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Cypress Essential Oils: Benefits and Uses

Updated on December 23, 2015

Cypress Essential Oil

Not too many people are aware of what cypress essential oils are capable of doing when used in aromatherapy. However, it is one of the most versatile oils around. If you want to learn more about how it can be a powerful oil for your health system, read more below to find out.

About Cypress Essential Oil

Simply put, cypress essential oil is derived from a botanical plant Cupressus sempervirens, which belongs to a plant specie that is native in Italy and in the Mediterranean. This is a perennial shrub, which is conical in shape. It grows to a maximum height of 28 meters with dark green leaves. Its wood is hard and durable while it contains seed nuts inside.

In order to extract cypress essential oil, the twigs and needles of the young branches undergo steam distillation. Doing so can yield as much as 1.5 - 3% of volatile oil. The chemical composition of the oil, meanwhile, consists of various substances such as camphene, b-pinene, a-pinene, myrcene, terpinolene, cedrol, cadinene, and linalool, among others. The oil emits a woodsy, refreshing, but somewhat spicy aroma. Hence, many have dubbed this as a masculine oil due to its smell. It possesses a watery viscosity and its color ranges from colorless to very pale yellow.

Properties of Cypress Oil That Offer Benefits

Cypress oil had been used in treating various kinds of ailments even during ancient times. Therefore, it is a testament to the oil's ability to provide natural treatment to a wide range of health conditions, particularly those that result to major fluid loss in the body such as diarrhea, heavy perspiration, and menstrual loss.

This also explains why cypress oil is one of the top oils used in spa treatments since it has been recognized to boost circulation in the body, reduce cellulites, and increase your body's ability to retain fluid. There are several therapeutic properties found in the composition of cypress oil that help deliver the benefits it promise to bring.

Boosting Your Urinary System

Cypress oil contains diuretic properties that provide support for your excretory system. After all, urination is a vital function in the body that indicate your health condition. What you need to be looking out for in evaluating your urine for your health condition is the quantity and frequency. Four percent of the total volume of your urine represent the fat lost from your body. The higher the frequency of your urinary habit, the more able you are to lose fat.

The frequency of your urination also impact your digestive system, enabling you to avoid gas formation in the intestines. You also minimize the possibility of swelling upon removal of excess body liquid through the act of urination. And the biggest benefit that can be derived from the act of urinating is the ability to eliminate harmful body toxins that can cause various diseases when they start to build up to a certain amount. In addition to the benefits listed above, the diuretic properties of cypress essential oil can help lower your blood pressure and provide cleansing for your kidneys.

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Cure For Respiratory Conditions

If you're suffering from any respiratory conditions, the respiratory tonic properties contained in cypress essential oil provide a boost for your respiratory conditions. Due to the tonic properties of cypress oil, you can increase lung efficiency and improve its function. Moreover, it loosens your phlegm to make it easy to cough out. This process cleans out your respiratory tract to cure lung congestion and other respiratory ailments.

Cypress essential oil is most effective in treating various conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and excessive coughing. But the best thing about using this oil in aromatherapy is that this can be used for preventive health care. Hence, regular use of cypress essential oil can enhance your lung function and facilitate proper breathing.

Treatment for Any Types of Spasms

Cypress essential oil contains antispasmodic properties that work best in treating all types of spasms. Despite the common nature of this condition, many are still baffled in an effort to find the best method of treatment against all types of spasm.

The best thing about the antispasmodic property of cypress essential oil is that it is effective against just about any type of spasm. It especially works against intestinal, respiratory, and muscular spasms. In any case you are suffering from various symptoms of spasm, cypress oil can be used to manage them. Among these symptoms are convulsions, cramps, spasmodic cholera, and muscle pulls.

Natural Detox Method

Health experts believe that excessive perspiration is not ideal for your health due to the possibility of losing to much body fluid. But the act of sweating aids in proper function of your body, which could lead to multitude health benefits. Hence, doctors recommend performing physical activities, such as sports or engaging in a workout routine, to get your body to sweat.

If you notice, sweating brings about a lighter sensation to your body. But what is more important than just this “feel good” experience is the act of cleansing that happens when your body releases toxins as you sweat. In the process, you also clean out the pores of your skin and eliminate excess salt. This will enable you to prevent various skin conditions and other diseases that could result from the build up of toxins in the body.

Improved Circulatory System

Your circulatory system play an important role in maintaining your health condition. Therefore, you need to maintain, regulate, and promote its efficiency to ensure that your body functions properly. After all, the process of circulation enable proper distribution of nutrients all throughout your body. There are two properties present in cypress essential oil that affect blood flow and its corresponding impact on the body: haemostatic and styptic properties.

These two properties act to complement each other and bring significant benefits to your body. First off, the haemostatic properties of cypress essential oil stops the flow of blood to speed up the process of clotting. Meanwhile, the styptic properties of cypress oil is responsible for stopping blood flow due to the contraction of blood vessels. These two properties are potentially life-saving while also reducing damage to vital parts in your body.

More Health Benefits From Cypress Oil

Cypress essential oil comprises various therapeutic properties, which are mainly responsible for the wide range of health benefits that can be derived from its usage.

This essential oil helps promote liver health due to its hepatic properties, which regulates bile discharge. Moreover, its antiseptic properties provide effective natural treatment against internal or external wounds. And finally, it introduces a wide range of emotional and psychological benefits to enhance the physical health benefits from using cypress essential oil. This is made possible by the oil's sedative properties that treat nervous tension, anxiety, and other emotional imbalances.

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