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The Color of Life and Love

Updated on September 1, 2016

How to find your inner colors

As an artist I see all colors around me and embrace their powers.
As an artist I see all colors around me and embrace their powers. | Source

Finding your inner colors and using them well

Who are you? Have you developed from positive influence or negative influence? Why does it matter? Because your inner colors are either bright or dull. Just how important are your colors though? When you make a first impression the inner colors you have show up so this is how people decide if they like you or not. Why is it important to be liked? Every day you wake up you are in a world where many other people exist along with you, so you are a part of them in some kind of way. And what about romance? Isn't it more likely to find that one person who you can spend the rest of your life with if you are full of bright colors? The feeling of love is influenced by care and support, which are associated with lively behavior. Any lively behavior produces happiness so you create bright inner colors with this behavior.

What is the color of life?

I believe that people are easily subjected to the idea of creating from a very young age, because of the way that a child's imagination is so strong. This is when the color of life begins. You are able to grow as you try new things and explore your imagination more and more. As you go on this journey of growth you also improve in certain ways. Each improvement can be thought of as a color shade getting brighter and shining in you. You produce so many colors in the world just by being yourself. So the color of life is both bright and dull. It is each person's choice to decide if they want to have bright or dull colors, but either choice makes the world go round.

The color of love

When I think about how my husband tells me I find the positive in all things, it encourages my inner colors to shine. This is how I know I am happy. My husband said he never used to smile much until I came along. This shows that my inner colors brighten up his life. How do I use my colors for my marriage? I make sure my husband knows I am very dedicated to him and care a lot about him, so I project lively colors while I carry on with this process of love. What is your color of love? Do you have bright colors for your partner? Perhaps you can work on those colors if not. :) Motivation is the key.

How to find inner motivation for your colors

What is your passion in life? Once you find this you will be able to start the process of discovering your inner colors. Your inner colors may be dull now but will get bright when you are finally happy with your life. Maybe you are happy with your life now but desire to seek ways to enhance your happiness? This is the number one way to motivate in order to have brighter colors within you. No one person is always happy because of unexpected life events and the like, but during other times that are calm people might want to shine their best. This is when you reach inside and say I am feeling good right now so I want to show it with my inner colors. I use my inner colors all the time so I can keep my marriage positive. The hue of my inner colors is mostly bright, but occasionally gets dull. No one is perfect. Life has unexpected challenges that alter our inner color hues, so there is no possible way to keep your inner colors bright all the time. However, there are ways to make sure your inner colors are more bright than dull. For me, my creativity does this. I pick up the Pastel paper and get very creative while doing my art work. Living is how you discover what you are passionate about. You have to try things to know though. Go for it!

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