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Comfortable Nurse Uniforms

Updated on April 6, 2011

Gotta Have Comfortable Nurse Uniforms

I'm going to be the nurses best friend right now by showing you as many nursing uniforms as possible, but not the average nursing uniforms. I'm talking REALLY comfortable nurse uniforms...stretchy but stylish pants...custom designed t that feel like you have none on.

When it comes to medical uniform, the consumer's primary concern will always be comfort. Style comes next but it tends to be sacrificed especially in lieu of more freedom of movement. The same goes with nursing shoes. Comfort should be your #1 priority when it comes to footwear. You're expected to be on your feet attending to your patients' concerns so you might as well be garbed in something that will allow you to work without letting your body endure pain that could otherwise be avoided by proper shoes.

We all want comfortable clothes, from nurses to nuns, but when you're leaning over patients, reaching around monitors and IV poles and reaching up high on storage room shelves, you need clothing that can reach and stretch with you. So I'm here to help you find those comfortable uniforms we all crave.

Gone are the days when you used to find nurses working in hospitals wearing boring white starched uniforms. Go to any hospital, nursing home or a health facility and one thing you'll find are nurses dressed in smart, stylish uniforms with attractive colors and prints. Even scrubs aren't scrubs anymore! But if you're a traditional kinda nurse, or your work requires it, you can find comfortable, functional and traditional uniforms, too.

Today, wearing comfortable clothes is the first priority of working anywhere and nurses in particular need to wear clothes in which they are comfortable and can work freely. Nurses work 24/7, sometimes they also need to sleep in their uniforms, and that is why it is very important that the nursing uniforms that they wear must be wrinkle free.

You can also customize your uniform to the place you work, your favorite college or a favorite hobby, such as Nascar. Pediatric nurses can wear uniforms with cartoon characters. If you work in a veterinarian office, you can get dogs and cats on your scrubs. If you work in a hospital, you can get your department logos or other custom and personalized things on your uniforms. You can have embroidery added to a shirt with your name, place of work or other personalized writing.

You can buy many different styles of tops and pants now, too. You can have matching or coordinating sets, separates and anything from v-neck wrap styles to scoop neck long sleeve tops. The pants have elastic waist, banded waist, cuffed at the bottom or loose boot cut. You can be fashionable and stylish, be cute by most of all be comfortable. The skies the limit!

What to Consider When Buying Comfortable Nurse Uniforms

What to consider when buying Nurse Uniforms

When you're shopping for nursing tops for work, go for the scrub tops that are plain white, colored or printed with simple patterns. Spend a little more on these tops because you know what they say..'You only get what you pay for'. It's true. Sometimes you can buy scrub tops for $9.99 but they're pretty stiff and they don't wash well. There are tons of brands out there to try.

If you work in the healthcare profession and you are looking for uniforms for your staff, you can choose your own color, design, type of material and sizes. Many online stores offer attractive discounts for bulk orders and sometimes they will include free delivery. Your workers will really enjoy helping design their own uniforms, and they are sure to wear them with pride.

The main priority when choosing a medical uniform is comfort. Also the fabric must be selected carefully. You need a fabric that is light and one that breathes well. The fabric should also be wrinkle-free and odor resistant. No patient wants to see a doctor, nurse, surgeon or even the receptionist looking disheveled.

Perhaps the most noticeable differences in medical wear is the nurse's uniform. Up until the 1990s nurses still wore the traditional dress, cap and apron. This type of nurse's uniform is only seen these days at Halloween or other themed parties! The modern nurse of the 21st century has a wardrobe of tasteful uniforms in trendy styles and colors.

With more men taking up nursing as a professional career, changes to the nursing uniform have even more necessary. Designers have to create an outfit that looks good on men and women to ensure an element of uniformity and professionalism. Nurses are people who come into contact with sick people more than any other medical worker, so it stands to reason that their uniforms should be pleasing to look at.

Cherokee, Peaches, Landau, Dickies and White Swan are some classics that are known to be well-made, affordable and comfortable. Grey's Anatomy, Baby Phat is one of the newer lines out there. They are stylish AND comfortable. Check them out.

Here are some things to consider when buying uniforms.

1. Cost.

Most uniforms are reasonably priced. Prices range anywhere from $9.99 to $25.00. Average cost is $20.00. Many nurses I know, myself included, say that cost isn't so much a factor because buying quality scrubs that LAST really matters more!

2. Style.

There are tons of styles out there from plain old 2 pocket v-neck O.R. type scrubs to fancy smocked and cross over tops. Cherokee Flexibles have adorable styles that are flattering, too. The skies the limit when it comes to picking out a pretty top. There are square necklines, scoop necks, v-necks and crew neck. There are a lot of pretty and functional maternity uniforms, too. I can't even get into all the different styles. You should also consider your weight, height and the job you perform before buying a uniform, too. Many styles can be flattering and at the same time not so comfortable. But you can check some out below.

3. Gender specific.

It's OK to be comfortable, and if you work in the operating room, maternity or emergency separtments, lots of times the hospital where you work provides scrubs to wear. Unfortunately, you all look the same, mainly in light blue and they are usually poor fitting scrubs, too. If possible, wear something that's you're own when you're not right in the thick of things. Buy a nice lab coat, jacket with your hospital logo or add a nice lanyard for your badge if possible just to 'be you.!'

