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Cold sore Remedies at Home

Updated on May 18, 2010

Let’s face it, a cold sore can be embarrassing for most people and hard to get rid of. There are many different products or creams out on the market place that claim to get rid of a cold sore but sometimes it just won’t get rid of your problem. They may help sooth a cold sore but for most people – they would rather remove the cold sore quickly!

Need cold sore Remedies at home? Why not use toothpaste? This is a great way of removing a cold sore within 3 days or left. First, wash the cold sore area with any kind of anti-bacterial soap or liquid to sanitize it. Now, add toothpaste to the cold sore and make sure you leave it on for at least three days before you wash it off. What will happen is that the blister will turn into crust which quickly falls off and produces new skin.

Spirit of Camphor for Sores

A really good remedy to use is “Spirit of Camphor”. You can find this at Walgreens or CVS pharmacy. Here are some other Cold sore Remedies at home you can use.

Lysine Cold Sore Remedy

Another great way to remove these sores is by using Lysine. It’s basically an amino acid that helps create protein to fight infections. It produces antibodies that fight off infections while helping hormones, body tissues, and enzymes. Make sure you take 1,000 mgs three times each day to also help prevent future breakouts.

Eucalyptus Oil for Treatment

Eucalyptus Oil or either Vicks is great for treating Cold sores. Add a few drops of the Eucalyptus oil in water while inhaling it. This will aid in any nose blockage. Be sure to avoid any fish, eggs, meats, or food with starch. For more Cold sore Remedies at home, you could also ask your local Dr.


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