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Curves Toning Sandals & Flip-Flops for Women

Updated on May 23, 2014

Get Fit this Spring & Summer with the Curves Toning Sandals & Flip-flops

The Curves Toning Sandals are a great new way to get healthier while you walk!

Activate muscles and condition your body by walking. Sole encourages a rocking motion that challenges muscles to work harder with every step. Benefits also include improved posture and balance.

Sizes 6 - 10


My Customer Reviews

"I bought my wife a pair of the Curves Toning Sandals after reading the rave reviews about the curves toning sneakers, my wife doesn't wear sneakers. She loved the sandals and now I'm buying a pair for her sister."

March 2011

Reviews of Curves Toning Sandals

"As a bartender standing on my feet for numerous hours these are the best sandles I have ever purchased in my life in fact I am ordering my second pair at this time due to the fact that my old nes are wearing out from wearing so much." 07/2010

"the pain in my feet has been very bad for a few years, I have been wearing the Toning sandals full time for one week after seeing them on TV for pain. They are great and the swelling in my feet hasw gone down. I have arth in knees and feet. I have just ordered 3 more toing pairs one shoe and 2 more sandlal." 09/2009

"I was a little skeptical at first to buy these, but I tried them and I am so glad that I did. I thought I was going to lose my balance, but after walking in them for a while, I was really impressed at how they made my legs and feet feel. I am 59, overweight and I have bursitis in my left knee and it is extremely painful and I cannot walk very far, without hurting. I can walk a lot better now. It is amazing." 07/04/09

"These are the best sandals ever. Has helped the swelling in my feet and legs, which is great. Love them, would recommend them to everyone." 05/2009

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Pedometers - Make every step count - suggested steps per day - 10,000 steps = 5 miles

Curves Step and Distance Pedometer By Avon
Curves Step and Distance Pedometer By Avon

•Curves Goal Track Pedometer

•Step & Distance Pedometer


•Count down to success! This amazing little piece clips onto your pants and features a digital display to track your steps, distance and calories burned! It's just the little push you need to keep going.

•You can reach your goal, one step at a time!


Curves Toning Flip Flops

(Walk fast the toning flip-flops sell out quick)

Stylish sandals massages & cushions feet while natural shock absorbers challenge your muscles to strengthen. Helps improve balance and posture.

Sole encourages a rocking motion that challenges muscles to work harder with every step. Benefits include an enhanced natural and improved walking motion, posture and balance.

Available in whole sizes only. Half sizes, order one size up.

Sizes - Small (sz 6), Med (sz 7/8), Lg (sz 9/10)


Reviews of the Curves Toning Flip-Flops

"These are the best flip flops made. I have severe feet problems arthritic and spurs) and these are the most comfortable flip flops ever. No matter how long I wear these, they don't make my feet hurt." July 2010

I saw results in less than two weeks.

"I ordered the FlipFlops and started wearing them to college. I climb stairs moving from one class to another. I have always said my legs are my best others think so too. Now no other shoe feels right on my feet. When I try to wear regular flipflops it hurts my heels. I love these."

May 2010

"After reading some of the reviews, I was unsure about ordering these because I wear a EE width shoe and have a high arch. They are great! We walk about 3 miles every morning. I started out in these flipflops and took another pair of sandals for when my feet got sore or the piece between the toes started causing a blister. Never needed the extra pair.... yesterday we went for a hike and I wore them all day. I love them and would highly recommend them." May 2010

"I have fibromyalgia, and my joints and legs ache constantly; I have very flat feet also. When I started walking in my Curves for Women "Fit" Flops my joints stopped aching as much and it seems my whole body just feels so much better. I highly recommend them to anyone who has fibromyalgia. I intend to buy another pair soon to keep on hand. I just love the cushioning." Sept. 2009

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Curves toning flip-flop not available? how about trying the - AVIA Toning Flip-flops

Have your ever worn toning sandals or flip-flops? If so, which brand? - Leave your comments here.

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    • profile image

      dawn 3 years ago

      Curves toning sandal gray/wht are a miracle shoe then i can no longer find very disappointed.These sandals are beyond wonderful i.had such feet problems i couldn't enjoy going anywhere with these sandals i could walk miles and miles and i have t e rrible back problems back was great being Ble to wear these.Also had the biggest thighs my whole life now im constantly told what skinny legs i have. I told everyone that asked where did u get those cute shoes how wonderful they are. Ive boughten and boughten them just so id have them forever well forever ran out for me because they're impossible to find .would love to find many more in sz 10 if anyone an help in finding them id really appreciate it.