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Cold remedy: What works to cure a cold

Updated on February 12, 2009

Common Cold Advice: What cures a cold

Cold medicine is the first thing we buy, because we think that it helps to cure colds. But before you rush out to the store this time, let's talk about some of the cold remedies that can be made from home. Garlic works great if you're congested, and lemon juice can be used for a sore throat. Taken with a little honey, and if used sparingly, works 10 times faster than regular cold medications. Sometimes what you buy at the store, or from a pharmacy, is often overly priced and ineffective. When i was a child, many cold, flu, and cough suppresants that at one time cured a cold, are now only good for relief. My wife insist on not using antibiotics for the little ones. Instead we suggest tea with lemon, chicken soup, and lots of rest. No cold medications, unless they really need it. Knowing exactly how to diagnose a cold or an illness, can be difficult.

Cold Remedy Advice: Using natural remedies

It's ironic and unethical why consumers should have to buy four or five medications (which can add up to 50.00 easily) to help their child get rid of a soar throat, a persistant cough, or a runny nose. In fact, there are only a few over the counter brands that i'd personally recommend. The Good Doctor's Guide to Colds and Flu offers thousands of tips and techniquies on using cold remedies that can be made from home. The book's author, "Dr. Neil Schachter", is a Professor of Medicine at Sinai Medical Center in New York City. His research is informative and well organized. The explainations are well-detailed, and very simple to understand. He also writes why physicans ommit to disclose healthy alternatives to their patients. This resource is a must have for your family.

Home treatments and advice

For quite some time now, herbal remedies that are 100% organic, have been written about in medical journals by certified physicians. The Johns Hopkins Complete Home Guide to Symptoms & Remedies offers you a plethora of advice. Everything from dealing with minor ailments, to male pattern baldness. Having instructions on what you can do before calling or visiting the doctor can be a big help. The layout is fresh, and it allows you to find answers quickly. It's written purely as a home reference, and recommended by hundreds of physicians. Visual illustrations lead you by example.

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Cold remedy 1 & Cold remedy 2

Garlic is used more widely through out the world, especially in Russia. It rids the body of rhinovirus, wich is known to cause colds. An easier way to digest it is to mix:

  • 8oz glass of water

  • 4 cloves finely chopped garlic

  • 1 cup of lemon juice

  • 2 tablespoons of honey


My Mother-in-law makes a great hot toddy

The recipe calls for:

  • 8oz glass of warm water

  • 2 tablespoons of honey

  • 2 tablespoon of puried horseradish

  • 1 teaspoon of ground cloves



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