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Crystals for Meditation

Updated on March 13, 2014

Top Ten Crystals for Meditation

Which are the best crystals for meditation? Learn how to choose stones for meditative work with and which are best for stilling the mind and helping you go within or connect to Source.

There are hundreds of different semi precious gemstones out there, and it can be difficult to remember which ones are best for which scenarios, even if you are reasonably experienced. This guide offers my personal top ten. I have included both ideal beginner gems to help you still the mind and get used to meditating, and advanced, powerful ones that can connect you to spirit, God and even other realms and dimensions.

From amethyst to moldavite, larimar to herkimer diamonds, learn about ten of the most powerful crystals for meditation and the specific elements they can bring to your meditations.

Photo Credit: Image copyright of the author

Image licensed from JupiterImages Corporation
Image licensed from JupiterImages Corporation

Which are the Best Crystals for Helping Me Meditate?

Look for crystals that:

* Connect you to a higher source or guidance

* Help you relax

* Are good for connecting to both earth and spirit - as they keep you grounded when meditating

* Assist with psychic ability, visions, divination etc

* Have strong spiritual properties

* Are very clear

* Aid ascension, raise vibration, balance the chakras etc

* Help still the mind

Using crystals during meditation can help you if you are having trouble clearing your mind, staying focused, or connecting to your higher self. Specific gems can help with specific aims, such as connecting with angels, building self-love, or accessing higher realms or the akashic records.

I like to use crystals when I meditate in the mornings and evenings. Exactly how you use the crystals will depend on your preferences and desires. I will either create a circle of stones to sit in, if meditating for a specific purpose (or meditating with my crystal skulls), or I will use a palm stone or large point to hold while meditating. You could also use one to focus on if you are starting out with meditation, or wear certain crystal jewellery.

Photo Credit: Arkansas Quartz by Orbital Joe, via Flickr Creative Commons

Quartz comes in many forms, including clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and smoky quartz. All of these are excellent for use in meditation, ideal both for beginners, and for those on the ascension process or at an advanced stage of spiritual growth.


Known as the master healer, clear quartz works on every level of our being, both physical and energetic. It contains the Universal Life Energy and working with clear quartz can unlock deep memories and unblock illness, distress or stagnant energy in order to bring about deep healing.

Clear quartz amplifies the concentration and intent, so is perfect for those who are new to or struggling with meditation. It brings about altered states of consciousness more easily and offers great insight into situations, as well as helping to balance chakra energy and activate kundalini.


Another ideal beginner gemstone as it has such a gentle and loving energy. It also assists in fully balancing the emotional body.

Working with rose quartz connects you to universal and unconditional love. It dissolves resistance, allowing full manifestation of love in the heart and positive energy within all the chakras. It helps us understand the true meaning of love, acceptance, compassion, tolerance, unity and forgiveness, as well as helping us love both ourselves unconditionally, and all others.


Another great healer, amethyst is a deeply spiritual gemstone and wonderful for opening the third eye. It is a transformational healer that can bring Divine understanding. It can remove blockages in energy and amplify spiritual understanding, as well as aiding comprehension of a situation or concept.

Amethyst is a powerful and positive meditative aid, instilling dedication to the spiritual path. It brings knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and humility to those who work with it.


Known as the Celtic warrior, smoky quartz was carried into battle by soldiers from ancient times right up until the First World War, because it is considered such a protective stone.

In addition to protecting you, it will connect you to deep philosophical thoughts during meditation, and is an excellent teacher, taking you within the earth to find her wisdom. Smoky quartz also has a balanced polarity of male and female energies, so is perfect if you are working on balancing your own masculine/feminine energy. It brings clarity of thought and contemplation, can manifest your dreams, and as it purifies the root chakra, it is excellent for grounding you and keeping you safe during inner work.

Buy Quartz Crystals for Meditation

Quartz is great to focus on, so look for beautiful pyramids or large gemstones. Or try holding palm stones, hearts or points. If you wish to focus on healing, place smaller pieces of quartz on your body while lying down.

Photo Credit: Prehnite by Striking to a goal, via Flickr Creative Commons

Prehnite, like rose quartz, is a stone of unconditional love. In meditation, it is excellent because it is a stone of vision, and aids us in accessing higher levels of awareness, while stimulating the third eye chakra.

It is a stone for dreaming and remembering, so good if you are meditating on past lives or seeking release or understanding of a past issue. Prehnite enhances our own inner knowledge, and can show us the path to spiritual growth by attuning us to Divine energy. It can also aid in connecting with unseen entities and higher beings.

