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How To Improve BRAIN FUNCTIONS and Prevent Memory Loss

Updated on October 25, 2010
Brain activity - MRI scan
Brain activity - MRI scan

Majority of people are very afraid of losing memory and getting dementia in older age. When we see old people completely confused with destructed functions of brain and bodies, all of us secretly wish that something like that never happens to us.

Can we prevent the worst possible effects of aging that affect our brain functions? Yes we can, but we need to start to think about that today, not when problems arise to the level when we become completely helpless.

How someoneĀ“s brain, nerves and memory will behave in older age (or any age) is direct result of style of the life person have had during the whole life. We grow old exactly on the way we live our lives. Growing old is direct product of all segments of our live, behaviour, life-style. Some people are old already with 40 (even earlier), some others are fit and full of energy with age of 80. It is not genetic that can be blamed for aging, more important is our approach towards life we have today.

Aging and brain functions directly depend of:

  • Level of physical and mental activity - people who tend to be physically and mentally active are in much better position to stay mentally bright while getting older. Too much passivity and constant mental and physical laziness has destructive impact of human body and brain cells. Human bodies are consist of materialized intelligent energy - if energy is not active, it becomes stagnant - and self-destructive.
  • Despite the above mentioned fact, everyone needs to be moderate and not exhaust oneself too much and too often on any level. Brain can process only certain amount of new informations - if brain constantly receive too much new informations, they cannot be adequately processed so on the energetic level, the effect is like they "burn processors in human brain". So too stressful and demanding jobs, too stressful life with constant emotional intensity have very negative impact on our neural and brain cells. We do need challenges - but not more then we (brain) can process and cope with.
  • Unhealed traumatic experiences - are happenings that are inadequately processed in the brain, so they represent constant source of negative memory flashbacks and negative emotions of high intensity which exhaust our vital energy and destroy brain cells, by causing constant hormonal imbalance which affects the health of the brain. Did you know that traumatic experiences we did not heal, can be seen on CT scan as lesions on the brain ? As soon as we heal them and adequately process painful memory, lesions disappear and brain and its functions can fully regenerate. I cannot stress enough how healing traumas is of main importance for health.
  • Chronic diseases, especially very painful ones have negative impact on our brain and neural cells (they are most often result of unhealed traumas and react as traumas)
  • Strong and often migraines have very negative impact on human brain cells
  • Unhealthy relationships do not allow normal production of hormones of joy which would regenerate the brain (and whole body)
  • Misuse of alcohol and drugs destroy brain cells.
  • Medications (majority of them, especially if used daily) destroy brain cells
  • Inadequate food, without vitamins and minerals, and full of various chemicals destroy our nerves and brain cells
  • Lack of sleep so negatively affects the brain
  • Life plans (life-goals) - person can be healthy in old age only if has optimistic plans for the future. People who do not have them any more, who think that they achieved all the life goals, do not have reason to live any more. None of us can live the life of somebody else, so lives of children and grandchildren cannot be sufficient motivation for life. Without life goals and personal achievements, vital energy starts to drop down quickly and person literally stays in the past, because nothing new is desired and imagined. Loss of vital energy causes that brain functions and brain cells start to deteriorate, because big amount of our vital energy is produced by glands which are in the brain: pineal and pituitary gland.
  • Constantly choosing negative and sceptic approach towards life is also destructive - brain does not produce food which is so necessary for brain - hormones of joy as serotonin, oxytocin etc and lack of them leads to overall endocrine imbalance that destroys brain cells. F.e. depression leads to memory loss.
  • Hormonal balance - all functions of brain rely so much on balance of all hormones in the body- if there is constant hormonal imbalance caused by any reason, brain functions will start to deteriorate, sooner or later. (every problem with any endocrine gland can lead to serious forgetfulness no matter is it is problem with thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, reproductive glands etc.)



Brain Stem Cells

Brain - neural stem cells shown in green, neurons in red    Photo: University of California-Irvine
Brain - neural stem cells shown in green, neurons in red Photo: University of California-Irvine

Can Brain Cells Regenerate ?


