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Curing Your Toilet Paper Addiction with The BB-20 Portable Bidet

Updated on September 27, 2014

Water, Water Everywhere

I was brought up in a country that is addicted to toilet paper, an addiction that seems to be shared by most of the English speaking Western world. A stark example of this is that on average every American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day.

Multiply that by a population of 313 million people and you can see the scale of just one countries toilet paper addiction. Actually if you want these numbers put into something quantifiable, 348 trees will be cut down for every Americans lifetime toilet paper needs.

And here is my confession.

A very clever video which discusses just why Americans can't Bidet!

Confessions of an Addict

I too was a toilet paper addict. It didn't matter to me that to make each roll of paper used over 30 gallons of water, or that I suffered terrible fissures thanks to my addiction. I happily continued down this path until I spent a month in Japan and sampled their amazing super toilets. The warm spray, the massaging jets, the gentle blow drying. I was hooked, oh and my fissures healed.

On my return to Australia I purchased a toilet seat bidet (See how much I love it here) which whilst rudimentary, kept me on the straight and narrow when it came to toilet paper. All was going well until I had to spend a significant amount of time at my mothers and use her bidet free toilets.

It was amazing how quickly I had forgotten how icky and time consuming using toilet paper is, however I hadn't forgotten the pain of a fresh fissure, which after three days of rubbing and scraping, had opened up. I needed something to replace my bidet whilst I was travelling and happily in the form of a portable BB-20 bidet I have found it.

The BB-20 bidet is easy to use, easy to keep clean and it means that I can remain free of my toilet paper addiction. It also means that no matter how long I am away from home I won't have to suffer the raw pain of a fresh fissure. The BB-20 would also be great for anyone who works in an office as it is small enough to discreetly take with you when you need to visit the powder room.

Trust me, once you start to use bidets you will wonder just why you ever thought scrubbing your bottom with a piece of rough paper was ever a good idea.

Oh, and if water and a sponge on a stick was good enough for the Romans over 2,000 years ago, then this modern version is definitely more than good enough for me.

Do your bottom this one favour. Neither of you will regret it!


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