Prehnite is also very calming and helps to quiet the mind. I have had a pair of prehnite earrings for many years and always find that I have a greater clarity of mind and peacefulness when I wear them.

Prehnite also inspires us to clear out our clutter, both physically in the home, and in terms of our inner, mental clutter, getting rid of old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us.

Buy Prehnite Crystals for Meditation

Prehnite is a calming stone, so try using crystals you can hold in your hand whilst meditating, or jewellery to wear.

What Makes a Good Crystal for Meditation?

There are several points to consider when choosing a helpful stone:

  • If you want to use the crystal as an object to focus your concentration on, then choose one that is fairly large and pleasing to the eye. Gazing into the different facets can help your mind move into a higher place, so multifaceted stones are ideal.
  • If you are going to be holding the stone in your hand, choose one that feels comfortable, such as a medium sized tumblestone, palm stone or heart. These are rounded and easy to hold.
  • If the gemstone is going to be resting on your open palm, then choose one that isn't going to keep rolling off and breaking your meditative state. Flat palm stones are perfect. If you can't find a flat stone you want to use, then test out different shapes and see how well they sit in your hand before buying. However, the energy of a crystal is always the most important thing to go by, so if a certain one calls to you, then it's the one for you!
  • All crystals are healing and soothing, Being natural they will have anomalies and chips. These make no difference to the power of the stone, so don't feel you have to find a "perfect" one.
  • Choose one that resonates with you, that feels like it has a pure energy. If it feels heavy or not right in energy, then try another one.
  • Very clear stones, such as extremely see-through clear quartz, are especially good for high vibrational meditation.

8. Selenite

Selenite is a gypsum and different types include Desert Rose, White Satin Spar and Red Satin Spar. This is a centuries old crystal that is known as a record keeper of ancient knowledge.

It is superb for meditation in terms of receiving ancient or Divine insight. Hold the crystal in your hand and either visualise white light coming down from above, through your upper chakras and down through your body out of your lower chakras into the earth, bringing with it higher ideas and consciousness, or ask the spirit of the crystal to impart the knowledge contained within it. Selenite connects you to the ancient wisdom within it, as well as your angels and guides, so pay attention to any insights, visions or thoughts that come to you.

It is also a crystal of connection to past and present, past lives, and telepathic links to others. As a high vibration crystal it can open your crown chakra more fully and allow greater access to Source. It also brings healing and light to all of the body.

Photo Credit: One of my beautiful pieces of selenite

Buy Selenite Crystals for Meditation

Look for long points or wands that you can hold in your hands to access the light and guidance selenite brings.

Photo Credit: Larimar Pendant by Deidre Woollard, via Flickr Creative Commons

Larimar is also known as Atlantis stone, bringing wisdom from this particular ancient civilisation, and the Dolphin stone, because of its watery energy, which brings the tranquility of the ocean to the heart and mind.

Larimar brings deep insight and greater intuition, and serves as a superb stone for bringing on deep meditation. It connects to the angelic realm and higher consciousness, as well as the wisdom of Atlantis.

It activates goddess energies and connects us to the earth, as well as gently healing the upper chakras from the crown upwards. It helps us find our true path in life, and removes blockages that are preventing us from using our full personal power. Larimar helps to remove deep seated resentment, pain or fear, and can also ease symptoms brought on by the activation of kundalini.

Larimar is also said to be the stone of twin souls, assisting in healing any tensions once they have been brought together, as well as assisting in telepathic connections. This stone also helps us realise our soul purpose and break down the barriers to implementing it.

Larimar is quite rare as it is only found in a set of caves in the Dominican Republic. It can be difficult to find large pieces, but there is a plentiful supply of jewellery, so wearing a pendant during meditation in addition to holding a small piece or tumblestone is ideal.

Buy Larimar Crystals for Meditation

Look for pieces of larimar you can hold, or that has been set in jewellery or a circlet, to connect with its wisdom and energy.

Inner Light

"Once we become aware of our own inner light, our Divinity, our own source of unlimited goodness, we are never dis-empowered again."

- Hazel Raven

6. Apophyllite

Apophyllite helps us connect to Spirit, creating a consciousness connection between the physical and the spiritual, and is a very powerful crystal for achieving deep, peaceful stillness, so makes a very effective aid for meditation.

