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Create More DAY In Your Time

Updated on May 27, 2016

Too short on time?

Short on sleep? How does an extra twenty minutes to catch some winks sound? Is it a hassle to get dinner served before a hungry tummy takes over? Feel like you are just getting to where you need to go on time?... or are you in the very normal group of people who is forever running 'just five minutes behind'? There is a solution to the problem at hand!

What if you could find a way to stretch out the minutes in your day where you could capture another second just to breath? There are ways, but just how do we accomplish the battle against the clock? What is valuable and important is creating and establishing the habits that give us those extra moments we all could use.

Time, we can not get away from it. We can't put it on pause, or turn it off for a few minutes, so what is the solution on our societies time crunch crisis? There are many! We can find ways to multitask, organize, give-in or give-up different 'things' that are stealing time from us. We can out-trick the clock and get more out of the time in our day!

What would you do if you had more time

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Rules to give us more time

There are options to help us optimize the time in our days!

  • Stop waiting on other people! If someone else is constantly running behind, it just is not fair to you! Let them know ahead of time that no matter what you have to leave by __:___ time ~ NO MATTER WHAT! This way if they are late, they won't be surprised it you are not there and maybe, just maybe, next time they will make the time to be on time.
  • Don't force too much into your day! Are you one of those people who is trying to make the most out of your day? Is your daily to-do list really realistic and manageable? For the love of 'not driving yourself mad' SLOW DOWN! You don't have to be a super-duper-doer! Prioritize and purged the list to suit what would be successful for you.
  • Turn of time wasters, or better yet: don't turn them on to start with! Like the (dreaded) television. T.V. should really be renamed Tele-Vampire with how it sucks the precious minutes hours from our days. What about that cell phone that keeps rattling alerts? How about putting it on mute for a couple of hours a day? Not giving into the urge to check your messages and notifications every time you receive one and opting for checking it every hour or two will save you a lot of time in your day.

Making the most of your time...

Bassett Mirror Co. Victorian Rr Clock - M2271
Bassett Mirror Co. Victorian Rr Clock - M2271

Let time be a friendly accent in your home



Ensure that quality trumps quantity. By making the minutes count in the moments you will feel freer and more able to find time for you or those important tasks that you just never seem to have a moment for.


Finding the time to have more time is worth the time!

Take time to make the moments in your life matter, with a friend, a family member or with yourself. Today's world that we live in seems to be all in a rush all the time, from dawn to dust and often deep through the night. Try for a day to make the choice to get out of the rat race and decide to do what what matters most. Make those top priorities, and see where life takes you.

You may need some adjusting time while you create a new, more realistic pace. Try one thing one day. Let it settle, then add time reducer, then another, and another until you succeed in finding the time that you desire. Remember to be patient during this period as good things take time to prefect! Aren't we all just a work in progress after all?

Reviewing today's 3 top time drains

Number One: Television: If you are focusing on a box for hours on end you are latterly throwing that time away. Did you know that the average person will watch 106,080 minutes of television every year!

Number Two: Lost on-line: Yes I know that you are not lost if you are on-line, you know exactly where you are at. Need another startling fact? There are parents out there who spend more time on their devices computers than with there children!

Number Three: Attached to their smart-phone: Not so smart really. The average person will send and receive over 12,000 texts every year! Um, how many minutes do we think that this is taking from us?

Remember to take some time to give to yourself! Allowing some 'recharge' minutes will help us be more productive in our day!



When do you feel that you need more time in your day the most

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13 Time Creating Solutions

  1. Buy a pair of slip on shoes: Crocks or Leathers, this will save you about 30 seconds in your day. If you multiply that by how many times you put your shoes on and off, it will add up.
  2. Install timers in your house and home: Garden need to be watered? Have it on a timer that will automatically come on and shut off. Now there is one less, time taking, thing off of your list!
  3. Buy groceries in bulk: Reduce the times you have to run out for more of this, or more of that. When we stitched it saved us about five hours a month!
  4. Cook more than you can eat, much, much more! If you have leftovers, pop them into a freezer safe containor and when you need to save time on making a meal, you are ready to heat and serve. Good home cooken' with-out the hastle!
  5. Keep items convientently located: Do you keep your dish towels in the linen closet? Or your trash can in the garage? Move items to where they will be used so that the won't take your time away from you
  6. Take an extra minute to complete what you are doing, to save you from back tracking, in the end, sometimes taking more time will give you extra time
  7. It is ok to use technology to get it done and give you time! Need to heat up leftovers? Microwaves are one of those great time saving pieces of technology that will save us mega minutes. One of the most time saving devices ever invented
  8. Pre-pack, grab and go: I spend an hour prepping up different grab and go sets, once a month or so. A bag for the lake, a 'just add food' picnick basket, a backpack of entertainment for the kids, a bin of outdoor games and activities. A couple sacks of non-perishable lunchie sytle foods. This tip has saved time for every member of my family
  9. Use a basket on your counter (in the bathroom or kitchen) to store the items that you use on daily basis. This may only save you a few seconds here and there. Adding those seconds together will have an accumulation over the year that really makes scence!
  10. Making the most of your 'doing' time: When I am cooking dinner I will sweep the kitchen and start on clean-up. By the time I am ready to sit down to eat I have crossed a few things that have to get done and created a few extra minutes in my evening
  11. When cooking use a lid: By keeping the heat in your meals will cook faster
  12. 'Listen' to your book: Switching to an audio book will allow you to enjoy your book while you cook, clean, eat or (my favorite) drive
  13. Hang it up! If you are like one of the thousands of people who needs a tracking device to locate your cell phone or keys, how about saving the time to find these items by adding a hook or installing a basket to drop these items into, and say good-bye to frustration!

How do you add more day to your time?

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    • LouCannon profile image

      Amanda Louise Cannon 3 years ago from Wynndel BC Canada

      Stereomike83... I have never heard the term "time robbers" before -- It really makes you think!

    • stereomike83 profile image

      stereomike83 3 years ago from UK

      Great lens! I was on a marketing course just yesterday where we were being encouraged not to be "time robbers" to our customers but also use ideas like these to have less of our own time "stolen"

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      I wish I could add a couple extra hours to my day. I have been waking up early as of late but I blink and it is already one in the afternoon. Time just seems to fly by so fast. Your time saving tips are excellent. I especially like the slip on shoes and cooking extra large meals (which I am famous for).