      A lot of good things about coffee. Thanks for the post.

    • profile image

      scheng1 7 years ago

      I admit I am a coffee addict. I will be very moody without the daily cup of coffee

    • profile image

      Doug B 7 years ago

      This is the first non-biased article I have found on the subject. Great job! Most of the articles I read state their opinion and don't take any serious consideration to the, "other side" of the argument. This is exactly what I was looking for, and I'm sure it will be beneficial to others as well.

    • profile image

      Gary 7 years ago

      Good research KatieB. I drink 5 cups of coffee each day, I drink 4-5 cups each day and I have researched some the same information. I have some questions in my own mind that I have not answered yet:

      I understand the antioxidant benefit to health. However, some antioxidants can be depleted or quenched and have the opposite effect on aging. Vitamin C is a great example.

      Also, I question the large chains of burnt hydrocarbons in coffee. It is difficult to look at any burnt hydrocarbon chains and not find several potent carcinogens. That’s especially true of burnt fats and oils as in steak well done. Coffee like every other tree berry or bean has oil.

      Has studied this? I think the last real study I read on this was in the late 80's By Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw in their life extension research.

      I just hope the pros outweigh the cons for me because I love that taste.

      Gary Wallace

    • profile image

      Ollie Reeves 7 years ago

      Why do so many people like it? It smells worse than a dog has shat in someones mouth when they drink it. Could you coffee fans please remember to carry mints around after drinking it please?

    • profile image

      Lindsey 7 years ago

      I haven't had a cup of coffee in about 2 months. I wasn't really a coffee addict or anything but when I got bored at home or even when I was feeling thirsty I would go an make a cup of coffee. There's hypertension in my family. My grandma has it and so do both my parents and they all have to take meds everyday to regulate it. I think cutting coffee out completely and just having the occasional cup of rooibos tea is a good idea for me. I don't miss it.

    • profile image

      michelle 7 years ago

      sometimes i get really addicted to coffee and i can`t stop drinking it and also i sometimes can`t sleep aat nightcause i want to have some coffee or something related to coffee

    • profile image

      reps 7 years ago

      You folks are a bunch of drug addicts with yellow teeth, bad breath and likely a fat stomach.

      Coffee sucks.

    • profile image

      beatfoot 7 years ago

      i love coffee and this is a freat Artcle !!

      but i think everything should be taken with balance.

      nothing is good when taken to the extreme offcourse.

      also, i read that organic coffee is a lot better because

      its not been sprayed with awful stuff,

      and that milk and sugar are the worst.

      my conclusio is this:

      drinkin 2 cups a day of organic coffee

      without sugar and cream ia A-OK

      its even healthy

    • profile image

      jake 7 years ago

      coffee is good

    • profile image

      Mike Chronos 7 years ago

      Interesting pros and cons. It seems like if you drink decaf, it will reduce the caffeine related issues, and if you find ways to balance the cholesterol by eating cholesterol-reducing foods, you can counteract a few of the cons.

    • profile image

      Amanda Nicole 7 years ago

      The only thing bad is if you consume too much too often. What you put in it can affect too. Done right, coffee is a good thing. Case closed(:

    • bryanmccarty profile image

      bryanmccarty 7 years ago

      This is so depressing to me as someone who loves his coffee. But still a very good hub!

    • profile image

      Jeffrey 7 years ago

      I think drinking coffee in moderation and watching what is added is good. Not too many people enjoy the crash from too much coffee. Too much sugar, whip cream, etc. in coffee is a certain path to obesity. So one must enjoy coffee wisely.

    • profile image

      Jenen 7 years ago

      Coffee makes my headaches go away!!! It's like a miracle drug!!!

    • profile image

      coffeedude 7 years ago

      Well, with all the PROS being so huge, I vote YES on coffee. In fact, I will have another cup right now. Hurrah Coffee!

    • profile image

      ihatecoffe 7 years ago

      i don't know how people can like coffe, i think it is gross

    • profile image

      CasssidyMarie=] 7 years ago

      im 14, and i drink coffee every morning no matter what. i love it !! i only drink like one cup in the morning and maybe a cup if i go out. coffee is like the best.[: it wakes me up for skool! expecially when i had state testing!:D

    • profile image

      Noemi Dinu 7 years ago


    • profile image

      hihihihihihihihiihihihigkfjhslkjdfhgklj 7 years ago


    • profile image

      taytay 7 years ago





    • profile image

      Poweraid Fanatic 7 years ago

      WE NEED MO POWERAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Tom Green 7 years ago

      i drink over 10 mugs a day.

    • profile image

      Piperking 7 years ago

      Try waiting until mid-morning before having your first coffee of the will discover many benefits and not experience that "Crash" so many people talk about.

    • profile image

      jac 7 years ago

      i drink about 3 cups a day. it wakes me up in the morning and gives me a boost when i do my cardio. great stuff as long as you don't over do it :)

    • profile image

      dan0 7 years ago

      Most of the "benefits" aren't really benefits at all. Coffee is not good for the body, although it MAY possitively effect or prevent certain deseases, that doesn't mean that it is "healing" the body. Its also addictive, and i don't know about most, but dependency on anything is slavish. Many will not agree with my points, but i speak from first hand experience. When i quit coffee after a while, i felt better, my energy level was more sustained and natural. Now im on the coffee and, its a rollercoaster ride in a sense. If you drink it daily, you have a dependence. it really comes down to where your mentality is towards dependency on a drug.

