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Updated on November 5, 2014

One Mans Passion Has Changed Lives


Paul Brailer

Criptaedo is the brain child of Paul Brailer, having been born with Spina Bifida and sheltered most of his life; he has found the determination to follow his childhood dream.

Paul studied Karate at the Art of Karate in Barberton Ohio and became a Black Belt on February 16, 2013, his 3.5 year-long journey had become a reality.

Paul made it clear he did not want any special treatment nor did he expect any. They did however, have to modify some techniques because Paul cannot kick with his paralyzed legs, so they created new techniques for his arms.

You’ll often find Paul walking with his crutches and braces or wheeling around in his wheelchair depending on the day. Paul believes in maximizing his abilities no matter which device, he chooses to use that day.

Diet and exercise had become increasingly important to Paul while studying for his Black Belt, he found out that you need the right nutrition to be able to maintain a certain level of strength, and you combined it with exercise and you have a recipe for success in every area of your life. Paul is almost compulsive with his workouts and food choices; he's mostly a vegan, but occasionally he has his cheat days.

Paul has gained some feeling in areas that he never had before. Almost as shocking he started to be able to walk without his braces or crutches in the house for very short distances which he had not been able to do before his dedicated exercise program.

While he was studying for his Black Belt, he had been mugged leaving the mall and with the lessons he learned and with his clean diet and exercise program, he managed to fend off the attacker. Nothing was stolen, but it gave Paul the idea of a life time.

What if he could teach people how to defend themselves? What if he could encourage self-esteem and living healthy. Once he had the idea nothing stopped him from achieving his goal to help those with disabilities and educating them on being safe despite being a target for anyone who saw them as such. That is when he started Criptaedo with the help of a few friends such as Tyler who helps Paul when he’s teaching his Criptaedo class.

From the very beginning Paul’s instructors believed in him, even before
he believed in his self. Now that Paul is a Karate & Fitness instructor
at the Adult Day-Care Center in Barberton Ohio, he is the one
who is instilling hope into someone who isn’t ready to
believe in themselves yet.

Kids flock to Paul and they are so excited to meet their hero. Let’s face it there aren’t a lot of role models for disabled adults or children.

Criptaedo is in the process of raising money in order to become a 501c Non-Profit. Then he will be able to get the help he needs to fund a criptaedo gym. That way he can help as many people as possible, with accessible equipment and along with karate and fitness training, diet and self- defense classes he hopes to build a positive place for disabled people to come and get healthy and hopefully make friends.

You can donate here @

Tyler & Paul


Contact Criptaedo

Criptaedo has been featured at the Chicago Abilities Expo, June 27-29, 2014.

You can contact Paul on his Criptaedo website & on the Criptaedo
Facebook page,and twitter also on YouTube and last but not least Instagram.


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      I am thrilled to comment on someone who pursued his dreams and now are helping others live better. Another impressive hub.