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Super hilarious compulsive office cubicle hoarder co-worker, “Triple”

Updated on September 2, 2012

Before everyone gets excited about the identity of this co-worker, I will not show a picture or tell you where I am working at currently. Prior to knowing him, I didn't really know anyone that likes to keep things around for no reason. I hope you will enjoy reading this funny hub and learn more about compulsive hoarding.

For convenience sake, I will give him an artificial name, “Triple”. At first glance, you will never be able to tell that he is a hoarder. Triple's clothing is very neat; he usually wears a long sleeve shirt, khaki pants and leather dress shoes. It never seems to get hot enough for him to wear short sleeves. However, when you see his desk and work area, you will know that he is a compulsive hoarder.

Let me start by describing his cubicle. The desk is filled with papers that are about three inches in thickness. The bottom has lots of miscellaneous stuff accumulated over the years that completely fill the space under his desk. No one would be able to sit at that desk comfortably because you don't have space for your legs. I often wonder if Triple can sit comfortably at his desk. However, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Actually, I think he is pretty happy sitting at his desk most of the time. Most things on or below his desk is completely useless. Triple has tissue papers from 10 years ago that has turned yellow, printed papers from at least 6 years ago that has also turned yellow and unopened soda cans from years ago that partially evaporated. All of these things are very hilarious to look at. Until recently, he had all these things on his desk. Finally, he had to move to a new cubicle. Instead of throwing those things away, he had put them in a big box and stored them in the back area. Triple waited until the last minute to clean up and that got our boss very angry. Triple's desk is pretty clean now (compared to before) but it would be only a matter of time before things start to accumulate again. I often joke with him that he needed to rent a u-haul truck to move his stuff upon retirement.

Triple is a keeper of boxes. Most people would see little use with empty boxes. However, Triple is particularly drawn to boxes for unknown reasons. I used to find empty boxes everywhere around the office and that mess would always get our boss upset. When I was moving a few months ago, Triple had offered some of his boxes to me. But I didn't take any because I didn't really need it. I am pretty sure that he has a hidden spot for them.

Triple is a keeper of useless papers. We get copies of sheets everyday and a few of them are completely useless for us. Most people would just toss them in the recycle bin; however Triple tends to hold on to them. He would put them in the drawer. I finally just tossed all of them when he wasn't around because it is filling up our limited space.

In some ways, I think Triple is aware of his compulsive hoarding. However, he is very sensitive about this particular issue. I heard that keeping things for hoarders is a way to remember the past, a happier time. When compulsive hoarders are surrounded by family and friends, it is a much better situation for them. As people around them will help to curb the habit of accumulating useless things. A lot of times, this habit is actually very funny to see. Imagine if you see lots of boxes / papers piled up and the person surrounded by the mess is completely at peace with it. On the other hand, lots of other people are bothered by this especially when they have to clean up after him consistently.

By writing this hub, I just want to help you identify and help hoarders in your life. Most of them are aware of what they are doing, but sensitive about it and maybe even afraid to seek help. However, professional help such as counseling will help hoarders and curb their behavior.


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