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colon cleaning

Updated on September 24, 2009

Do you clean your colon?

Do you pay attention to your colon? No, then you’re just like the majority of us, we only think about our colon when there is something wrong, When all is well and your colon is performing the task for which nature created it, it is busy absorbing water and nutrients from all the food you eat. When it stops doing its job properly then you suffer the consequences of your neglectful attitude. The results may be familiar to a lot of you, constipation and bloating, stomach cramps and low levels of energy, even bad breath.

Some believe that the undigested waste which resides in a poorly performing colon can result in the toxic poisoning of your whole system due to the re-absorption into your body of waste materials. It has been postulated that the bowel of the average adult has somewhere between five and forty pounds of accumulated waste residing in it.

Poor colon health=poor health

Can you imagine having all that waste material clogging up your colon? Do you even want to imagine it? If it isn’t eliminated from your system, all that waste it is likely to cause a general breakdown in your health. This is due to the harmful organisms residing in the waste matter from the food we consume. It soon becomes clear why we become lethargic, sluggish and generally run down.

Colon cleansing benefits

It seems pretty obvious why we should strive to achieve good colon health for the sake of our entire system.

If you start a new regime to look after your colon and it starts once again to perform its duty in safely eliminating unwanted waste, it will soon rebuild itself into a good state of health. Naturally this will also result in you experiencing an all round improvement in well being.

Colon cleanse weight loss

The benefit won’t just be in feeling better; you could also enjoy the benefit of a safe and healthy loss of weight. It may also help in a reduction of water retention. You should also see a very positive increase in your energy levels.

How to cleanse the colon

How then can you make sure you have a healthy and clean colon? Various methods of colon cleansing have been developed throughout history. Possibly one of the oldest methods would be the use of enemas; these have been in use at least since the time of the Pharaohs. The ancient Egyptians are known to have used enemas for curing digestive ailments. It’s well accepted that enemas are very effective in getting rid of waste in the rectum and in eliminating waste which is impacted in the lower colon; they may not be so effective in removing harmful waste from the whole length of the colon. Many people are simply not happy with the whole idea of enemas.

Laxatives can provide a short term remedy though their very effectiveness can be an embarrassing drawback if you have to rush to the nearest bathroom with little warning. Also long term use can be damaging in that the colon no longer contracts in the natural way and users have to rely on laxatives.
You can go to a professional clinic for properly administered courses of colon cleansing routines, but these generally require around 90 minutes of your time and can be expensive.

Natural colon cleanse

It is accepted by most of us that natural ways to improve the health of our digestive system is the most effective and least harmful way to proceed. For instance, eating fresh fruit as part of our every day balanced diet. Herbal remedies are also accepted as desirable for the way in which they are gently effective and have no harmful side effects.

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  • KevCC profile image

    KevCC 8 years ago

    We don't take enough care of ourselves do we.

  • profile image

    mega1 8 years ago

    thanks for reminding me, too much fat in my diet! too little exercise! not enough water. Thanks, Kev.