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Constipation-Natural Remedies for Constipation

Updated on August 13, 2013

Fruit and Vegetables

At least 5 a day!
At least 5 a day!


Many people are looking for natural remedies for constipation. Constipation is suffered by a lot of people, and  it's not always down to diet. Although of course, some foods, fruits and juices are excellent remedies.

Exercise, fresh air, keeping the muscles toned, all help to keep our intestines working efficiently. Games and sports, particularly outside in the fresh air, i.e. swimming, walking, etc all help to keep muscles strong and prevent constipation.

Drink plenty of water, at least six glasses a day. As much water as you can take will be beneficial, you can never drink too much.

All liquids help to prevent, and relieve constipation. Water and fruit juice are the best, but any liquid helps.

Natural fibres will help much more than taking pills. Fruits and vegetables are the most natural form of fibre. If you stick to the normal guideline of five a day, you shouldn't have problems with constipation. Green leafy vegetables, beans, apples, oranges and banana all contain a lot of fibre.

Try to keep a healthy diet, and in particular avoid foods which will give you indigestion or heartburn, as antacids, & indigestion remedies, will make constipation a lot worse.

Fresh Ginger Root
Fresh Ginger Root
Licorice Root
Licorice Root

Natural Remedies

Fresh ginger and dandelion root are two herbs that help with constipation. Crushed or grated, and brewed in boiling water as an infusion.You should also take them on a regular basis, to prevent constipation in the first place.

Licorice root is also beneficial and natural licorice, or even licorice sweets will help some, so if you have a sweet tooth this should be your choice when possible, or raisins and other dried fruit, before other sweets and candy.

Constipation begins with food stopping or slowing its movement through the large intestine. The longer the food stays in place in the intestine, it absorbs more water and becomes more solid. This blockage can be caused by medications, changes in diet, or can be a symptom of certain illnesses. So while it is helpful to relieve the constipation, it is also necessary to find out the cause, and how to cure it.

You may even want to look into a detox diet, which should be done from time to time, to help keep your system running smoothly.

Natural remedies for constipation are much much better for our bodies than medication.

Some of the best foods are: prunes, pears, sweet potatoes, oranges, carrots, green leafy vegetables, and peas.

Vitamin C and magnesium are also helpful in relieving constipation. Vitamin C helps the function of the immune system, and protects against illnesses that might cause constipation. Magnesium helps in the softening of stools; thus alleviating constipation.

A lack of folic acid can cause constipation, so adding this nutrient to your diet will helpimmensely

Milk with honey drunk twice a day for a week, will help clear constipation, and done regularly will help to avoid constipation recurring.

Whilst diet is not always the cause of constipation; eating healthily and the right foods will certainly help. A regular intake of fresh fruit and vegetable, and drinking plenty of water, should ensure that you don't have problems with constipation.

Detox Diet

If the constipation is persistent, you may have to try the next step. Detox your body!

This should be done every once in a while, anyway.

Follow the correct guidelines, and you will reap the benefits, quickly and comfortably.

The home remedies are the best, no matter what ails you

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      8 years ago

      very helpfull article, thank you very much


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