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago

      i use to think coffe was bad for me so i tried to switch to tea, coffee is by far alot better

    • profile image

      Single Serve Coffee Makers 7 years ago

      Coffee has medicinal value if a person's blood pressure drops he should me made to drink coffee. After shock a person's bloop pressure may drop thus drinking coffee will help improve condition.

    • profile image

      Robubba 7 years ago

      Please tell me you didn't plagiarize this...

    • profile image

      tyler 7 years ago

      For all you people who drink a lot like me, don't worry here is a study that says the more you drink the better it is for you.

    • profile image

      me 7 years ago

      i like the pros but not the cons

    • profile image

      tommybaby 7 years ago

      coffee is the best drink of the day. I drink one cup of dunkin donuts coffee for a long long time. I am healty, I don't take any medication and all my numbers are okay. So enjoy coffee. Just don't drink 5-10 cups a day. Those pundits will find fault in anything, even in water.

    • profile image

      jacob m. 7 years ago

      After 10 years of quiting because of heart surgery. I went back to drinking coffee for about 3 month now,My blood pressure went high and i felt numbness on my left side.I drank only 1-2 cups a day .I hope this helps our friends with heart problem .

    • profile image

      tyler 7 years ago


    • profile image

      jacob 7 years ago

      hey tyler.they said the same thing about smoking. how cool it is.a long time'll look like John wayne and clark gable.wait till you end up in the hospital on life support,

    • profile image

      Caley McClyman 7 years ago

      WOW! Awesome article i thought it was very imformative. It really helped me with my science fair project!!!


    • profile image

      IDNOBLE 7 years ago

      I started drinking coffee couples of months ago, being the curios mind that I am, I did some reserch on my own trying to find-out what is good or bad about coffee. It starts when I started smelling some kind of strong odor when I urinate after drinking coffee so first thing to know about coffee is that coffee has being in-use all over the world as a form of medicinal by most indigenous and modern societies. I totally agree with the Pros side of drinking coffee due to some of my findings and the Cons of minimum doseage of caffine, sugar, and cream in our body-system

    • profile image

      F. Khan 7 years ago

      Don't drink coffee. I am 85 and in good health. Rarely drink coffee.

    • profile image

      Robubba 7 years ago

      F. Khan.

      My grandmother is 94 and in good health. She drinks a cup everyday.

    • profile image

      DON 7 years ago

      People I have one question....does coffee has anything to do with Acne....


    • profile image

      Aaron 7 years ago

      GG facts

    • profile image

      poop 7 years ago

      this is a stupid website that isn't helpful at all it made me feel very sick

    • profile image

      Clem 7 years ago

      Hmmm. I'm surprised no one yet mentioned that caffeinated coffee is also a laxative for some people, including me. This side effect could be good or bad depending on your previous disposition to going to the bathroom. For me it is bad. I really want the caffeine though. Some will say coffee is a diuretic, not a laxative. Well I beg to differ. From my own experience, it is both.

    • profile image

      tom 7 years ago

      kool! .. great information

    • profile image

      George 7 years ago

      some people eat and drink really bad all their life live to 97...some people eat really well keep in great shape then die at 70...BUT it does help your system and fitness in general to eat/drink well 90% of the time !

    • profile image

      Stephan 6 years ago

      Great article Katie! At my office we have a Lavazza Machine, our boss bought it for us from Londons main Lavazza distributor:, since then I have been drinking more coffee then usual, because it so tasty, and it is good to hear that it is actually healthy. thank you

    • profile image

      Stephan 6 years ago

      link doesn't seem to work... this is the place we got it from:

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      I'm 15 and absolutely adore coffee. I am intent on getting myself a really nice coffee machine for my bedroom (I love espresso!), but my annoying parents won't let me! All this nonsense about it being bad for me, and they won't accept that in moderation, it is the opposite of that. Having to go to the café all the time is really draining me of my money, as there is no other way I can get an espresso.

      Any tips?

    • Owenyoyoyo profile image

      Owenyoyoyo 6 years ago from Leeds, England

      A well written article. I hope to turn a blind eye to the cons somewhat though :p Hopefully in moderation I can have the best of the pro section and minimise the cons :)

    • profile image

      pretty cat 6 years ago

      yeah dat's a gud research though...i dnt take cofee but want to be an addict, never knew it has so much advantages like dis

    • Chapter profile image

      Chapter 6 years ago from Indonesia

      I drink once a day. It is better for health

    • profile image

      VIVIAN 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Aine 6 years ago

      Ya i love coffee,especially love lattes etc. If im making it myself, i like it milky n wit a little sweetener, really tasty in the morning! id only drink 1 or 2 a day. once u have enough water during the day, which u shud all the time anyway

    • profile image

      sid 6 years ago

      hey i love black coffee..

      cant control my thrust for it.. :)

      i relaxes my nerves..

      rite now m having one he he

    • profile image

      Robert Fishbrun 6 years ago

      I wish all of you would act like this about cannabis - moderation/ little dependence/ health benefits outweighing the cons/ loving it

    • profile image

      Bizzy 6 years ago

      I'm sorry to be a bother but I think that number 6 on the "pros" side is wrong. I have a problem with kidney stones and I get them easily, and my doctor told me to stay away from caffeinated drinks. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm sure that he wouldn't just make that up.

    • profile image

      elise 6 years ago

      I am Pro coffee morning, noon and night.

    • profile image

      Msbeamer 6 years ago

      Thanks for all your great information. I wanted to share it with my readers.I am posting my first coffee blog today. I love your site and added it to my blog roll. I hope you don't mind.