Every day our brain cells dye, but despite that brain can regenerate. Our stem cells are literally immortal and can regenerate every organ if we keep ourselves healthy and tend to be positive towards life.

Brain also has stem cells that can be activated and that can transform into neurons (nerve cells) and repair damaged brain tissue.


Impact of Stress on Memory Loss and Health of the Brain


Too much of stress during the life is wasting body resources of minerals, vitamins as well as hormones - without them, brain cannot regenerate itself.

A little bit of stress is good, because it activates us to react on life-events on quick way and motivates us on actions in life. Brain neural receptors like excitement and on that way support certain amount of emotionally intensive situations that keep us going. Brain basically chooses that we easier keep focus on emotional intensive situations, for our good or bad.

But, when is constant stress present, we cannot perceive anything beyond stress over the time. Situations, people and things that are not so highly emotionally charged, human memory starts to literally erase because they are not interesting enough to be kept in memory, and that is where forgetting starts. Many people tend to become addicted only to situations of too high emotional intensity that literally burn out all other neural connections in the brain over the time so forgetting the other things or skills finally becomes normal part of life. . Destruction of brain connections affects also human motoric and all other functions. Too much stress, for which brain needs fuel in the form of hormones, vitamins and minerals is reason we waste our body resources too quickly.

Enough of sleep and various meditation techniques can help "addicts to stress" to enjoy more in slower and wiser approach towards life that can result with much more satisfaction and much better health, especially in older age. With sleep and meditation, brain produces enough of slow brain waves (Alpha,Theta, Delta) which help brain to regenerate and rejuvenate. On that way, destruction of brain will stop.

There are also various combinations of homeopathic remedies, and herbs (Valerian, Passiflora) which can help person to easily calm down.




Gelsemium - one of the homeopathics, which in combination with several others, improves brain functiones
Gelsemium - one of the homeopathics, which in combination with several others, improves brain functiones

Sex-Hormones Rejuvenate Brain

People are usually not informed how losing of sex hormones can affect their brain functions. Sex hormones build our brain, nerves and all other organs as well. When we stop producing them, brain cells and neural cells start to deteriorate, and losing of memory starts.

When the level of sex hormones drops down, people very often start to experience complete mental confusion considering everyday life. They start to forget the things, loose the things, become very slow, and are able to keep focus on minimum of duties and interests, everything else is exhausting them too much.

Some of other brain chemicals, that brain needs to stay healthy as melatonin (lack of it is connected with Alzheimer`s disease) dopamine (lack of it is connected with Parkinson disease) and even serotonin are also connected with production of sexual hormones. Their levels start to drop down after we enter into (peri)menopause and andropause. Sex hormones are not here just for reproduction or sex - they give us possibility that we perceive the beauty of life as well and give balance to the other hormones in our body.

Hormone imbalances play a direct role in the decline of cognitive functioning It is possible to restore it on various natural ways (herbal, Pregnenolone supplements, homeopathy). Personally, I use my own homeopathic remedies for that purpose, as well as prepare them for my clients (and my Mum) and brain functions very quickly return to normal.



Brain activity - MRI scann
Brain activity - MRI scann



One of the first symptoms of early dementia is decreased short-term memory. The others are sudden mood changes that happen for no apparent reason and are not related to any life events. This can be also followed by obvious communication problems, problems with keeping focus and completing thoughts, losing the interest for activities in which person used to enjoy, losing the interest for new activities. All is usually followed with overall fatigue and tiredness. Very often people start to express inappropriate social behaviour as well, and over the time start to have problems with various motoric functions.

Dementia is not always product of old age, it can start very early (especially if caused by alcohol, drugs, medications. or stress).

If disease continues to progress, from psychological level, this is the sign that person lost desire to create future and to actively participate in life-process . For some time, one tends to live in past , but over the time even past events are being erased from memory.

From the spiritual point of view, consciousness of demented person is willingly transferred on some other level of reality where there is no painful memory of this life. Very often people who had very many unhealed traumatic experiences choose dementia as a way to delete negative memories and emotions... It is much better to start to heal them here and now, so dementia will not occur .



