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Cradle Cap

Updated on July 4, 2017

Cradle cap in newborns

Congratulations! You are happy mom or daddy (and of course you are tired)!

Has anyone's baby had a cradle cap? I never knew about cradle cap so it was kind of freaky to realize my baby has it. My baby's cradle cap lasted more than a month. Me and my partner washed baby's head every second day and everyday we were wondering if we are doing it the right way. My friend who works in a creche said that there are kids (3-5 years old) who are still have them!

Finally I thought it's over and it started again and lasted again for a week but it's over now. Tell me about your baby? What did you use for treatment? Any herbal remedies?


How long did it take your baby's skin to clear up?

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Cradle cap

Cradle cap
Cradle cap

What to do?

1. rub olive/almond oil

2. keep for 3 hours

3. brush softly

4. wash it with shampoo


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