It helps us to see the truth we need to realise for spiritual and inner growth, and acts as a channel for Divine guidance from angels and guides, as well as our inner selves.

It is also excellent for out of body travel and clarity of mind. It brings tranquility and clears negativity from our thought patterns. It is also a superb transmitter for vibrational energy, making it a good healer, too. I have two large clusters in my reading room/office and it creates a beautiful, calm, clear atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Piece of apophyllite that I keep in my reading and meditation room

Buy Apophyllite Crystals for Meditation

Large clusters or pieces can help keep your meditation space clear and energised, as well as assist your visualisation and connection to higher guidance.

5. Blue Kyanite

Photo Credit: Kyanite via Wikimedia Commons

Blue Kyanite is very effective for meditation, especially when placed over the third eye chakra (brow chakra). Not only does doing this enhance your experience, it also enhances higher consciousness, psychic images and foresight. It is also a key to truth and opens us up to the inner truths we might have buried.

It enhances our natural ability to manifest things into physical reality, by using visualisation and new thought patterns. It also helps to activate and balance the causal chakra, which is one of the chakras above the head that helps connect us more to Source.

Buy Blue Kyanite Crystals for Meditation

Use pieces of kyanite to hold, or wear in a circlet as this will place it over your brow chakra.

Crystal Healing and Meditation

The Crystal Experience: Your Complete Crystal Workshop in a Book with a CD of Meditations
The Crystal Experience: Your Complete Crystal Workshop in a Book with a CD of Meditations

or BUY The Crystal Experience: Your Complete Crystal Workshop in a Book from

Judy Hall has written numerous excellent books on crystals, including The Crystal Bible. This particular book is extremely practical and works more like a teacher than a reference guide, containing crystal exercises and rituals as well as the key concepts of crystal healing.

The exercises help you personalise the book contents and you can keep track of your progress in the journal section. There is also an advanced section and the CD contains meditations and inspiring music to help you enter a receptive state in which you can work more deeply with crystals and access your higher self.


4. White Azeztulite

Azeztulite is a very rare "new age" crystal which has an extremely pure vibration. It is superb for advanced users to meditate with but should be used with care by those not used to working with Spirit or with high frequency energy.

The purpose of the crystal is to aid spiritual evolution on earth by bringing higher frequency energy down from above and assisting in raising our vibration. It expands consciousness and in raising our frequency it can help with the ascension process.

Azeztulite can cause a significant vibrational shift and so you may experience ascension symptom side effects afterwards.

The name of this crystal was channelled and it was eventually found to be a type of quartz, but with the highest vibration in the mineral kingdom. It activates the higher chakras from the third eye upwards. Meditating with this stone should be done with care, but if you are already working to raise your vibration then this is a beautiful stone to work with.

Photo Credit: I love my special pieces of azeztulite!

White Azeztulite Crystals for Meditation

Wear or hold for deeper spiritual experience.

3. Nuummite

Nuummite is also called the Sorcerer's Stone or the Meditation Stone. It is an ancient gemstone with very strong properties and a mystical earth vibration that accelerates spiritual growth. It helps to calm the mind and prepare it for states of deep relaxation, as well as helping the mind focus, and is excellent for dreams as well.

Working with powerful nuummite can help achieve self mastery and inner power, increase intuition and insight, and bring about clarity over what we need in our lives and what we do not need.

Being a strong black gem, it is excellent for spiritual grounding, and with its deep connection to earth energy, coupled with the ability to work on the crown chakra, it is also ideal for working on activating the 12 chakras. It connects the crown chakra to the base chakra, creating a flow of earth energy, and also takes excess energy down to the earth star chakra and out into Mother Earth, to ground us. This is very important, because although many are working towards ascension and oneness with the Source by activating the upper chakras, it is vital to also be grounded to the earth energies as well.

Meditating with nuummite allows us to process the mystical properties of the earth and can assist us with any magical ability that we have. It can connect us to ancient knowledge stored within and help us remember things more easily. It can also help remove blockages caused by past life trauma. Using nuummite for this purpose can bring about a "dark night of the soul" as it brings things to the surface for us to face. As unpleasant as this can be, it is vital to clear negative patterns and move further up the ascension process.

Again, this is a powerful crystal and should be used with care.

Photo Credit: I connected with my nuummite pieces instantly. They have an incredible vibration.

Buy Nuummite Crystals for Meditation

Look for large round or flat pieces for holding, or even for placing the feet on, for grounding and work with the earth star chakra. Wands, points and crystal skulls are also excellent.

