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Getting Teeth Braces Guide

Updated on December 8, 2010

1. Goal

Depending on teeth malocclusion and jaw structure, you need to define first what you need and what you are willing to do. Teeth and teeth bone structure has strong relation with nose and breathing. You need to be clear first of what your problems are and what you are willing to fix. For severe jaw misalignment you may consider a combination treatment of teeth braces and jaw surgery.

2. Orthodontist

Orthodontist is a dentist specialized in teeth braces. You need to research to find a good orthodontist in your area. If you got some references, that’s good. If not, you have to contact some dentist in your area and consult with them. Try to find more information from your neighborhood, or internet forum, or even from other patients who are sitting the same waiting room as you wait for your appointment.

Tell him/her your problems and what you wish to be corrected. Your orthodontist will give you treatment suggestion(s) for you to decide. It can be teeth braces with teeth extraction or without extraction, or combined with surgical treatment for jaw/bone reconstruction) Ask back until you understand, ask your orthodontist to explain who each suggestion/method will change your face structure; ask what are the risks of each method. Make a note of your consultation with him/her, write down the risk and result expectation from each treatment. Another question that you can ask your orthodontist is what kind of teeth brackets methods are he is offering. Later on you may go deeper by asking in detail how each bracket method work, besides for this you can do pre-research by yourself.

It is suggested that you ask at least two or three orthodontist for their opinions before you decide the next step.

This consultation hour should function like an interview time, make sure your you get an image of the dentist you can decide later to which orthodontist you will start your treatment. Important factors to notice during your interviews are: competence, skills, references (if you don’t have a reference yet, you may ask if you can ask about it), your feeling whether you feel comfortable with the dentist since you will be trusting him/her your precious teeth and all related face structure and function and you will be visiting him/her quite regularly during your treatment period.

3. Comparing Treatments and Methods

Meanwhile you can do research on all available brackets methods/technique and consult this further with your orthodontist until you can decide what best for you.

Basically there are removable and fixed braces. Under fixed braces you will find conventional brackets with metal rings and ligatures, self-ligating which use clip mechanism, there are clear braces, ceramic braces, lingua braces which are fitted behind teeth, etc.

4. Cost

Inform yourself how the consultation cost and the treatment cost are. In some European countries (e.g. Norway, FInland, Sweden, Germany) orthodontic treatment is available without charge to patients under 1 as benefits for orthodontic treatment are provided under 18 under the government-run health care systems.

From my experience, orthodontist in Germany may charge between 2000-7000Euro (around 3500-10000 USD). In some other countries like Indonesia and India, the cost may range between 700-2000euro (1000-3000USD). Prices vary depending on the type of city/country, the complexity of teeh/jaw problems and the orthodontist skill and experience.

Once you know what kind of costs you can expect, you should consider how to finance it. Some orthodontists may offer you to pay in sequence.

5. Treatment time

Normally the bracket treatment will need about 12-24months. For me it was necessary to consider this. One orthodontist offered me a treatment time of maximum 18months, with Damon System (the bracket system from US) which is supposed to be faster and better. However one should know himself whether this half a year shorter treatment worth since the self-ligating or speed bracket can be up to 2x more expensive than the conventional ones. I tend to choose the conventional ones.

6. Complication, Risk and Discomfort

Be aware of the medical risk that came along with the treatment. Removing teeth and teeth’s root are not without risk, and maybe that’s why the orthodontist can charge a lot of money. Moving teeth requires force. If not done properly it can lead to tooth loss, problem with teeth root.

Wearing braces can cause discomfort due to the pressure applied on teeth and the brackets in mouth which continuously make contact to your lips and inner mouth. It is also possible to have problem pronouncing certain letters/words, especially at the beginning. Wearing braces requires discipline and engagement. You will need extra care for cleaning teeth and must pay attention on your food so that you don’t damage the brackets.

If you plan to get pregnant, consider that the pregnancy will change your hormones and influence the teeth movement.

After all, there is no result guarantee in teeth braces.


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    • profile image

      Straighten Teeth 

      7 years ago

      This article is helpful for me thanks for your info…But i need to ask you one thing

    • profile image

      Fixodent Lawsuits 

      8 years ago

      nice hub'

      I like to have a braces both for up and down of my teeth, because it was deformed when I was in high school.


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