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Copper Healing - Does It Work?

Updated on November 8, 2012

The Healing Power Of Copper

Cooper healing has been used for centuries and today we see ads for it on TV and on the internet but my question is, "does copper really have healing power"? To help answer this question I went online to find the history, the expected benefits and actual clinical studies to back up these claims and I'm sure you will find this as interesting as I did.

Smith Papyrus copper healing
Smith Papyrus copper healing

Copper Healing History

Where did it all start?

One of the oldest ancient textbook books known to man called the Smith Papyrus was dated back as far as 2200 B.C and it has the earliest recorded medical use of copper in it's literature. The book clearly identifies the use of copper to sterilize wounds and drinking water.

A second ancient textbook called the Ebers papyrus is dated back as far back as early 1500 B.C identifies copper as being used to treat headaches, burns, itching and trembling.

Based on ancient artifacts discover by Archeologist proved that copper was not only used by Pharaohs but was also used a plumbing. A portion of a water plumbing system from the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt was dated back 5,000 years ago and was found to be still in serviceable condition by Archeologist.

A very famous ancient Greek physician of classical Athens 400 B.C. named Hippocrates was known as the father of western medicine and he documented the use of copper as a treatment for leg ulcers associated from varicose veins.

In 1832, 1849 and 1852 Paris there were cholera out breaks that claimed many lives but each epidemic did not affect any of the copper mine workers as they seemed to immune. It was observed that the copper had strengthen the immune systems of all the workers in the mine.

In 1885, the French physician, Luton, reported using copper acetate in his practice to treat arthritic patients an to this date copper is still being used.

An old home remedy for arthritis was to put a penny in your shoe or keep one in your pocket.

These historical facts show that copper was used for medical reason

Cooper In The Blood
Cooper In The Blood

How Copper Healing Works

Science shows us that copper is used by various enzymes in the body to create chemical reaction such as creating energy which is why it has become so popular with athletes and the older generation. It can also help decrease the body's inflammatory response and slow bleeding. Copper is absorbed mainly through digestion and is carried into the blood stream via two proteins called ceruloplasmin protein and albumin protein. The ceruloplasmin protein is specifically engineered by the human body to carry copper where the albumin protein carries more then just copper.

The human body requires copper as a necessity as it uses enzymes to react with the copper to give the body energy, adrenaline production, collagen and elastin production, for protection against oxidative tissue damage, blood clotting and "anti-inflammatory" properties that works great in the protection from oxidative damage ie: arthritis, tennis elbow, bursitis and other types of joint pain.

Taking copper orally works! But what about copper bracelets?

Facts shown in the1976 Australian study, An Investigation of the Therapeutic Value of the "Copper Bracelet"- Dermal Assimilation of Copper in Arthritic/Rheumatoid Conditions (W.R. Walker and Daphne M. Keats, Agents and Actions, vol. 6/4 (1976) concluded that copper does dissolve away from the bracelet and can penetrate and be absorbed by the skin. Once the copper enters the body it get picked up by the ceruloplasmin protein and is distributed though the blood stream.

The why don't doctors prescribe copper bracelets?

There has been no detailed study showing that the small amount that is absorbed from the copper bracelet is beneficial enough to make a difference therefore they medically cannot suggest it as a primary form of treatment. Increase intake of copper supplements can be. What about the miners in Paris? they did not take supplements. It thought that the increased amount of exposure to the copper in the mine increased the amount that was absorbed through the skin thus strengthening their immune system among the other health benefits.

Verseo Copper Patches
Verseo Copper Patches

Should I Use Copper Healing Products?

Keeping in mind that your doctor may not prescribe the use of copper bracelets they may suggest them as they do give a person constant exposure to copper through the small amounts absorbed through the skin. One of the main drawback to copper bracelets is the cost and the fact that you have to wear them all the time.

Verseo has come up with a Copper Patch that will deliver a very high daily dose of copper directly into the tissue and bloodstream directly at the site of the inflammation like knees and elbows. You can expect to pay about $19.95 and is a great alternative to the copper bracelets.

Here Are Other Copper Products From Amazon

Healing Metals
Healing Metals

Other Healing Metals

Besides copper there are 6 other healing metals that date back to early Egyptian time and are recorded through history as well, they are silver, gold, mercury, iron, tin and lead. Some of these have taken off the "good boy" list because of the harmful affect that were discovered through modern medical studies. In today's medical community you will not hear of doctors recommending mercury or lead to often but fact is that mercury was actually used to cure syphilis at one time.

Metals also pose spiritual attributes in the ancient alchemical system of healing that correspond to the parts of the body, for example:

Copper - represents the planet Venus and is used to cure problems with the kidneys and help with nutrition

Gold - represents the sun and is used to cure problems with the heart and spine

Silver - represents the moon and is used to cure problems with the brain and body fluids

Mercury - represents the planet Mercury and is used to cure problems with the nervous system and lungs

Iron - represents the planet Mars and is used to cure problems with the blood, muscles and circulation

Lead - represents the planet Saturn and is used to cure problems with the bones and skin, hair, nails

Tin - represents the planet Jupiter and is used to cure problems with the liver & gall bladder

Do You Beleive in Copper Healing

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