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Cold Sore - Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores Using Natural Remedies

Updated on September 20, 2011

Cold Sores Treatment

If you currently have a cold sore you are not alone. Cold sores are actually pretty common. Cold sores (or fever blisters as they are otherwise known) are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 infection. (This is a different strain of herpes virus from the one that causes genital herpes.)

Most people are exposed to the virus during childhood. The tricky thing about this virus however as opposed to other viral infections, is that it never completely leaves the body, but has a tendency to lie dormant until a situation triggers it.

Certain triggers include: Fatigue and/or stress, exposure to sunlight (particularly on the lips), cold or influenza, certain food allergies, an injury to the lips or gums or even dental treatment, a weak or impaired immune system, hormonal changes that occur due to pregnancy or upcoming menstrual cycle, and sometimes even some cosmetic surgeries such as laser skin resurfacing or dermabrasion.

Appearance: Cold Sores are small fluid-filled blisters that form on the lips or mouth. These blisters can sometimes be quite painful and usually take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks to disappear.

While there is currenly no cure for cold sores, there are things you can do to ease the pain and help them to heal quicker than it would normally take.

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Tea Bag Treatment

Teabags are a great way to get a jump start on cold sores. If you begin to feel itching in the area telling you that a cold sore is coming on - simply apply a damp teabag to the area the outbreak normally occurs. You should do this at least three or four times a day leaving the bag on for 10 minutes at a time.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is another great way to get a jump start on cold sores. Just like above, start applying lemon balm on the spot your cold sore normally appears as soon as you feel the itching that tells you one is coming. You can find lemon balm at most local health stores or online. Cold Sore Relief is a well known popular brand,


It has also been found that if you apply a zinc solution (water based) the moment you feel the tingling of a cold sore that it will actually speed up healing time.

You can use either Zinc Gluconate or Zinc Sulfate. They both work but it seems that Zinc Gluconate is kinder to the skin. You can also find both of these products in your local health store or online. If you suffer from cold sores frequently, this might be a good product to always have around in advance.

Leave it Alone

As tempted as you might be to touch your cold sore -- leave it alone. Cold sores are extremely contagious and can spread to other areas such as your hands, eyes or other parts of your mouth.

Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap immediately if you find you have touched it either by accident or because you were applying something on it with your fingers.

Better yet, carrying hand sanitizer around with you during outbreaks is probably the best way to ensure your cold sore doesn't spread.

Real Licorice

A yummy way to help ward off cold sores is by chewing on a licorice whip.But you need to be sure it is real licorice not the candied type. Check on the package and look for "licorice mass" as one of the ingredients. If it says it contains "anise" this is the candied version.

Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid that is a great fighter of the herpes virus and can really speed up healing time.

Warning : Do not eat or take real licorice if you have high blood pressure because licorice is known to raise blood pressure. Also, take licorice in moderation and do not take it for extended periods of time.

Put Ice on It

Ice can help provide relief from the pain of a cold sore and also bring down the swelling.

Make sure to wrap the ice in a washcloth, plastic bag or other protective barrier. Never apply ice directly to your skin.

Use Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly

Applying Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline is a great way to keep a cold sore moist and to prevent it from cracking. Simply use a cotton swab to gently apply jelly to the cold sore. But be sure not to dip the swab back into the jelly or you might contaminate it. Also, do your best to not use your fingers. If you have no choice, do not touch any other areas on your body until you have thoroughly washed your hands.

Aloe Vera

There is that Aloe word again. Aloe Vera is good for many home remedies and this applies to speeding up healing time for cold sores as well. You should apply an aloe vera gel or cream three times a day for five days during the outbreak.

Change your Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The Herpes Virus can not only last for days on your toothbrush or toothpaste, but it can even spread or cause future outbreaks. Be sure to change your toothbrush and toothpaste as soon as you feel a cold sore coming on - then change it again after the blister develops and breaks - then a third time when you know the outbreak is over.

It might be a good idea to pick up a couple of travel size toothpastes so you can easily toss them when needed.

Take Baby Aspirin

It is been found that taking a baby aspirin once a day with food can help with both healing time and pain when it comes to cold sores.

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