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How to Do A Colon Cleanse at Home?

Updated on July 24, 2017

A colon cleanse improves the body’s overall health and wellness, perks up energy levels, makes the digestive system more effective and boosts the immune mechanism.

A Colon Cleanse Proffers Wonderful Health as well as Cosmetic Benefits

Colon cleanse can be performed at home using simple home remedies. Here are some
colon cleanse recipes that can enhance overall health of an individual.

Colon cleansing is a process of body detoxification that helps eliminate and purge all accumulated waste matter and toxins. It sluices the colon clean of all built up noxious wastes and promotes optimal functioning of the body. Erratic lifestyle patterns, erroneous dietary habits, no exercise and desk-bound jobs and stress, adversely affect our health. Experts say, a colon cleanse, from time to time, can effectively manage, as well as prevent various lifestyle linked disorders and also enhance overall fitness.

Why Should You Detox Regularly?

The food we consume tends to leave behind a lot of debris that adheres to the colon, thereby generating a favorable environment for microbes to breed. Moreover, noxious wastes from the gut get absorbed back in to the bloodstream, and this adversely influences overall health. There are innumerable home remedies that you can choose from to achieve a colon cleanse. A host of food prescriptions scrape the walls of the colon and wash out all poisonous wastes, naturally, gently, yet effectively.

The Colon needs to Be Sluiced Clean of Old Debris

Detox at Home

You can opt for certain herbs and fiber-enriched foods to do a colon cleanse. Commonly used foods for colon cleansing include: aloe, psyllium husks, limes and lemons, garlic, ginger, apple juice, curacao, and cayenne pepper.

These foods eliminate impacted and stubborn wastes from the bowels. They sweep the walls of the bowel clean; sluice out accrued wastes, microbes, fecal matter, and toxins efficiently.

Importantly, these foods are natural and thus do not produce any unfavorable side effects. These foods help detoxify the colon, help purify the bloodstream, enhance the functioning of the alimentary tract, kidneys and liver, improve the absorption of nutrients, help shed unwanted and surplus weight and promote healthy skin and Shiny hair; thus proffering better health and overall wellbeing.

List Of Detoxifying Foods







Cayenne Pepper

Colon Cleanse Recipes

Experts suggest various food blends and recipes to carry out a colon cleanse at home. These recipes are easy to make and decidedly beneficial in detoxifying your entire system.

  • Lemon Ginger Cleanse: The ginger lemon cleanse is the most popular detox recipe. Lemons are packed with vitamin C which helps perk up the working of the immune system and fights infections successfully. Ginger boosts the working of the GI tract, battles indigestion, constipation and gastric derangements. Grate an inch of fresh ginger and add to boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes; then when it’s lukewarm add the juice of one lime. To achieve maximum results, this recipe has to be had 5 times everyday for 7 days.
  • Flaxseed and Papaya Smoothie:Papayas are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C. the fruit is a wonderful laxative and helps purge wastes from the bowel easily. When blended with flax seeds, it works as an excellent colon cleanse recipe. Flax seeds also aid in bowel evacuation and supply the body with loads of omega 3 fatty acids. Blend together half a ripe papaya and two spoons of roasted flax seeds and some water. Consume this every morning for about 10 days.
  • Psyllium Husk Apple Cleanse:Apples give the body liberal amounts of fiber and vitamin C. it promotes good bowel movement and helps eliminate old, impacted harmful wastes and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It is also considered beneficial in improving digestion. Psyllium seeds have always been used in most axative preparations. Psyllium adds bulk to the feces, reduces its transit time in the colon and purges out all built up wastes appreciably. Blend together three spoons of Psyllium seeds and a glass of apple juice. Consume this every night for about 10 days.

Following these recipes for 10 to 15 days will yield wonderful and far-reaching benefits. You will feel lighter, fitter and energized. Not only will you have lost pounds of superfluous fat, your hair and skin will look healthy and radiant too. A colon cleanse is recommended once in every three months to detoxify and purify the body and help you feel invigorated.

Psyllium, Papaya, and Ginger Lime


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