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Copper Free Multivitamins

Updated on September 16, 2014

Desperately Seeking a Copper Free Multivitamin?

Having a hard time finding a copper-free multivitamin? Here is a list I have compiled of over a dozen copper-free multivitamins.

While copper is an important mineral for our health, including helping our immune systems some of us don't need it in our supplements. We may be getting plenty of copper from our diet and/or our water supply. Or we have situations that cause our bodies to hang onto copper and thus we just don't need anymore in our supplements. Most multivitamins I've seen on the market have the full RDA of copper in it. Consume a single serving of a protein drink or eat a protein bar and you likely got another full dose of copper.

Too much copper can cause problems such as anxiety, insomnia, a mind that races with thoughts and won't turn off (combine that with insomnia and you're in for many fun nights), skin problems, PMS, yeast overgrowth, and problems with the immune system.

So as important as copper is there are some who need a copper free supplement...but they aren't that easy to find. So I've done the initial leg work for you.

My Copper Story

Many years ago I found myself exhausted all the time. It reached the point that all I did, literally, was work and sleep...falling asleep as soon as I got home from work and sleeping until it was time to get ready for work again.

Thankfully I worked at a bookstore at the time and one of the books on the bookshelves was Why Am I Always So Tired? by Anne Gittelman. That book made a huge difference in my life. One of the concepts it talked about was Copper Overload and Zinc Deficiency (the two will often go hand in hand with each other as the two minerals effect the other). The quiz in the book to help one consider whether copper overload may be effecting a person fit me to a "T." In fact, some of the symptoms I had been experiencing since childhood even.

As I began following the advice in the book to minimize my exposure to copper and increase my zinc, within about two weeks time I was functioning "normally" again (because I had been experiencing copper overload and other health problems for so long I didn't realize that what I thought was "normal" was still unhealthy and I would later learn I had to do more to become more "truly normal"). It was so wonderful that I could get other things done after I went home from work and to at last be functioning better.

I still struggle with having too much copper. If I don't pay attention to what I am consuming I start having my old symptoms creep up on me again. So having a copper free supplement is important to me.

Where to Buy Copper Free Multivitamins?

One of the hard things to manage though was finding a multivitamin without copper. Anne Gittleman does have a a copper free multivitamin as mentioned in her book that is sold at the Unikey website that is of good quality. But there are other options available now as well.

While I still have not found copper free multivitamins at any store, including any health food store, and one most likely will still have to order them online...there are more options now than there used to be.

Here I have put together a list of many multivitamins without copper that I have taken the time to find (alas, I have not tried most of them though) in order to help you save time finding them yourself. I hope it will be of help to those of you who are trying to go copper free, for whatever reason.

Sadly, very few of these copper free supplements had reviews on (one reason I like to shop around on Amazon is to find reviews from others). Perhaps as more people become aware of the need to take a copper free supplement and try those many that are now available, they will share their experiences and it will become easier to choose from amongst them.

One other thing about searching for supplements on that I have discovered is that the Supplement Facts and Ingredients are not always shown on the product page. So if you want to know what exactly is in the supplement (and I certainly would) then you may have to search for the supplement company's website to get that information.

Copper Free Multivitamins

Most of the copper free multivitamins I have found were not only copper free, but iron free as well. For some that will be good, but for others it may mean they will need to choose another multivitamin that has iron in it instead or take an iron supplement separately.

Whole Foods Based Copper Free Supplements

I have begun to think that whole foods based multi-vitamins may be a smarter choice for my supplements. I have to look into that more, but if it is something that you are interested in as well here are some choices that I have found that are copper free.

Perfect Multi - Multivitamin Packed w/Vitamins, Minerals & Phytonutrients - 120 Capsules from Purity Products (1)
Perfect Multi - Multivitamin Packed w/Vitamins, Minerals & Phytonutrients - 120 Capsules from Purity Products (1)

Although not listed on as being copper free the supplement facts show that the Purity Products Perfect Multi is indeed a copper free (and iron free) multivitamin.


Biotics Research Copper Free Multivitamins

Biotics Research has several Copper Free Multivitamin formulas (most are free of iron as well).

Including this one for women called Equi-Fem.

For most of their various formulas, I admit though, I had a hard time telling what the difference is between each of them. So it was hard to say which one would be best for what purposes.

More Multivitamins without Copper

Still haven't found a copper free multivitamin that you'd like to try yet?

Here are some more for you to consider.

Food Science Of Vermont Superior Care without Copper and Iron Multi-vitamin Tablets, 120 Count
Food Science Of Vermont Superior Care without Copper and Iron Multi-vitamin Tablets, 120 Count

One thing that I don't like about this one is that even though it is free of copper and iron it does include nickel (which from what I understand there is no known need for it and it may be bad even).


Who Needs a Copper Free Multi-vitamin?

Some may be looking for a copper free multivitamin because they have Wilson's Disease, which is an inherited disease in which the body accumulates too much copper in vital organs and may cause serious health problems.

But there are others who may want a copper free supplement even though they have no such disease as such. According to the Uni Key website, "Excess copper is often the culprit for women with fatigue, anxiety, depression, hair loss and skin problems, and is also connected to the condition known as estrogen dominance."

I myself have connected copper overload with my insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. I believe it to also be connected with my ADD and possibly also myoclonic jerks (uncontrollable jerks of the muscles). This article discusses many different health problems that can have excess copper connected to them.

Do You Have Copper Overload?

Would you benefit from taking a multivitamin that is copper free?

This is the book that helped me realize that I was suffering from having too much copper in my body. Copper is necessary...but too much isn't so great, leading to fatigue and other problems. This book is mostly directed at women, but could be helpful to men too if they suspect copper overload.

Zinc Status - Taste Testing Your Zinc Levels

Excess copper often goes hand in hand with low levels of zinc.

One way to monitor your zinc levels is with a liquid form of zinc that you can use as a "taste test" to tell if you are low in zinc. If you are low in zinc this liquid zinc will taste like water. As the amount of zinc that is in your system increases the taste of the liquid will change. When you have an adequate level of zinc in your body the liquid zinc has an unpleasant, metallic taste.

When I first tried liquid zinc it tasted like water to me. As I continued to take it gradually it began to take on a sort of sweet taste. Then at last the taste began to be a little on the not so pleasant side...and yet it made me so happy because I knew I was establishing a healthier level of zinc in my body and that meant a healthier me.

Another thing I like about these liquid zinc supplements is that they do not upset my stomach like other zinc supplements often have.

Zinc Status - Ethical Nutrients - 120ml - Liquid
Zinc Status - Ethical Nutrients - 120ml - Liquid

There are a few kinds of liquid zinc that can be used to help determine zinc deficiencies, but this is the one I use most.

Designs for Health - Zinc Challenge - 8mg Zinc Sulfate for Immune Support, 8 Fl Oz, 24 Servings
Designs for Health - Zinc Challenge - 8mg Zinc Sulfate for Immune Support, 8 Fl Oz, 24 Servings

I have now tried this brand and it is a stronger strength than the Zinc Status brand and thus doesn't work as well for testing purposes. But does work well as a supplement.


Have you been on a copper free multivitamin and noticed a difference? Or have you been looking for one, but have been looking a long time? What are your experiences?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you so much for your article on Copper Free Multivitamins. I just read an article titled "Copper Implicated as a Possible Cause of Alzheimerâs Disease", and since I have this disease in my family, I am not trying to eliminate copper from everything I ingest to be on the safe side, so your article was so helpful for this. I now have to go down your list to find the most affordable product, as I already spend a ton on supplements for other issues, so hopefully I can find a good product for a good price. Thanks again for all your hard work! =)


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