    • profile image

      LEARN TO SPELL 6 years ago


    • profile image

      miraah 6 years ago

      sad people. Psht.

    • profile image

      jessica 6 years ago

      agrre love my coffee and everything about it the way it smells the warmth the taste with a bit of creamer and sugar. Coffee is my friend in the morning never lets me down comforts me and is relaxing and I will never stop drinking it hopefully will never have too- sometimes I will drink it during day and at night too when I watch a movie that's how much i like my wonderful coffee even like the name coffee ryhmes whith toffee both are beautiful heeehheeeeheeee

    • profile image

      Adrian 6 years ago

      I drink Very black coffee 1 Cup every 2 hours with A leveled teaspoon of sugar.. i enjoy it

    • profile image

      activewear 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      Yu-CHug 6 years ago

      this website was very useful, I am studing coffe's and in class we are arguing weaather columbus sould be charged for addictive coffe and I and a prosecuter the web once more was useful

    • profile image

      anon 6 years ago

      I've been an avid coffee drinker for the past two years (I'm a teenager haha).

      I've had days where I had to rush in the morning for sleeping in and didn't get my daily dose of coffee and I ended up sleeping in my classes and I had a horrible head ache when I got home. Those weren't fun days, haha.

      But nonetheless, I love coffee :)

    • profile image

      Wallster 6 years ago

      Love the article ! Im new to coffee I drink one cup a day

    • profile image

      will 6 years ago

      im 16, a coffee addict, and proud of it! lol i love coffee

    • profile image

      Natasha B. 6 years ago

      i think coffee is inspirational.

      i am 17, a coffee addict, and proud of it! lol i love coffee

    • profile image

      dazzle 6 years ago

      hi, i have gone through your blog its so fantastic work you have done their. i would like to have more information from you...thanks for doing the great job..cheerup!

      Lavazza Coffee Machines

    • profile image

      Parto 6 years ago

      Its funny how saying "significant changes" on moderate coffee drankers make it sound like if the cafien actually cured you from the disseases mentioned. Truth is there are Many more factors,

    • profile image

      Angel fernandiz 6 years ago

      Coffee is only thing which tell me that i am still alive..its taste give me strenth to stand up and fight from the hectic world...I SALUTE ALL COFFEE LOVERS....Keep enjoying and let urself carried away by its aroma.....$tay cool vd Black Coffee.

    • profile image

      Israel 6 years ago

      Never will understand how Coffee can taste good... it simply doesn't. About the pros and cons... wouldn't it be ideal to not drink coffee to avoid the risks and find the pro's of coffee drinking from another source. But you coffee addicts might have trouble doing that.

    • profile image

      curryterrance 6 years ago

      Coffee just became apart of our society , it is the 2nd most consume beverage in the U.S. water is 1st. I love coffee i think like everything else tho it should be taken in moderation. I'm sure coffee will be sround for many years to come

    • profile image

      $$$$ 6 years ago


    • profile image

      crystalpants 6 years ago

      i didn't know coffee was bad

    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      I started drink coffee for a month and enjoyed a heightened motivation during my caffeine buzz, but I think Ill stop after seeing the health risk. I think you should also include stain and wear on your teeth since that's important to some people

    • profile image

      M.A.Anwar 6 years ago

      A recommended article for all people who like coffee

    • profile image

      Just Bill 6 years ago

      Coffee is usually one of the most heavily sprayed crops, and is often contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Therefore if you do drink coffee, you would be well advised to drink organic coffee only.

    • profile image

      Rob Mars 6 years ago

      I agree with Preston: the positives are all maybe's except for the buzz.

      I also can't believe all the enthusiasm from people who ignore the negatives!

      Just goes to show that we all believe what we want to believe.

      I'm pre-hypertensive and have just stopped coffee, and believe me, I love exresso.

      I will find other ways to stimulate myself and find energy; this, after just buying a new espresso maker!

      I just think we have to get real about this. Most will just go on meds for hypertension, but there are consequences to that, too.

      When I get my BP back to 120/80, I'll do a weekly espresso as a treat...

    • profile image

      Tihomir  6 years ago

      Hello i am coffe drinker also :)

      I have that little blog that is dedicated to coffee.

      Please visit and check out the articles and offers

    • profile image

      Tihomir  6 years ago

      Hello i am coffe drinker also :)

      I have that little blog that is dedicated to coffee

      Please visit and check out the articles and offers

    • profile image

      Javascriptbich  6 years ago

      I drink about 4 liters of coffee a day and I am perfectly fine. except sometimes I shake uncontrollably at night. Pros out weigh the cons.

      Coffee till I die nigga

    • profile image

      virginia 6 years ago

      here a great coffee I swear by

    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago

      Have thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and all the comments.. surely there is nothing better than the first slurp of coffee in the morning? As long as you look after your teeth you will still have fresh breath, I drink 2-3 cups a day and have perfectly white teeth. A joy of life is coffee with a loved one. Coffee forever x

    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago

      Have thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and all the comments.. surely there is nothing better than the first slurp of coffee in the morning? As long as you look after your teeth you will still have fresh breath, I drink 2-3 cups a day and have perfectly white teeth. A joy of life is coffee with a loved one. Coffee forever x

    • profile image

      Ivan 6 years ago

    • profile image

      I love coffee 6 years ago

      Great hub, very interesting.

    • profile image

      Mad 6 years ago

      This article is stolen! Here is the original COMPLETE article that you copy and pasted from! You suck!

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      I read in a mens health magazine six cups of coffe a day can help prevent cancer

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      Very interesting page. I am surprised to know that coffee can help in case of liver cirrhosis.