"Start with meditation, and things will go on growing in you - silence, serenity, blissfulness, sensitivity.

And whatever comes out of meditation, try to bring it out in life."

- Osho

2. Herkimer Diamond

Photo Credit: Herkimer Diamond via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the name and resemblance, these beautiful objects are quartz, not diamond. They are used in meditation or to enhance dreams, visualisation and astral travel by placing them under the pillow.

Herkimer diamonds shift the mind into deep stillness, assist in the energy flow up the chakras, activate the third eye and crown chakras, and can connect us to deep past life memories.

These crystals can raise our energy level and also raise the healing abilities of other gemstones. They are perfect for using when focusing on healing others or general world healing and love.

They stimulate clear visions in dreams, and can be used with moldavite (see next section) - but care should be taken if doing so as they can produce very strong vision experiences used in combination with each other!

Herkimer diamonds can help fully activate our light body and reveal our reason for incarnating at this time. They clear the aura and subtle bodies, allowing us to access our inner selves.

Buy Herkimer Diamonds for Meditation

Hold, wear or place around your sacred space.

Photo Credit: Moldavite via Wikimedia Commons

Moldavite is a deeply powerful tektite also known as the Grail stone. It predates history and is not entirely of this earth, formed at the impact of a meteorite with layers of the rocks on the surface of the earth.

When we work with moldavite, it can change our energy field, open us up to the law of attraction and connect us to higher vibrational guides. It is also called the Grail stone because it is said that those who touch it undergo spiritual transformation. Indeed, it was around the time that I began wearing moldavite as a pendant that I began to truly develop on my spiritual journey.

Working with moldavite assimilates its energy into us, allowing us to transform and raise our consciousness. It helps us connect with our true destiny and then actually achieve it, as well as bringing us into alignment with the Divine plan.

As well as creating rapid life changes, moldavite is also deeply healing on all levels. It connects us to higher wisdom and spiritual laws, as well as working on the upper chakras. It is also perfect for those who feel a desire for "home" as it eases the longing to leave Earth.

For truly transformational meditation that can raise us up to higher levels of consciousness and vibration, moldavite is the ultimate.

Buy Moldavite Crystals for Meditation

Moldavite can be expensive, but even the smallest piece is powerful to work with.

Which Crystals do You Use for Meditation?

Which of these crystals do you most like to meditate with?

See results

Meditating with Crystal Skulls

and other Crystal Sacred Shapes

Crystal skulls are extremely powerful for this purpose. Ancient and old skulls are said to be programmed by ancient civilisations. Working with contemporary skulls is still highly powerful, however, as it is like working with a more focused, intense version of a crystal - think deep healing, deep transformations - and they often impart messages via meditative states. If a skull is activated in the presence of an ancient or old skull they absorb some of their power and knowledge.

Crystal skulls can connect you to higher states of consciousness and accelerate the ascension process if you are working on your spiritual growth. Skulls can ward off negative forces and impart messages either from their own spirit or from other beings.

Sacred geometric shapes are also extremely powerful tools to use in healing, meditative and spiritual work. The Merkaba (or Merkabah) is one such sacred shape, a star tetrahedron, which is often visualised as a form of spiritual transport during meditative trances and astral journeys. Many crystal merkabas are available either on their own, or as pendants or tips of crystal wands.

High Vibration Crystals for Meditation

There are certain types of crystals that hold a high vibration and are said to be excellent for meditative work where one wishes to reach a higher state of consciousness. Some examples are:

SUPER SEVEN CRYSTALS (pictured right)

Super Seven (also referred to as melody stones) are amazing gemstones that retain the energy of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Goethite and Lepidocrocite combined. One in a thousand may also have traces of citrine or chlorite as well. They are extremely beautiful, and not only do they have each of these crystals within the one body, they also retain the energy and never need cleansing.

Super Seven can help enhance all forms of psychic ability, and is especially good for meditation because it is believed to be able to connect us to the Higher Realms and keep us firmly grounded in physical reality, simultaneously. It brings on wellness on all levels and balances all seven major chakras.


Also known as Starbrary Quartz, Starseeds have geometric symbols or glyph-style marks, etchings and patterns naturally occurring along their shafts. It is said that they have been programmed with ancient wisdom from distant star systems. Consequently they are ideal for accessing the knowledge of ancient civilisations or communing with beings beyond our own planet, as well as assisting with our spiritual growth.

