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Curing Common Skin Problems With Essential Oils

Updated on December 27, 2015

Skin Treatment with Essential Oils

Essential oils are known to treat just about any health condition. The same goes with skin problems and diseases, which is why dermatologists even recommend the use of essential oils when caring for your skin.

The molecular structure of essential oils make it possible for them to penetrate the skin and pass through the hair follicles and sweat glands. The sebum produced by the skin allow essential oils to be absorbed until they enter the bloodstream. This is how the healing process takes place with the use of essential oils.

Healing Essential Oils

Important Oil Properties

Although essential oils go through the general process above, the different properties contained by the essential oil you use determine the kind of effect it has on your skin when the essential oil properties enter the bloodstream and are assimilated to the rest of the body. It will also determine what type of skin diseases the oil is able to treat. The vital properties are listed below with a few suggestions of essential oils that contain them:

*Analgesic – Example essential oils include Roman and German chamomile and Lavender.

*Astringent – Example essential oils include cypress, cedarwood, geranium, and grapefruit.

*Anti-inflammatory – Example essential oils include yarrow, tarragon, myrrh, bitter orange, and green tea.

*Fungicidal – Example essential oils include tea tree, patchouli, and helichrysum.

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Common Skin Conditions

Despite the flourish of modern science, people are turning back into nature for more effective skin care remedies without producing harm on your skin. However, even this can be quite a challenge as there are several factors that can contribute to the formation of such skin conditions.

There are a few notable essential oils that are known to have beneficial properties for the skin. Learn more about these common conditions and how essential oils can contribute to its treatment.


Eczema is a skin problem with symptoms ranging from itching or flaking of the skin. There are two known types of eczema: dry and weeping eczema. In dry eczema, suggested essential oils for treatment include lavender, chamomile, and geranium. For weeping eczema, suggested essential oils for treatment include bergamot and juniper.

As for the choice of aromatherapy application, there are two choices available. You can either make an aromatherapy bath or massage the essential oil directly on the skin.


Warts are characterized by the formation of small bumps on your skin surface, which are caused by the human papilloviruses. Before you proceed and look for an essential oil to treat warts, you must first identify the specific type of wart that you have. Common types include genital warts (located in and around the genital area) and planter warts (located on soles of feet and in between toes). It can appear on various areas of the body but is quite common on the face, fingers, hands, elbows, and knees.

Common essential oils used for treating warts include patchouli, tea tree, and lemon. You can use either of these oils as massage oils or prepare aromatherapy bath. For the bath, you need 10 drops to add into your bathwater. For the massage, combine only a few drops with carrier oil before applying on the skin.

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Acne happens due to a skin disorder that results in the overproduction of sebum in the skin. Despite the common nature of this condition, no one could really pinpoint exactly the cause of acne. Some believe that it is caused by a combination of factors such as stress, diet, wrong use of cosmetic products, or hormonal changes by the entrance of a new menstrual cycle.

A few essential oils are used for treating acne such as lavender, cajeput, and tea tree oil. There are three methods for applying essential oil onto skin for acne treatment. First, you can use it as a topical treatment wherein you simply combine your chosen oil with carrier oil and apply directly on the skin. Second, you can make your own essential oil lotion and massage it onto your skin. Third, you can make a toner by adding a few drops of your chosen essential oil into rose water.


Scars appear on your skin for several possible reasons but they are all generally unpleasant to look at. Essential oils are effective treatment against scar, whether to decrease scarring or prevention of scarring in the first place. To begin treatment, the first thing you need to know is the choices of essential oils that you can use for treatment. Some of your choices include tangerine, mandarin, lavender, sandalwood, neroli, and helichrysum.

Combine a few drops of your preferred essential oil with vitamin E and carrier oil (either rose hip or wheat germ) and mix together. Then, you can use a cotton to apply a few drops of the essential oil across the scar to encourage formation of healthy tissue. Avoid using this on a new scar; instead, make sure that the wound has slightly closed up before applying the oil.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks is another common skin problem that many have difficulty figuring out how to resolve or heal. Although it was previously associated with pregnancy, stretch marks could also happen when an individual experiences rapid weight gain. At first, the stretch appears purple or reddish in color until it eventually turns white. When this happens, the skin are overstretched and might even result to a breakage in the deep fibers of your skin.

To heal or remove those stretch marks, two types of oils are recommended: neroli and lavender. You will need only a few drops of either lavender or neroli oil combined with carrier oil to use in aromatherapy massage.

Caring For Your Skin

Everyone suffers from minor to major skin problems or conditions at some point in their life. Hence, it is important to use the right kind of natural ingredients that promote healthy skin to make it better able to prevent the formation of diseases.

The use of essential oils for general skin care helps to protect your skin from external factors that could bring about those diseases. One way that essential oils improve the quality of your skin is by improving circulation. On the other hand, essential oils transport the therapeutic properties of the oil from the skin and into the internal body system for improved cell regeneration and vibrant complexion.

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