      I know very well that it is a drug: recently I decide to eliminate my daily cups of coffee and I suffered for a couple of days of headache ( wich I never had before!).

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      Non-Essential. Bad on brain, heart, blood vessels and nerves. Not to mention bones. The most important parts of ourselves if not ourselves. The body is what nourishes and carries the mind. I think better things could be planted instead of making people like Howard Shultz richer.

    • profile image

      moises 6 years ago

      people who love coffee don't stop drink more 100% organic same great taste without the caffeine take a change and switch to something better

    • profile image

      Gabe 6 years ago

      Good article, this was very revealing to me. I´m only 13, and drink a cup every day, so I was just checking to see if something could happen to me. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Luis Garcia 6 years ago

      Theres nothing like a cup of black coffee early mornings, specially from Starbucks scince its stronger and better coffee tasting ; )

    • zenpoker profile image

      zenpoker 6 years ago from Romania

      Well your page is useful that's for sure :) Great post as always!

    • profile image

      austin 6 years ago

      coffee makes me start having a headache after i drink about 4oz of it. it also causes me to start breathing faster, and i feel out of breath the rest of the day. and this is with a light brew :/

    • profile image

      fayfay 6 years ago

      I always have coffee or 2 everyday. It makes me happy, gets me thinking (optimistic)and excited and helps me focus on work. However recently I decided to stop drinking because of my pimples. it's weird but my acne started the same time when I had a new job and started drinkinh coffee everyday. its been 3 days since i quit,, and i think its really working. but I really miss it... i should be happy my pimples going away but am feeling a little blue. weird.

    • profile image

      Durga Rao 6 years ago

      Thank you

    • profile image

      StevenH 6 years ago

      Coffee is the life blood of anyone who works 10-16 hours a day running their own business, as I do. I'm fairly certain it'll be those 10-16 hour days that'll kill me long before the coffee gets a chance. Bring on the caffeine!!

    • DGShwepp profile image

      DGShwepp 6 years ago

      Please visit my site.He is also dedicated to coffee and i hope you enjoy it :)

    • profile image

      Cole 6 years ago

      Unfortunately, in the Pros section you will notice a lot of "may's" and "has potential". I have talked to a few doctors about coffee reversing liver cirrhosis, as I have heard this old wives tale myself, and have been told that it is 100% false. There are at least 4 of 10 pro's that are fallacies and 2 more are repeated twice about caffeine and are contradicted in the con's section. So 4 of 10 of the pro's are true. I felt the need to point this out. The best thing to do is drink coffee in moderation.

    • profile image

      Max Kent 6 years ago

      I suffered with acid reflux for 15 years and could not sleep at night without taking the purple pills or Zantac. After the doctor said my blood lab results showed signs of high creatinine levels, I evaluated my regimen of medication which was the acid reflux pills and also an aspirin a day. A little research and I found that caffeine was a cause of acid production and it also relaxes the muscle in the esophagus which allows acid to rise into areas it should not be in. So after 35 years of caffeine addiction, I stopped cold turkey. That was 4 months ago and I noticed a change immediately after 2 days without it. My energy was more constant and not up and down, I slept better, and my acid reflux completely went away. Now I am drug free. I believe eating properly will compensate for what ever benefits the caffeine pros suggest here. Remember, caffeine is a drug and an unnatural substance that your body will try to reject. I will take my chances without it. This country has more cancer and heart disease than anywhere in the world and almost every person is addicted to caffeine so to separate myself from the herd so to speak could be a very good choice.

    • profile image

      Net 6 years ago

      that was very helpful thank you

    • HomerMCho profile image

      HomerMCho 6 years ago

      Amazing hub, I love coffee too.

    • profile image

      peterg 6 years ago

      Coffee is just another expensive addiction. I'll keep my money in my pocket not give it to the multinationals, thanks

      Water is the best drink for health!

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      coffee with no sugar is the secret to life!

    • profile image

      TKA 5 years ago

      for me is the most exotic drink that God has given us, followed only by the wine and water ...

    • profile image

      Lauren 5 years ago

      I think coffee affects everyone differently. Some people can drink 3 cups and feel great. For me it makes me jittery. I think if you are trying to lose weight def. avoid coffee and caffeine. If you are healthy and don't use lots of sugar and cream then it does provide some benefits. I drank it for some time but decided to switch to decaf green tea.

    • profile image

      rophe 5 years ago

      i love coffee. :)

      thank you very much for the information. I've learned a lot about coffee from this article.

    • profile image

      Rob 5 years ago

      Great article as many before me have stated. Good to know the facts behind it. I think coffee is a less harmful substance than beer or having lots of fatty foods. Once you exercise, don't fill the coffee with sugar or sweetener and don't drink gallons of it a day I think its fine. But hey just my humble opinion.

      Go raibh mhaith agat,


    • YourSmartKitchen profile image

      YourSmartKitchen 5 years ago from Reno, NV

      Loved the ideas, and the coffee. Anything in moderation doesn't do harm, that's what I believe. Voted up!

    • profile image

      Other stuff 5 years ago

      Hi! Did you come across anything about coffee and cellulite? I remember reading somewhere that coffee increased chances of cellulite... but I like coffe so much :(

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 5 years ago from India

      Too much caffeine is bad for your health, apart from insomnia it will also effect your brain, caffeine interferes in absorption of iron in your body too, so better reduce your intake of it.

