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Disposable Colostomy Bags

Updated on May 24, 2017
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Adjusting to a colostomy is tough—for me it was like a horrible dream. But with a positive mindset, I adjusted wonderfully.

Colostomy bags, worn by attachment to the abdomen, are essential ostomy appliances that are used by colostomy patient's to act as receptacles for the human waste (feces).

These pouches also referred to as ostomy bags, are designed to stick on firmly to the exterior stomach wall, and collect not only the fecal waste but also the gas (or flatus) and mucus from the stoma.

Colostomy bags are waterproof and leakproof, and they will not absorb or let in outside moisture, so patients can bathe, shower or even swim, with an ostomy bag on.

Nowadays, unlike the crudely formed and difficult to use traditional colostomy bags, the modern day versions now come as disposable colostomy bags.

Special Features of Modern Colostomy Bags

Modern colostomy supplies such as the bags have a few special features that makes life so much easier for the wearer. Today, many patients prefer to use an ostomy bag that is:

  • Disposable
  • Drain-able (can be emptied)
  • Inclusive of a filter
  • Large for overnight use
  • Small and compact for outdoor use
  • Nude, clear, coloured, or patterned
  • Supplied with dry wipes
  • Supplied with disposable bags

Disposable Colostomy Bags

Ostomates now have the choice of buying disposable colostomy bags without worrying about having to clean out a used bag for reuse.

Life has never been better for colostomy patients, especially for those that need to change their ostomy bag more than three times a day, and for those who, though they keep to a colostomy diet, still tend to eat a lot.

Because the more you eat, the quicker the colostomy pouch fills up.

Ostomy Bags with Filters

The ostomy bag filter works as a passage for built up gas or flatus, and its main task is to release gas so that the patient's bag doesn’t inflate and balloon out.

Ballooning can be very embarrassing and to wear a colostomy bag without a filter is not advised for those who consume carbonated drinks often, or for those who regularly release 'wind because of their diet.

The filter also has a deodorizing action because of carbon particles in the filter. Carbon will ensure that there is no smell when gas passes through the filter.

This odor is one of the things that colostomy patients worry about the most.

Large Bags for Travel or Overnight Use

Sometimes, waking up in the middle of the night to change or empty an ostomy bag may pose a slight problem for those who find it difficult to wake and get up during their sleeping hours.

There are larger sized colostomy bags that will work well for such patients. These larger sized bags are also good for travelers who may have to spend many hours on the road, on the trains, or on a flight.

Small Bags for Outings or Events

For colostomy patients that need to go out partying, on a date, or to the pub, for example, the smaller, cute and more discreet colostomy bags are great.

They can fit in a ladies purse or in the inner compartment of smaller handbags.

Though they will fill up much quicker that the next size up, they, however, work well for many young colostomy patients.

Pretty and Fashionable Colostomy Bags

There are what some people call 'designer colostomy bags'. They are pretty and have faint patterns such as flowers or lines. For those who want a bit of excitement, are fun loving and outdoorsy, these ostomy bags are made for them.

For those who want a bit of excitement, are fun loving and outdoorsy, these ostomy bags are made for them.

What Comes with Colostomy Supplies

Dry Wipes

Many patients will not buy colostomy supplies that don't come with dry washcloths meant for cleaning the stoma.

Stoma wipes are best used for cleaning and managing the stoma and patients must avoid, at all costs, using any form of tissue paper, or any other paper-based material.

Nylon Bags for Disposal

Having disposable nylon bags is a must. When a filled colostomy bag is taken off, it must be placed in an odor-sealing disposable bag before wrapping tightly and throwing into a toilet bin.

Many colostomy products manufacturers do have these nylon bags available in their packs.of 30, 60, and 90.

Changing Disposable Colostomy Pouches

There must be a routine for changing an ostomy bag.

After a few weeks, when patients can manage their colostomy better, they must try to establish a simple changing routine. As patients get used to their stoma, they will discover that it’s more active at certain times of the day than others.

Many will notice that during, or immediately after a meal, a colostomy will become very active, with the feces literally 'gushing' out. This is not the best time to change colostomy bags. It is better to change the bags when the stoma is relatively inactive, like in the morning, or before going to bed.

A stoma bag must be changed regularly, depending on the amount of waste, and the stoma cleaned gently but thoroughly during each change.

And for colostomy patients that use drainable colostomy bags, it’s recommended that they empty the bag contents before removing the whole appliance from the body.

These soiled colostomy bags must then be sealed inside a disposal bag and placed in the dustbin. They can not be flushed down the toilet for obvious reasons of blockage.

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