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crash kilograms

Updated on November 26, 2012

Crash Diets- Advantages and Disadvantages of it

Diet essentially means following a routine in which you restrict the intake of particular foods which harm your body. Dieting never meant starving or depriving your body of food. Food is the essential part of being on a diet. Today, people are concerned about what they eat and what they not. But it is seldom possible to restrict everything. Ideally you should provide your body with 1500 calories every day. You must plan your diet in such a way that you have healthy food in your diet. A healthy diet will not only shed those kilos off your belly but will also improve your skin, digestive system and has many other benefits.

What is a crash diet?

Crash diet means to deprive your body of food in extreme condition almost like fasting. This is meant to be a quick solution if you want to loose your weight. Crash diets are more popular among celebrities and are also popularly known as fad diets. Crash diets are for short duration mostly few weeks. This diet has its share of advantages and disadvantages. There have been positive results of this diet and some kilos are lost in the process but often weight is gained at double the rate. People undergoing crash diet often fall into a never ending cycle of going on a crash diet again gain back twice as much lost and then again going for the diet. Once you lose the weight, you will have to maintain the diet by restricting your food intake.

Types of diet

Many crash diets have come and gone. There are many crash diets which are popular among the celebrities. Basically there are four types of diet
Low fat diets- this diet will include only foods that are low in fat
Very low calorie diets- very low calorie diets are usually like fasting. It includes minimal calorie food.
Low carbohydrate diet- includes foods that are low in carbohydrates.
Low calorie diet- these are similar to very low calorie diet but the amount of calorie intake is slightly more.
Apart from the above classified crash diets there are many more varieties and type of crash diets that you can follow. The most popular ones are the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, three day diet, Atkins diet and many more. You can follow any of the above mentioned diet which suits you the best. Remember, crash diets can give you instant results but are often harmful in the long run.


There are various advantages of following a healthy crash diet.
It reduces weight instantly, may keep heart diseases at bay, improves your ability to control intake of excess food. Crash diets are also good if you are looking for instant weight reduction. It may work wonders if you are planning to follow it just before attending any occasion. It also keeps you fresh and healthy until you over do it.


There are more disadvantages of crash diets than there are advantages. Crash drives may lead to gastric pains, irritability, rashes, dehydration, constipation and much more. One very prominent disadvantage is that you are sure to gain really fast once you stop the crash diet.


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