In meditative states, this crystal can assist with attuning you to your star group, discovering your life purpose and earthly mission, and accessing ancient knowledge. Starseed quartz has a harmonious and blissful energy and is helpful during times of stress or to stimulate ideas. It reminds and teaches us that within each person or situation, however negative they might seem ,there is harmony, joy and radiance.


Lemurian Seed crystals are said to have been programmed by people from ancient Lemuria, a spiritual civilisation similar to that of Atlantis. They are clear quartz points that look different to usual quartz points. They have a frosted rather than shiny surface and some even appear to have a pink glow about them. Around late 1999, some were found by Brazilian miners and drew immediate attention because they were found lying in a bed of sand, unattached to clusters as quartz points usually are.

They teach of Oneness and healing, and when you connect to one, you are also connecting to an ancient grid of crystal, earth and star energies.


These are made up mainly of Marcasite and come in male and female pairs, like Boji or Shaman stones. They are only found in Britain. They have a strong energy that resonates with the soul star chakra, but the deep vibration within them works with all of the higher, spiritual chakras as well.

The pair of stones can either be held in both hands or one hand, but should be used together. Meditating with them can elevate us to the higher spirit realms and facilitate deep healing and insight through high vibrations of energy and colour. They can bring down the healing rays to balance your specific healing needs or any of the chakras. They can also improve our meditative state, making it stronger and deeper.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      which crystal is best for meditation as i m beginner? Hw do i get it in india?

    • Cat Arriola profile image

      Cat Arriola 

      3 years ago from Mandaluyong City, Philippines

      more than any other stone, charoite allows me to go into deep meditation. it has given me visions of past lives.

      i also love the energy of apophyllite and this is my favorite crown chakra crystal. i use small clusters of apophyllite to grid my bed (plus one under the pillow) for nocturnal protection and divine guidance while sleeping.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is all new info for me. Thank you for publishing this lens. It's very well done.

    • pjsart profile image


      4 years ago

      I love crystals and stones and enjoyed the information on your lens.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks for giving your enlightment views on amazing crystals really helpful for real psychic

    • giovi64 lm profile image

      giovi64 lm 

      5 years ago

      Beautiful and interesting lens!

    • oceanfaerygoddess profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Go with what feels right for you with regards to time - first thing in the morning works best for me for meditation, however if you're using rose quartz for its calming purposes as an aid to sleep, for example, then right before bed might be better for you!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      what's the best time to meditate for the rose quartz?

    • NightMagic profile image


      5 years ago

      What an interesting lens. I definitely learned something I never knew before.

    • goldenquill profile image


      6 years ago

      citrine or rose quartz. depending on what's freaking me out at that time. :)

    • wimzey profile image


      6 years ago

      Really enjoyed the information.

    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good and more informative.. thanks..

    • Vikki w profile image

      Vikki w 

      6 years ago

      Great info, previously, i only know about quartz crystals, i didn't know there're so many other types of crystals that can be used for meditation, thanks for sharing

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have a beautiful crystal display in my glass cabinet I get them out and hold them on those bad days and the energy that gets expelled into them it takes the pressure off. Then don't forget to cleanse them afterwards. ;)

    • AnneVis profile image


      6 years ago

      Great information, thanks for sharing!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes, I find them to be great meditation helpers! What my goal is at the moment will decide which crystal I choose. I love that, at this point in our evolution, many new crystals and gems are being discovered and we get to play with them! Like you mentioned in your lens, many are programmed from times/places past and these "new" crystals certainly bring back old wisdom...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is my 3rd visit on your lens and i really love what i am reading. So interesting and useful blog. Thank you so much, I've found answers to my questions. thank you!!!

    • Vallygems1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great Lens will recommend to my clients for sure

      Warm Regards


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I never knew you could use crystals to meditate. I just put together a lens about a simple way to meditate...mainly using a candle. This is really enlightening. I will have to apply it to my spiritual practice. Thank you:)

    • oceanfaerygoddess profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @DreamingBoomer: Thank you Karen! Glad you asked, as I'm actually writing another lens on how to use crystals in meditation! On a basic level, if you want to use them as a focal aid then you can look at them, but if you want to receive the benefits of their spiritual or healing properties it is best to hold or wear them.

    • DreamingBoomer profile image

      Karen Kay 

      7 years ago from Jackson, MS

      Beautiful lens and very well laid out. I never knew that crystals were an aid in meditation. I am curious to find out more. Do you simply hold them? Look at them? Is there a particular method? Thanks so much!


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