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Dahon ng Sili: Flavored Health

Updated on August 29, 2011

Flavor Your Tongue Will Crave For

It has lots of health benefits, but what I like most about this green leafy vegetable is its appetizingly pungent flavor in soup dishes, especially chicken tinola. Your taste buds will keep begging for more once the delectable Dahon ng Sili flavor touches tour tongue. My grandma also loved mixing it in sautéed mongo beans, sardines, and even served it in omelet form.

But Dahon ng Sili (scientists call it Capsicum Frutescens) is also considered “herbal” by some folks in Deep Asia as a remedy for indigestion and getting rid of toxins from the body, to name some. Eat the leaves mixed in soup or boil them as tea. Dahon ng Sili is also said to be an antispasmodic remedy for frequent spontaneous muscle contractions. It helps reduce stress or fatigue. And I can attest to that. Just a few leaves from a steaming cup of tinola soup and I get refreshed pronto! Having problems with weight loss? It can help improve your metabolism.

Health Aid

Mixing Capsicum Frutescens in your fish or meat soup dishes regularly can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Dahon ng Sili can help prevent ordinary colds and flu. And it can help reduce peptic ulcer pain and discomforts. It’s also recommendable for gastrointestinal problems. And if you think you need a good, healthy boost of sexual appetite for your spouse the all-natural way, then Capsicum Frutescens is it.

For More Serious Ailments

Imagine, just eating or drinking concentrates of Capsicum Frutescens can help relieve asthma. For asthmatic kids, just make sure they eat this green leafy regularly. Or, prevent asthma from happening by serving a regular meal mixed with Dahon ng Sili. As they say, an ounce of prevention is much better than cure.

Are you suffering from arthritis or any inflammatory ailment? Eat Dahon ng Sili regularly. It is good for relieving intestinal inflammation, varicose veins, sinusitis, and headaches.

Women in their period, this is good news: it helps relieves menstrual cramps. You have problems with high blood pressure, cardio vascular diseases, or blood circulation? Eating more Capsicum Frutescens can help a lot to ease them. In a nutshell, Dahon ng Sili helps strengthen your immune system.

Nutrition Content

Dahon ng Sili has Calcium, phosphorus, iron, and Vitamins A and B.


Now, it doesn’t mean that eating a serving or two of Dahon ng Sili will immediately give you all the health benefits above. It takes time to benefit from plant nutrition, and it has to be taken naturally. Some people would probably think of suddenly eating tons the leaves to get suddenly healthy. It won’t work. It should be a lifestyle.


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    • profile image

      mary grace pascual 2 years ago

      its true...try it...

    • profile image

      ranie 5 years ago

      thanks for the info. i will definitely use this on all my tinola soups now :)