4. Fabric softness.

This is probably the MOST important aspect. The fabric needs to move with you. Most uniforms that I've checked out are 70/30 Poly/Rayon or 100% brushed polyester or even plain old 100% cotton. Check the fabric yourself if you go to an actual store. That's the definite disadvantage of buying online.

5. Number of pockets.

Yes, really. This is important to many nurses, myself included. You have to have lots of places to put stuff. But I think just 2 nice sized pockets in front, near the bottom hem, is plenty. Let's not do overkill.

6. Comfort for plus size nurses.

There are several companies that sell well made, fashionable and comfortable nursing uniforms for plus size. Cherokee, Koi and Dickies are a few. I have some websites listed below for special sizes.

If you want to know the truth, I have found that the best tops for nurses to wear are plain white men's v-neck or crew neck t shirts. Why go spend a ton of money on scrub shirts or uniform tops? Men's t shirts are packaged usually in 3's or 6's and they cost under $15.00. Sometimes they're too long, but if you buy a small size, they're fine. I wear these under a printed lab coat, or wear a long sleeve t shirt under the short sleeve v neck and it looks stylish, fashionable and is comfortable, too!

The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms

Kinda Interesting, but thank Goodness we've evolved!

Nursing scrubs or medical scrubs originated as a white cotton wrap, worn by surgeons and nurses. It was associated with the surgeons because when he performed surgery, he would get blood on his scrubs and to hide the blood stains, he would just wrap an apron around himself, thus hiding the mess that surgery would make on the front of the scrubs. Since this caused many post surgery infections. Uniforms changed to a pale green color, a color that was good for the eyes and also hid the blood stains.

Over the years, nursing scrubs have changed a lot. Now they make uniforms and nursing scrubs in as many colors and design that we can think of. Now a medical uniform is designed for people's comfort and style. No more starched white uniforms.

Nursing scrubs have to be comfortable. They have to allow the wearer enough space, while look beautiful at the same time. It has to create a perfect blend of function and fashion. It may depend on what colors you're allowed to wear at your place of employment.

Medical uniforms are worn in an environment which is clean and free of germs, hence the term 'scrub'. Wearing scrubs at work and then changing into street clothes before leaving to go thome and decrease risk of infection for the patient, the hospital staff, the visitors and thhe medical staff's family at home. The scrubs can cleaned and disinfected in the hospital facility.

However if you are free to choose then there are a lot variety available in the market, that offers latest trends and fashions, with colors that are both conservative and new, printed and even bright patterns.

The designer brands of scrub market are Cherokee, Landau, Urbane scrubs, Dickies and a few more. They keep on bringing out their latest designs and hence keep the scrubs trendy.

Today, medical profession has become trendy, and the wearer conscious of his clothes and his looks. Doctors and nurses, has begun to wear their personality at work, which is good in a way, given the advancement in medical science, we wouldn't want to them to stay behind.

Since there aren't any nurses that wear crisp, starched just white uniforms anymore, I thought this would be a refreshing look at the old nurses uniforms. I guess anything would be comfortable compared to these!








FYI...How Many Nurses Are There, Anyway?

In the US, there are 2.9 million (2004 data) registered nurses, with 83% being employed in nursing. In Canada, there are 252,000 (2005 data) Registered Nurses and 65,000 licensed practice nurses.

Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Find Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Well, someone asked me once where to buy a good pair of nursing shoes and I told them Foot Locker. Don't go buy some cutesy pair of nursing shoes. Sorry, they just aren't comfortable. Get a favorite pair of NIKE, Reebok or Adidas sneaks and you'll NEVER be sorry. You know as well as I do that sneakers are the most comfortable shoes you can wear. Gosh, you can walk for hours in them at an amusement park, run in them when you're exercising or when you go for a walk. Why wouldn't you buy a pair for work?!

But if you like the traditional nursing shoes, clogs or other slip on shoes, make sure you spend the money for a good pair so they don't hurt your feet after 8 or 12 hours on your feet.

Really Cute, Comfortable, Practical and Affordable Nursing Uniforms

Nurses aren't going to settle for run of the mill uniforms anymore. We want to be stylish, comfortable and not have to pay out the wazoo for our uniforms. Most uniform manufacturers offer really nice products and the cost isn't all that bad. Remember you only get what you pay for, though.

Famous designers have even started making nursing uniforms now. Baby Phat offers a line of uniforms now that are adorable, sexy and have a little bling, too! White uniforms are still out there but wild colors, neons and prints fo far beyond starched white! You can even find exotic animal print like leopard, zebra and cheetah prints!

FYI...10 Ways to Lose Your Nursing License - (Can You say Stupid?)

1. Addicted Nurse Not in Recovery Program

2. Impersonating Another Licensed Practitioner

3. Diversion of Drugs

4. Providing False Copy of License

5. Mail Fraud

6. Falsify Patient Records

7. Unprofessional Conduct

8. Hosting a Porno Website

9. Patient Abuse and Neglect

10. Violating Probation

Comfortable Nursing Sneakers at Amazon - Find Comfortable Nursing Apparel

Links to some great Uniform Sites! - Comfy and Individualized

Dickies Medical Uniforms Everyday Scrubs Snap Front Scrub Top

Baby Phat Signature Collection Mock Wrap Print Scrub Top - Scrubs & Uniforms

Urbane Essentials Cargo Scrub Pant by Urbane Scrubs

Urbane Essentials Contrast Bias V-Neck Scrub Tunic Top by Urbane Scrubs

4-Pocket V-Neck Snap Front Solid Color Scrubs Top by Landau

FYI...Need CEU's?



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