    • profile image

      indiaeducom 5 years ago

      I love coffee and coke so much and yes, i actually have a plan to go to a heart doctor one of these days due to palpitations and heartburn. My back hurts too :(

    • profile image

      Leesypie 5 years ago

      My mom is a healthy eater. She doesn't even eat her salad with dressing on it. She exercises daily and works full time. She went to the doctor last week and found out she was at risk for a heart attack and stroke. Her doctor told her to change her diet and see if that works before they try medications, but looking at her diet there's nothing really to change! Now she's been barely eating scared that a piece of bread or mayonnaise is going to raise her cholesterol more! Now she's went from a normal looking person to a stick person! She's drinking coffee daily with just milk added.

      • Looking back at her past complaints she's been having problems getting to sleep which we thought was maybe stress at work? Then she’s had

      • bladder issues

      • headaches

      • BAD heartburn,

      • hair loss-which her doctor told her was from the caffeine intake

      • high blood pressure

      • high cholesterol

      • kidney stones... I’ve been studying coffee pros and cons & I don't think more than a cup a day is healthy.. I currently drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day and am also experiencing most of the con list

      You gotta focus on the con list. Because that list to me is worse than anything on the pro list. I have some information to add to the con list…and facts that take away from the pro list.

      •There's different kinds of kidney stones. As far as coffee is concerned, some studies find that coffee may thin the bones. If coffee does thin the bones, that process of thinning is dumping extra calcium into the urine. Extra calcium in the urine relates to some of the calcium-based kidney stones. So on one hand, avoiding coffee is recommended. However, people with kidney stones are told to drink plenty of fluids to flush out urine. Coffee, being a diuretic, promotes urination and may in that way be helpful in fighting kidney coffee can cause kidney stones, BUT when you have them you might want to continue drinking it to get rid of your stones :D

      •Coffee has no real nutritional value, unless you add cream or milk to it.

      •Obvious cons like stained teeth, bad breath and aftertaste.

      •Raises stress level-Caffeine in coffee stimulates adrenal glands, which increase one's stress level for up to 18 hours. If a person works in an already stressful environment, drinking coffee can increase anxiety, which in turn can induce a plethora of other conditions.

      •Sterility-Consuming too much caffeine can cause sterility by reducing sperm count levels. It is also believed that it may cause defective sperm. Couples having trouble getting pregnant might want to cut down on their caffeine intake.

      •Induces stomach problems-Some reports claim that coffee can induce stomach ulcers and impair digestion by raising stomach acidity levels. Some also experience heartburn but there is no proof directly linking any of the aforementioned problems to coffee. Regardless, many individuals experience stomach problems after drinking coffee. And decaffeinated brews have the same effect as regular blends in that regard.

      •Caffeine is addictive; how it affects a person depends on age and weight. Decaf does indeed help lower the risk of developing dependency, while stronger brews can speed up the addiction process. Once a person is addicted, quitting can result in withdrawal symptoms such as:





      •Loss of appetite

      •Possible nausea and vomiting

      • Coffee excites more rapid peristaltic movements of the intestines resulting in shorted transit times and less absorption of nutrients.

      • Coffee hampers the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, and B’s.

      • Coffee contributes to caries in the teeth.

      • Coffee stimulates more frequent urination and subsequent loss of various vitamins and minerals such as B, C, calcium, iron and zinc.

      • Caffeine may aggravate osteoporosis by leaching calcium from the bones.

      • Caffeine may increase intraocular pressure in persons with glaucoma.

      • Coffee may interfere with proper levels of homocysteine and cholesterol by inhibiting vitamins folate, B12 or B6.

      • Coffee is one of most heavily pesticide sprayed crops.

      • Even though coffee has never been conclusively linked to cancer, it does contain acknowledged carcinogens such as caffeine and other chemicals produced by the high heat of roasting such as creosote, pymdine, tars, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

      • Caffeine interferes with adenosine, a brain chemical that normally has a calming effect.

      • Cortisol levels are raised which in turn results in constriction of the blood vessels, harder pumping of the heart and higher blood pressure. (Constriction of blood vessels is also a benefit, see the next section.)

      • The liver in fetuses and newborns cannot metabolize caffeine, so it remains in the body for up to four days stimulating the nervous system resulting in irritability and sleeplessness.

      • Coffee has been associated with low birth weight, birth defects, miscarriages, premature birth, inability to conceive, and sluggish sperm.

      • Many of the chemicals in coffee and decaf irritate the stomach lining causing an increase of stomach acid leading to digestive disorders

      • Coffee is a central nervous system stimulator that gives the adrenals a kick and causes production of the stress handling hormone adrenalin and the production of more cortisol resulting in short term benefits of heightened awareness / alertness and more energy, but long term may result in a crash after each consumption to lower levels of energy than previously thereby necessitating another cup and another cup, etc. Thus, it may be addictive and ultimately may result in adrenal exhaustion

      •Makes you age faster-Coffee is known to reduce production of DHEA and other anti-aging hormones, so if you drink coffee to look mature, that is a pretty good way to achieve the desired results.

      •Rheumatoid arthritis-Decaffeinated coffee may increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis[2]. Researchers speculate that rather than the presence or absence of caffeine being the culprit, there may be something in the way decaffeinated coffee is processed that triggers an arthritic response, perhaps industrial solvents.Interestingly, the study linking decaffeinated coffee and rheumatoid arthritis suggests that, “Women who drink more than three cups of tea a day are much less likely to develop the disease than those who don’t drink tea”.Another study[3] found that people who drank four or more cups of coffee a day had twice the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, compared with those who drank less coffee.Dr. Maarku Heliovaara of the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki and colleagues looked at data from nearly 19,000 healthy men and women who entered a study in the early 1970s and were followed for 15 years. Coffee drinkers were at higher risk of developing rheumatoid factor-associated rheumatoid arthritis.It is not clear why coffee might be associated with rheumatoid factor. Most people in the study drank boiled coffee, a practice no longer common in Finland. It is possible that some ingredient in coffee that is associated with rheumatoid factor is removed by the filtration, according to the researchers.

