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Crohn's Disease Alternative Methods

Updated on July 18, 2010

This can be a common question that people have when they first start looking in toCrohn’s Disease alternatives. What are the therapies that are available? Where do I start? How do I get it right without wasting a lot of time and money?

Unfortunately, many Crohn's Disease sufferers have had to sort this out for themselves without the benefit of any guidance whatsoever from physicians, fellow patients or even via online resources and informational directories.

It can be very confusing as there are many different therapies and approaches currently in use for Crohn's Disease, however, when you are looking into options there are some things that you will want to keep in mind to help you decide what solution is best for you.

Does the therapy/method you are looking at address diet?

If you want to treat your Crohn's Disease as effectively as possible, nothing quite beats diet for the effectiveness it can have on your condition.

Most times, you might be sabotaging other natural methods you are using, due to the fact that you are not eating right, which is distracting your body and preventing the other methods from working as well as they could be, which is shooting yourself in the foot.

It is a good idea to get an allergy test to see if you are having any food allergies or sensitivities that should be avoided in your diet. Dairy, wheat and sugar often the cause of food allergies that can hinder your progress. Another issue for many people are the various refined and processed foods that we eat today - our bodies just weren't designed to digest them properly.

For anyone looking to improve their health it's a good idea to stick to foods such as fruits and vegetables that are served in a natural, unprocessed state. If you do have a flare up you need to be careful of insoluble fibre as this can cause further irritation of the already inflamed tissue in the bowel and digestive system.

Does the practitioner have experience with Crohn’s Disease?

You will get much better results if you are able to locate a practitioner that has a lot of experience working with patients that have Crohn's Disease.

They will be much more likely to know proven paths to recovery and be able to better direct their efforts to achieve your particular goals and beat this disease.

They can draw on their past experience with other patients to suggest therapies that will work quickly to get you back into good health.

Crohn's Disease Alternatives Video

Investigate your options

In the event you just don't know about this particular kind of therapy, be sure to look it up and learn more about it, so you know exactly what you are getting into - do not put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

The better you understand what you will be doing, the more accurate feedback you can give your Crohn’s Disease alternative practitioner. With that information, they will have a better idea of what to do in order to provide assistance.

You can also find out just how prevalent this therapy is, and if it is a popular sort of treatment. The most widely used therapies are not necessarily always best, or the right one for you. If you do some research ahead of time, you can learn what to expect and what it will all entail.

What sort of qualifications do the staff and practitioners have?

You should check with the alternative practitioner about their formal training and qualifications in their field so you can ensure that the advice you are getting is accurate and professional.

You might not get someone with a degree from a university, but whatever training they have had they should be able to show you, or you may want to think twice about seeing them, because you want to make sure that you are in good hands.

A practitioner that is experienced and trained will be much more capable and competent to help you. However, it has been my experience that some therapists with the least amount of traditional education have often been the most helpful to me, and had unique perspectives on the process.

Their vast practical experience made them a wealth of knowledge on their subject and they can get some great results. You will need to use your own common sense and be sure that the practitioner you are seeing is qualified to help you to improve your health.

Crohn's Disease Alternative Qualifications
Crohn's Disease Alternative Qualifications

Is the therapy a symptom based process just suppressing the problem?

Most natural therapies do look at the body from a holistic point of view but this something that you want to keep in mind.

You are just wasting your time and money if you spend it on suppressing symptoms and avoid addressing the real issues that are the root of the problem, if your goal is to truly heal yourself and get healthy.

Suppressing the symptoms is like sweeping the problem under the rug, when the rug gets full the problem will turn up somewhere else in the body and create a whole new problem for you to deal with.

Western medicine has this sort of principle behind it often, especially when dealing with Crohn's Disease or some other illness. Often, the drugs that you take in order to suppress the symptoms will have equally undesirable side effects, and then you're back at square one.

Don’t get me wrong western medicine still has a role to play in illness, you just need to be more informed about the pros and cons of what can happen long term on drug therapy.

There are many alternative treatments for Crohn's Disease that can also be used in conjunction with traditional drugs to help manage side effects and other issues.


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    • Bohn profile image

      Bohn 7 years ago from Carolinas, USA

      excellent video!!! so informative! Crohn's patients need to know there is more out there than drugs that sometimes cause more discomfort and long range problems than curative relief. Thanks!