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Esoteric Truths Found In Combustible Relationships Playing Field of Olympians

Updated on January 27, 2013

Esoteric Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy

 Cupid: Ingenious Culprit.
Cupid: Ingenious Culprit.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: ‘Bail Out’ Not an Option

In our lives, there are those memorable days that are better than some and then there are some better than those; and, beyond that, there are those incredible days (could be counted on one hand) that absolutely unquestionably sincerely, without a shadow of a doubt, make the New York Time’s Front page.

My discerning question intrudes upon the scored 0-0 bottom half of the 9th inning ball game of life, {with two people out} what did we do with the other 8 and 1/2 innings? If we ponder long enough, close enough, honest enough, seriously examining the detailed remnants of our exhausted lives, what will we find? Did we, in fact, use what we had, give what we got, do what we could, love all we knew, laugh as much as was feasible and let the rest go?

IF the answer is: “no, I don’t know, I think so, maybe, probably not or I hope so”, the day and hour has arrived to step up to the plate and hit a resounding “YES” of a home run. The score board’s lit up in red flashing numbers; your name’s blinking horizontally across the gigantic stadium screen, the music is sounding; it’s your turn to bring it home!

Not that there’s any undue pressure on your performance, or anything like that; it’s simply a matter of your existence being that important to the entire game. In other words, what you do, matters! When you bail out of the sport, there’s an irreplaceable indention in the playing field. It takes all of us doing our designated parts to make it work.

It’s all a matter of bringing the best of who we are to every table we sit down at. I am not speaking of a molly-coddling exchange of virtues, or extremely exaggerated niceties, or pitiful excuses of pandowdies, I am talking about being authentically real for the moments we are alive!

I am talking about searing the mind, exploding the body and ripping the heart to shreds with all-encompassing passionate enthusiasm for what it is that ‘floats our boat.’

We are alive! We are human breathing sacredly endowed ‘gods in the making,’ who have been sent to earth as resident warriors of divine zeal. No matter, how we interpret or define reverence, the sheer unadulterated breaths we inhale are enough to make us shout in glorious sanctified furor. Relationships are the playing field of purification.

Nothing inhibits us. Nothing prevents us from doing what we want, when we want, how we want, where we want, as many times as we want, and with whom we want. The reasons of restraint, barrier, or obstruction are nothing more than our belligerent refusal to swing the bat with all our might with no guarantee of the outcome.

We are the grand Olympians. We are playing with the greatest competitors. We would have it no other way. We don’t want anything to be given to us without our having earned it by the ‘sweat of our brow” whether that deeply burrowed sweat be given physically, mentally, romantically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and/or metaphorically.

We will not cheat; anymore, than we will be cheated. The dignity of the game will not be dismantled by such cheap fallacious antics. It is undeniably impossible to be hurt, betrayed, abandoned, deserted, abused, ‘dumped and discarded’. Why?

Because in the game of life, all of the players have been assigned their designated roles beforehand; we are not surprised by their actions, ever. At the deepest core of ourselves, the inherent destined choice is decided, maintained and carried out without a hitch. (with our approval) Each intimate face we encounter is an indisputable phase of us.

When we lose, they lose. The rivals, enemies and ‘assassins of our emotions’ are our best friends.

“Hut me One More Time Please.” Without them in our lives, we can never learn what we need to overcome in ourselves. It is with/from the allegiance of our most troublesome unions we learn the most about our true characters. We can lie all we want to {about how marvelously caring and sensitive we are} but not so easily when the stark ugly truth stares us in the face.

The ones who accuse, diminish, and incapacitate us emotionally are serving us thoroughly. We will not grow beside and with those who will not be honest enough to ‘slip and slide’ through the difficult times as they learn to openly genuinely express themselves.

The placated trifles, incidentals and imitated courteous nuances will not do it, when the core of the apple (relationship) is rotting with seething unspoken fear of loss, agitated unsettled insecurities and unidentified suspicions.

It is singularly the inconsistent disparities which unite. To deprive the relationship of the hearty ‘swing of dissolution’ mounts irreparable harm. A lack of pertinent communication involving this immediate contradictory exchange reduces the probability of the union ever being solidified on a higher level. [Higher level?]

What on earth do I mean?

The lofty level where we KNOW the answer is YES! We have resigned to the call of the hour. We will not balk. We will not back away. We will not make any excuse or defense. We will stand, firmly planted in the weighty game.

Come what may, we will say “Yes” 100,000,000,000.000 in face of every adverse scary pressure filled second of our sacredly self-chosen relationship ordered lives, no matter how hopeless, stupid and futile it appears. Strike one…Strike two…


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      ha ha beat me to it..Thank you...I love it. By the way, I cannot help but fall off my write deliciously what is truth..I am grateful that you do.