      Persons with :


      • osteoporosis

      • heart disease

      • pregnant women


      • persons with diabetes/prediabetes- Caffeine may cause problems with blood sugar control after meals for type 2 diabetics. The prevention on type two diabetes in the pro section is for women/girls.. not men and sugar in coffee is a whole different study..If your going to add sugar to coffee the preventing diabetes by drinking coffee doesn't apply to you. Especially if you have more than 1 to 2 cups a day.

      • adolescents

      • elderly

      may be more vulnerable to the adverse effects of coffee.

      So many more cons… I just can’t even get to them all today. Lol I did enjoy the probably,maybe..most likely can prevent pro section :D

    • profile image

      papu 5 years ago

      coffee is never good

    • profile image

      janice 5 years ago

      great article i drink between 4-5 litres of coffee a day, that's all i drink, i sleep great, i look great and most of all i love my coffee. after reading how good it is for me, i love it even more.........

    • profile image

      Jared 5 years ago

      I have GERD, so no coffee for me. I vomit once a little taste touches my throat. coffee does smell good...So, in conclusion for me, the cons outweigh the pros by far! I am not fond of barfing my guts out

    • profile image

      Pedro Antonio 5 years ago

      Oh! I just had my 2nd cup of pure homegrown homemade coffee. Wow, is sooo rich, aromatic and pleasant, ummmm. The smell is incredible. Viva! my Puertorican homemade coffee!!!!

    • Matt Jackson profile image

      Matt Jackson 5 years ago from UK

      Seems there's a lot of coffee lovers on HubPages, guess that's what spurs us to write.

      Great hub full of info.

    • profile image

      Derek 5 years ago

      monkey picked oolong tea

    • profile image

      get real 5 years ago

      Coffee makes you weak. Grow some balls and face life on your own power. It's just as pathetic as being an alcoholic or pothead. You are using something to get yo through life at the expense of reaching your mind and body's full potential.

    • profile image

      Estelle 5 years ago

      Love love it

    • profile image

      Jeessicaaaaaaaaaaaa 5 years ago

      I like how you sited this and i can actually trust this, because its not like a lot of other bull i've read about caffine.

      Thanks ! very nicely written too :)

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    • profile image

      ANON 5 years ago

      You cited everything except the original source! For SHAME!

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 5 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      Hi Katie! Excellent article! It's a good thing I drink coffee! I love coffee and tea! These are my two favorite beverages.

    • profile image

      sr 5 years ago

      for taste ok but no as a drug

      true strength comes from inside not from outside stimulant

      fresh air yoga fitness meditation tai chi other options to feel good

    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Scott Tiedman 5 years ago

      This was a very informative article, but if you had actually looked at people who drank coffee you'd see that they look much older than their actual age, and this is do to the amount of wrinkles and tone of the skin. Not only this but one other con is the fact that coffee sends your stomach through the same process as hide goes through when it is being tanned to make leather.

    • profile image

      Erik 5 years ago

      Like soda its on the acidic end of the ph scale. Our bodies have to stay nuetral so it has to alkalize somehow. It takes it from our bones.

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      gracie 5 years ago

      nice one, i love coffee thanks for the info...

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      magicrob 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thoughtful, well researched article. Not gonna stop drinking coffee, whatever evidence may show itself...

    • profile image

      mau5 man 5 years ago

      hi kom123 and dav

    • profile image

      addict 5 years ago

      coffee addict that is. Like most addicts I don't indulge 24/7 but don't make me go without my fix throughout the day. Just saying! And besides, I always knew it was good...for ME!!

    • profile image

      Jen! 5 years ago

      Coffee is amazing and surprisingly good for you! Minus the cream an sugar of course, also go with some home roasted beans or stick with the regular a lot of company's use acids to remove the caffeine for the coffee

    • profile image

      Turides 5 years ago

      A lowd of cra*

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      sisko 5 years ago

      mmmmm Im going for a starbucks right now

    • profile image

      Akshay 5 years ago


      This article was really helpful, as i was thinking whether to take too much coffee or not...

      because I need it for not falling asleep at night so that i can study till late hours...Coffee is great...


    • profile image

      mw 5 years ago

      I think coffee is the best

    • profile image

      MAR 5 years ago

      Coffee in moderation is all you

    • profile image

      mac 5 years ago

      great info !!!

    • profile image

      Steffen Jensen 5 years ago

      Did you forget to point out, that the positive effects of coffee is from brewed coffee, and not instant ?

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      Great article! (Anyone notice how professional the top comments are, and how unprofessional they start to get?)

      Keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      MB 5 years ago

      cons definitely outweigh the pros

    • profile image

      eol 5 years ago

      but in the latter-day saints belief that coffee is not good for the body

    • profile image

      Geneva 5 years ago

      Is three cups to much

    • profile image

      twocans 5 years ago

      What people also need to remember it is very easy for coffee to increase your alcohol intake. I found it common to have between 6 and 10 ish cups of instant coffee every day, the latter ammount in the winter as it was cold and sometimes heathing would not be enough. Any way I found by drinking so much coffee I became desperate for alcohol in the evenings to wind down. It was the noraml maybe 3 cans of 5% larger and perhaps 3/4 bottle red wine. Glady I am off the coffee for near 2 weeks and the urge for drinking so much has gone. I can easily now do 3 small cans a larger a week and not find that there is is something missing from my life. Thus if you drink too much alcohol (you know who you are)..... then cut out the coffee ahhhhhhh it is so so addictive but enjoyable to say I shall never drink it again.

    • profile image

      mayhemp 5 years ago

      I like this article, thanks to the one who posted it, but I still love to drink coffee, for me too much of everything is not good, so to all coffee lovers like me, lets drink moderately. :D

    • Brenda Kimani profile image

      Brenda Kimani 5 years ago from Riverside, California

      Hey there just wanted to offer you a healthier choice to drinking regular coffee.Its called organo and its infused with Ganoderma an ancient Chinese herb that helps the body remove build up of toxins and allows the body's natural immune system to strengthen itself.Its really good stuff, I've been drinking it for a while and i love how it makes me feel....if you want more info here's the link


    • profile image

      taalajbk 5 years ago

      is it ok to drink an instant coffee??

      i mean a( 3 in 1 Pack )

      a combination of coffee,Sugar, a Milk etc..

    • profile image

      Elan Dassy 5 years ago

      As the cultivation of coffee gained momentum, many coffee shops also came into being. After Yemen, coffee made its way to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and then to every other place in the world. Coffee has a wonderful aroma and taste that can make any one drool over his knees. No matter how tasty this beverage is, over consumption of coffee will ultimately cause adverse effects on the human body. If coffee is consumed moderately, than one cannot only enjoy its rich taste but also numerous benefits as well. Today, gano coffee is becoming a popular choice in the hearts of the health conscious people. Ganoderma Coffee is a much tastier and healthier variety of coffee.

      The Ganoderma Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants which help in regulating the cancer causing cells in the body. This is readily available at most of the leading coffee shops. There is great news regarding this variety of coffee, that it is cheaper than the ordinary coffee.

      It keeps the cells fresh and removes all the free radicals that are the toxic for the human body. The Ganoderma Coffee also works wonders in removing the symptoms of depression and indigestion. It is also greatly beneficial in boosting the metabolic rate of the body. The Gano Coffee also helps in preventing Parkinson’s disease and combats cancer. It drastically reduces the excess moisture from the body, thereby facilitating the waste removal from the body.

      The ganoderma coffee offers plenty of health benefits to all its drinkers. Every sip of Gano Coffee can help us in keeping various health problems at bay. Ganoderma Lucida is also known as the ‘wonder herb’ and it has been in regular use by the people of China and Japan for past so many centuries. The emperors of these countries used the extracts of this herb in tea. They believed that this herb will get vitality and long life to them. Today, all the health benefits of this wonder herb can be easily enjoyed through coffee Ganoderma. The anti-oxidants and anti-biotic properties of this herb can increase the health benefits of coffee manifolds. It helps in regulating the blood sugar and blood pressure levels as along with slowing down the aging process.


    • profile image

      Pat Marsha Long 5 years ago

      There's nothing like a good crema in the morning.

    • profile image

      Pat Marsha Long 5 years ago

      Nothing like it in the afternoon or evening either!

    • profile image

      Dillon Dunn 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Jacob 5 years ago

      What hasn't been mentioned here is that coffee can really stain your teeth. Also it really gives people bad breath. I still love coffee but be sure to have some mint gum on you for afterwards. Nothing worse than going to a meeting and having to deal with coffee breath.

    • profile image

      Manav Agarwal 5 years ago

      I strongly thing the person who has written this article is a coffee lover, but sorry to say you wrong because what ever god things you mentioned about coffee is that it can help slightly reduced some of the symptoms of a diseases but to tell you all this information about the benefits of reducing the diseases is just the experiment and observation on patients. The scientist them self do not have the commendable reason for this. While talking about the caffeine it is an intoxication it will seriously effects our brain, and what ever immediate effect you see will not going to last for long but simultaneously it will decrease your mind capacity make you addicted and you will never be able to realize that. In Indian Vedic literature it is clearly written which ever thing is intoxication in very dangerously for mental ,physical and spiritual health.

    • profile image

      Joseph Tomsha 5 years ago

      I heard coffee gives you F.B.D. (frequent boner disease) And I have suffered a long time. but I have found a cure ;)

    • profile image

      bekalu hailemariam 5 years ago

      i now know that drinking coffe is the best option to keep me going in to me. the whole thing seems little confusing or may be i am supernatural cause i really did drink even 3 cups of coffe in the night but this couldn't stop me from a sleep. i can get better sleep

    • profile image

      Adele 4 years ago

      wow i LOVE the pros hey, i cannot live without my coffee, i am a addic and drink at least 6-8 cups of coffee per day, i can also sleep through it. its like bekalu said, i sleep even better.

      now come to think of it, i am going to make some coffee. :-) mmmmmm

    • profile image

      franshesca 4 years ago

      lol you copied that from dumblittlemandotcom

    • profile image

      Akanksha 4 years ago

      This is the best place which was so beneficial for me as I was always stopped from taking Coffee but I could never resist it in my life. Its a great drink one can have for always especially great for me 'coz me being a neuro Patient generally get frequent Head ache but a cup of coffee is all it takes to get me normal again.

