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Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter, Review!

Updated on September 11, 2014

Review of My Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter: why I bought it and how it works!

This is a review of my Under Sink Water Filter I purchased from Crystal Quest called the "Replaceable Triple Multi ULTIMATE Under Sink Water Filter System" and is based upon my experience with having visited Crystal Quest Manufacturing, purchased their under sink water filter system, installed it, and used it for over 3 years now.

Unlike most of the Crystal Quest water filter reviews that are just based on the author reading the Amazon listing and the customer reviews, this information is based upon my actual experience.

I live in the Atlanta, GA Metro area and our municipal water is supplied by two different man-made reservoirs, Alatoona Lake and Lake Sidney Lanier.

Having been an avid boater on these lakes since I was a child I couldn't help think about all the boats zipping around these lakes leaving behind petroleum based pollutants.

When you begin to think about the fact at some point you put that water in your mouth you can't help but remember those pollutants from the boats but also you think about all the people swimming (and other activities) in the water along with the fish.

And what about all the nice homes built along and near the lake with their chemical fertilizers and who knows what all running off into the lake. You wonder about all the little streams and tributaries that feed the lakes and what gets dumped into them.

This experience plus reading articles about the Health Effects of Water Pollution made me decide I was NOT going to trust the water coming out of my tap to put into my body. I don't want to end up with some dread disease like cancer from the long-term effects of those pollutants, not to mention the thought of one of my pets suffering.

Why I Chose a Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter!

Not all Undersink Water filters have verifiable performance and quality control!

If you live in an area supplied with municipal water you basically have two choices if you are concerned about your health - drink bottled water or filtered water. The decision still boils down to whom do you trust the most: The county employees at the municipal water treatment facility, the manufacture of the bottled water, or the manufacture of a water filter?

I decided that I would place my trust in the manufacture of a water filter because I could actually visit the company, research their products and verify the test results from independent testing laboratories. I chose Crystal Quest because their facility is located right here in North Metro Atlanta.

I called the Crystal Quest office and asked if it would be OK if I visited their facility and I also told them that I might write a review or the water filter I was thinking about buying. I thought they might be resistant but to my surprise they were actually anxious for me to come visit.

The facility manager was extremely cordial and showed me around the Crystal Quest facility and showed me all their different water filter systems. Kevin pointed out that their manufacturing processes comply with strict ISO 9001 guidelines which gave me some comfort. After explaining my situation Kevin recommended the CRYSTAL QUEST Undersink Replaceable Triple Multi ULTIMATE Water Filter System. Kevin explained that this system was the water filter best suited to remove the pollutants found in the Metro Atlanta municipal water system and said it would probably last me 3 to 5 years before the cartridges needed replacing.

When I actually read the Product Details that showed all the dangerous pollutants the undersink Triple Multi ULTIMATE Water Filter System removed I was very impressed. I reminded Kevin that I intended to write a review of his Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter after I had tried it out for a while and he smiled and asked me to send him an email so he could read it.

Undersink Water Filter Installation
Undersink Water Filter Installation

Installing my new Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter!

A Piece of Cake to install with only basic DIY skills!

When I got my new water filter home and opened the box my first impression was just how heavy it is. The injection molded housings and sump covers are very thick plastic to withstand the water pressure. Believe me; you don't want to have your kitchen flooded as a result of some cheap water filter rupturing under your sink.

The maximum recommend pressure is 60 PSI which is what your pressure reduction valve where your water supply enters your house should be set at. Kevin told me they would withstand quite a bit more than that.

Several of the other undersink water filter brands that I had considered had flimsy sump housings that I doubt would have withstood the water pressure surges over a long period of time.

All the fittings and hardware seemed to be in the package. The instructions are very nicely printed in easy-to-follow steps in full color. The French Style Faucet that mounts on the sink is very high quality.

My installation went well and took me about 45 minutes. I would have done it in less time but I messed up mounting the under sink water filter system too close to the cabinet door so I had to move it back a couple inches.

Success! There were no leaks with the quick-connect fittings and the gizmo that taps into the copper cold water line.

More Information and Prices at Amazon!


Crystal Quest recommends that you have a plumber to do the installation which certainly is a good idea but don’t be intimidated with that. It is an easy project that most people can do with a minimum amount of DIY experience and tools. Probably the most difficult job is drilling the hole through the back edge of your sink (if necessary). You may have to buy the correct size drill bit. If you get hung up just ask a person at Home Depot or Lowes. They can almost certainly help you.

Trying out my new Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter!

I let the water run for about 15 minutes like the instructions said to purge out any chemical taste or smell from the manufacturing processes. When I drew my first glass of water it tasted so clean and didn't have that familiar Clorox smell and odor. I was amazed at the improvement in the taste of my tap water.

But not only the greatly improved taste but I was confident I could cross off my list of long-term health problems to worry about as a result of water pollutants. For myself and my 4 exotic birds I am very fond of and who are very sensitive to any kind of pollution in the air or water.

Verdict for my Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter!

So far, my experience with Crystal Quest's Undersink Water Filter product has been totally positive!

It has been over two years now since I bought my Under Sink Water Filter from Crystal Quest. I have not had a single problem with it. The water tastes just as good now as it did when I first installed it. As far as I am concerned I could not have asked for a better water filter.

I feel much more confident in the quality of the water now than I did with the bottled water and the convenience is so much better, not to mention much cheaper. I estimate my cost per gallon to be Less Than $.02 Cents.

It gives me a good feeling to know that every day I am doing a little something to promote good health.

If you are addicted to carrying around a bottle of water just refill it from your new water filter and the only way you will know the difference is when you go shopping; You won’t have to fork over your hard earned money at the grocery store for bottled water and lug it out to the car and then into the house. Not to mention the landfills which are being overrun with empty water bottles.

I wish all of my buying experiences were as positive as with my water filter from Crystal Quest. In my opinion Crystal Quest is a good company. The people there were very helpful and I couldn’t ask for a better product than my Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter!

If you have a family member or friends who you are concerned about their health, how about sharing this Review of my Crystal Quest Under Sink Water Filter with them!

Blessings, Will

More Information and Prices at Amazon!

What is your Opinion of Crytal Quest Water Filters?

To you own a Crystal Quest Undersink Water Filter? What has been your experience with it?

Do you feel like the Crytal Quest Undersink Water filter does a good job of providing clean safe drinking water?

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Thanks for taking the time to read my Review of the Crystal Quest Under-Sink Water Filter. I hope the information is helpful to you in making a more informed decision and I would be delighted to hear your comments regarding this subject. Blessings, Will

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