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Nobody will want to date me

Updated on November 3, 2010

Tyra Banks talks with Michelle Landry about her herpes

The Doctors talk about herpes on one of their shows

The Doctors continued....

Will I ever find true love again?

It's already bad enough that I have this virus that I can't get rid of. But what's even worse is how easily it can be spread. I recently met a guy that was really cool and fun to talk to. I'll call him "Mark" I really hate meeting new people because I know eventually I will have to tell them about my condition. Some people that I told were cool and appreiciative that I had enough respect for them to tell them.

Mark had wanted me to come and visit him. His intentions were obvious. He wanted sex. I kept putting it off. I even told him when I came to visit we weren't going to have sex. But in the back of my mind I was scared. He was sexually aggresive and after a few drinks I didn't want anything to get out of hand. So I took a deep breath and told him. He asked questions, which I answered truthfully. Let's just say I didn't end up going to visit him, and I haven't heard from him since. The truth really does hurt but rejection feels worse.

I feel dirty, sad, alone (even though they say about 70-80% are infected and don't know it) I try not to think about it. I don't want to tell EVERYBODY my business and end up with NOBODY. And then I feel like if I go on one of those dating websites made for people with incurable diseases, not only am I settling for the wrong reasons but....I don't like that whole online dating thing!!!!!!! *breathe* It's just so unsettling, ya know. So many nights I  pray....

"God please....please help them discover a cure or heal us."

Even through my sadness, I try to stay positive and stress free.

Would you date a person with herpes?

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    • akuigla profile image

      akuigla 7 years ago

      Two things:first practise each day an easy exercise-hug yourself, like the dearest one, and say that you love yourself.This is the crucial for you.You may add something like"I love and accept myself" or,I am good enough".

      Please read a book by Luise Hay "How to heal yourself".

      After 30 days,that is the period of your subconscious to accept new idea,you will start to heal inside.That will take care of your deepest beliefs.

      Second,drink every day every two hours a glass of water.

      If you are persistent,especially in planting positive thoughts in your subconscious,you will be healed in three months.