    • profile image

      Akanksha 4 years ago

      This is the best place which was so beneficial for me as I was always stopped from taking Coffee but I could never resist it in my life. Its a great drink one can have for always especially great for me 'coz me being a neuro Patient generally get frequent Head ache but a cup of coffee is all it takes to get me normal again.

    • profile image

      James Oliver 4 years ago

      If you want to live longer, you might want to rethink giving up your three daily cappuccinos. A new study found that drinking coffee could lower your risk of death.

      with lover,

      James webmaster of

    • profile image

      JW 4 years ago

      Wow, the negatives far outweigh the benefits! I'll continue to steer clear of coffee.

    • profile image

      marlon franco 4 years ago

      I am a coffee lover...and glad to read this article and knowing the benefits and cons. of coffee in ourselves..thanks to all the pros..and to all the coffee mates that share their comments.

    • profile image

      sarah 4 years ago

      For me personally the pro's far outweigh the cons.

      I'm 20, I do not have cholesterol issues, I eat very healthy foods. So that factor would not affect me.

      I suffer low blood pressure at times, recently went to the doctor and it was 74/70 or something close to that. Then did a retest half an hour later and it was more normal. So in that regard coffee would help me.

      I have good calcuim intake so osteoporosis would not occur, most likely.

      I also have a good water intake and only have 1 cup of coffee every 2 or 3 days

    • profile image

      carpinteyrocpx 4 years ago

      Being able to help people who smoke and stop trying as attractive a child in which on the way to allow them up so that it will smoke

      Letting tobacco users using tobacco and tempting family in which on the way to allow them up so that it will smoke

      Take be aware that what a person inhales certainly not underlying fumes. Experiment with breathing out, And so what is going to come out shall be white-coloured heavy steam atmosphere appearing like cigarette. It happens to be safe and isn't noxious to you and people near to you, Also to the oxygen, A great method to considerably declination currently each of our damage, Being injured and as a result priced the consequence of fire can be quitting tobacco tobacco. It is easier in theory also. Describe that may regarding the continuous smoking efficianado as well as, you're set for a tricky war.

      An advanced decided elder or even parent, You may need to know quite a number of. There have been one excellent increased the amount of essential classes throughout the world populace back decade. One might possibly ponder for precisely involving universities tend to be named. Tobacco making use of may relax these that get experience to campaign currently each of our sexual fun provides. To add, One can possibly fixate greater situation burn happening. why many people in the course in their see some time. An additional get together possessing good things about smoke is the us government overall states.

      But the truth is, The repetitions a cigarette smoke enthusiast could see despite the fact smoke removing the main air especially at some stage in blazing. Wedding and reception such a smoke instead of may watering water smoke to make sure the smoking afficionado about a wonderful life receive. Specific duplicate application for the point in time dramas and even confirms generate cig.

      There are particular equipment you can find to help buffs curtail our trait. You will find eating nicotine gum line that can be bought which can help stop tobacco use on top of that. Smoking sections can be found that assist to your desire. Mister dull afterward put forward the proposition their particular occurrence accompanied by a director, In addition with no success. He thus stuck that nightclub there are promised never to come back. Wetherspoon's asserted e-cigarettes was in fact disallowed by reviewing the string as the ban on employing in public areas has been around since 2007.

      Electronic-Using tobacco, As possess, Are gadgets within appear like cigarette as well as the exercise on these things entailed headed a radiant recommendation. Even though it can take place in potential customers generally breathing out use, What really is being subtracted from their lips in addition, coming from your e-Tobacco is water smoking. The utilization of e-A cigarette is known within the jargon phrase "Vaping,

      E cigs suffer completely revolutionised not to mention stopped the families smoking by providing them with a good option to the off the shelf smoke. These types of e smokes had been publicized well yet highly seeing that the well-balanced upgrade, So it's used one tool that can help tobacco users who would like to decrease a daily allowance out of smoking cigarettes. Even when scores of casefields of study and greatest e smoking analyzes reveal if ever the e does the job such as a pure may be plot nicotine teeth or should, It offers the capability of controlling pollution in addition unaggressive e cigarette.http://www.egoe-cigarettes.comego e cigarette

    • profile image

      gywograry 4 years ago

      CCLEUNG Web development Corporate besides ensures many regulars magnificent blink serves moreover studio. Almost all can provide expensive being reviewed at resources online, Directory site as well Ask, yahoo and search engines this way, in order that many more00 regulars must check out your main, provider as well online business web blog their residence you are remedys within the internet.

    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 3 years ago

      Coffee dilates blood vessels, which can be good in some situations and not so good in others. If too many vessels are dilated too long, it reduces pressure in the vessels and makes the heart work harder to get the blood around the body - hence the danger of heart attacks (or failure). That said, for most of us that's not a problem, because we don't drink enough.

      I like coffee. I drank it more when I lived near Starbucks than I do now out in the boonies. However, there was a time when I was repetitively getting canker sores in my mouth. I wondered if they were caused by too much acid, so I stopped drinking coffee and green tea for awhile (which are acidic). It worked right away and has continued to do so. Now I'm careful to keep coffee drinking in balance.

    • profile image

      Katie 3 years ago

      Thanks. I'm writing a speech about coffee and this is perfect. Also great to see what coffee can help with.

    • profile image

      Safie 3 years ago

      I love coffee because it makes my day. It is the only thing I miss if I travel away from home. The thought of coffee wakes me up in the morning.

    • profile image

      Johnf120 2 years ago

      I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I'll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend bbeabgdbdkak

    • profile image

      kcupsinfo 2 years ago

      i think coffe is good for me,, you cen read in

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