Brain activity - MRI scann
Brain activity - MRI scann

Types of dementia


There are various types of dementia, and all of them are caused by serious degeneration of cerebral cortex and dying of brain cells.

Alzheimer's disease - is the most common type of dementia, caused by a loss of brain cells.In this disease, cells in the areas of the brain that control memory and mental functions are destroyed by abnormal protein deposits in the brain, which are part of normal immune system of the brain, but problem arises when is too much of them. People with Alzheimer disease also have lower levels of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that control brain functions. Loss of these brain chemicals, is cause of appearance of abnormal protein deposits. Usually melatonin is main brain chemical which is missing, but main cause is actually low level of sex hormones that build the brain and balance other brain chemicals. Low level of brain chemical acetylcholine - that is responsible for healthy DNA replication, is also very often present in many cases of dementia.

Vascular dementia -it is caused by poor circulation of blood to the brain.

Multi-infarct dementia is when lots of tiny strokes occur which cut off the blood supply to part of the brain.

Parkinson disease - People with this disease typically have limb stiffness (which causes them to shuffle when they walk), speech problems, and tremor . Dementia may develop late in the disease, but not everyone with Parkinson disease has dementia. Reasoning, memory, speech, and judgment are most likely to be affected. Parkinson is primary caused by lack of neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain.

Lewy body dementia - is caused by abnormal microscopic deposits of protein in nerve cells, called Lewy bodies, which destroy the cells over time. These deposits can cause symptoms typical of Parkinson disease, such as tremor and muscle rigidity, as well as dementia similar to that of Alzheimer disease. It is caused by low level of brain chemicals.

Pick disease (frontotemporal dementia) - rare disorder that damages cells in the front part of the brain. Behavior and personality changes usually precede memory loss and language problems.

Alcohol-related dementia - Brain damage can be caused by drinking too much alcohol. It is important that people with this type of dementia give up drinking alcohol completely to stop the disease progressing.

Various drugs as well as medications can often cause various types of dementia / brain damage in any age.

It is very sad that medications that are given to the people with diagnosis of any type of dementia are so often worsening symptoms instead of helping them.



Herbal remedies

People who have problem with memory and brain functions can benefit a lot from few herbal remedies which can prevent dementia:

  • Ginko Biloba,
  • Garlic
  • Gotu Kola - (is full of B vitamins which regenerate brain cells)

Please keep in mind that these herbs are excellent solution for people who have high blood pressure or normal one.

  • Siberian Ginseng

Ginseng is excellent solution for people with low or normal blood pressure.

Please, keep in mind that none of these herbs cannot heal properly if you are on various medicines which interfere with functions of brain (tranquilizers, antidepressants, epileptics, sleeping pills etc. ) and do not use them if you are at the same taking blood thinners (as Warfarin), because all of them are natural blood thinners.

In case your problem is hormonal you will also need some remedy for attaining hormonal balance, or activating healthy production of hormones. If you are not sure which remedies would be the most suitable for you, you can contact me for e-mail consultations (price for that service is 50 US$) . Contact e-mail is

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian Ginseng

Homeopathy for Restoring Health of the Brain


Homeopathy uses various remedies for improving functions of the brain as:

  • mineral salts for brain and nerves
  • organo remedies - remedies with vibrations of healthy brain parts
  • remedies for restoring hormonal balance and normal production of hormones
  • remedies that calm down the stress
  • remedies that heal brain injuries
  • remedies that boost health of the brain and improve brain circulation
  • remedies that assure healthy DNA replication

There are really plenty of them, in various potencies, so they gan be recommended or prepared after personal consultation only, because every person needs something specifical. Price of e-mail consultations with me is 50 US$, e-mail contact



Brain is organ that is very precious for human health - if it does not work normally, human life cannot be happy and of good quality.

It requires and deserves full care - because if healthy it helps us that we can fully express the best potentials of ourselves.


Tatjana-Mihaela Pribic


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