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Daniel Craig's James Bond Workout and Diet Plan

Updated on May 10, 2010

Daniel Craig is an Amazing Fitness Role Model!

This site is all about covering the exact workout and diet routine that Daniel Craig did to get in amazing shape for his newest role as James Bond. As I find new information I will add it to this page.

The Casino Royale Trailer

This trailer is great because it shows how Daniel Craig can look great in a tuxedo as well as a swimsuit. He has the ideal amount of muscle. Too much more and he would look stupid in his tux.

Daniel Craig's Workout Routine

Here is the routine he did to get in shape for Casino Royale

Daniel Craig Chose a Circuit Training Routine

In case you don't know what a circuit training routine is, here is a quick explanation...

A circuit training routine is where you simply jump from one exercise to another with minimal rest. This is a way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. In a lot of ways it can be more effective at burning fat than a traditional cardio routine.

The Exercises Daniel Used in His Circuit Training Routine

The Clean and Jerk: Stand with your heels on the ground. Grab a barbell like you are going to deadlift it. Lift it to your mid thighs, flip to your chest, then press overhead.

Squat: Traditional squats with wide stance and toes pointing out a bit. Just go down to 90 degrees. Don't lock out at the top.

Bench Press: Basic barbell bench press, but take 3 seconds to lower and one second to raise the weight. Don't lockout at top.

Pull Ups or Chin Ups: Take an overhand grip, and make sure you go up high enough to where your chin goes over the bar. If these are too difficult use a chin up machine or lat pull down machine.

Dips: Basic dips and go down to where your elbows reach 90 degrees before going back up. Use a Gravitron machine that assists you with dips if you are not strong enough.

Barbell Curls: Use a straight bar if possible and use a full range of motion.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises: Bend your arms 90 degree's and use a strict motion to raise the dumbbells to shoulder level. It is best to use a light weight and be strict with these.

The Set and Rep Scheme of Daniel Craig's Workout

A total of 4 "giant sets" will be performed...15 reps will be performed on each exercise The exercises are to be performed one after the other with as little rest as possible in between sets. This will keep the heart rate high and ensure a massive amount of calories burned during and after the workout. This workout is to be followed for 6 weeks and can be done 3-4 times per week depending upon your level of conditioning.

Note: Click on the picture above and watch video #3 (it's a cool technique)!

Daniel Craig's James Bond Diet Plan

Here is How He Ate Leading up to "Casino Royale".

Daniel Craig Ate 3 Meals Per Day and 2 Snacks

His diet was strict but flexible. He didn't eat any refined carbs after 2pm (simple sugars). He also didn't eat any starchy carbs after 5 pm (potatoes, bread, rice, etc). He ate 2 pieces of fruit and drank 2 liters of water each day. It was important that he had a post workout snack after every workout.

Daniel Allowed Himself to Drink Alcohol

On Fridays and Saturdays he allowed himself to drink a but of alcohol. This made the diet plan easier to follow, because it was realistic.

A Typical Day on This Diet

Breakfast: 2 Poached Eggs and 2 pieces of Toast

Snack: Protein Shake -or- fruits and Nuts

Lunch: Meat or Fish with small amount of Brown Rice -or- Baked Potato

Snack: Protein Shake -or- Yogurt with some Nuts

Dinner: Meat -or- Fish with some type of Leafy Green Vegetables like Salad, Spinach, or Broccoli.

Daniel Craig Talks About His Now Famous "Swimsuit Scene" - From Entertaiment Tonight


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