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David Wolfe And His Concept of Herbal Healing

Updated on December 26, 2015

Herbal Healing

The concept of herbal medicine and other alternative forms of medicine arose from the idea that some of the best sources for healing exist in nature. Hence, David Wolfe supports the idea of using herbs to properly nourish the body and help it fight causes of common diseases or ailments. How is that possible? Learn more below.

Importance of Proper Nutrition

The concept of using natural means toward healing relies on maintaining proper health, in order to make all healing efforts effective. Specifically, your digestive system is one of the most crucial organ systems in the body, which helps to maintain optimum health condition. So, make it an investment to eat the right types of food and prepare them in the right manner. Statistics show a a direct link between health improvement and dietary changes. Indeed, your intake of food helps to regulate and normalize body functions or processes.

The nutrients that can be derived from specific food that you eat are converted into energy that is used by the body to perform its daily activities. Without proper nutrition, you easily loss energy and your immune system becomes vulnerable as it is exposed to certain disease-causing bacteria or viruses. So eating right and getting your body properly nourished is the first step towards protecting your body against these diseases.

Herbal Healing Through Raw Food

David Wolfe has continually advocated the inclusion of raw food in your diet, since he believes it is the best source of high nutritional value. One of the best sources of nutritional raw foods are natural herbs. He believes that by including raw herbs in your diet, you can get a complete source of the essential vitamins and minerals without sacrificing your taste for good food. And by making it a regular habit, you gradually build up a healthy body that is nourished and protected against various sources of ailments.

There is a distinctive approach to David Wolfe's herbal healing through raw food though, as compared to other types of diet plan. It does not discourage an individual by setting out restrictions on what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid. Instead, it only makes recommendations on food that are best included in your diet. As you eventually come to realization about what foods would help boost your diet, you will find yourself naturally moving away from those foods. According to Wolfe, this is one reason why this diet has been quite successful in achieving results.

Suggested Choices For Herbal Healing and Nutrition

After discussing the importance of switching to a raw food diet plan towards herbal healing, David Wolfe goes as far as to evaluate exactly what the best food choices are to attain your goals. The most basic choice would be vegetables and fruits. But Wolfe warns about settling for just about any type of fruit or vegetable since it has to be organic. Only then can you ensure that all of its natural vitamins and minerals are preserved and would facilitate for the betterment of your health. Avoid those extremely tart or sugary ones, which include bananas and oranges. Those that Wolfe suggests as good for your immune system are cucumbers, tomatoes, and tart apples, among others.

Adding some beans, nuts, or seeds into your diet is also considered good for your health. You can easily find these food components in leading health stores so you can easily incorporate it into your diet program. David Wolfe believes that including them in your diet will provide you with the right kind of fat and the proper nutrients the body need.

Introduction to Raw-Vegan Diet

One technique that you can use to follow David Wolfe's guidelines toward herbal healing is to adapt the raw-vegan diet. It utilizes the same approach wherein he advocates the intake of herbs, fruits, and vegetables without necessarily having to undergo them in a cooking process. Eating food raw is important for David because he believes the exposure of the food in extremely high temperature can cause its natural enzymes and nutrients to break down and be destroyed.

Before switching onto a raw-vegan diet, though, you need to understand that it is best used only for a detoxification program. So you cannot follow this diet plan on a long-term basis. David still insists on attaining proper balance in your diet to provide your body with a complete assortment of essential nutrients.

Wolfe's Ideal Healing Herbs

Herbs are considered as a natural treasure due to its ability to provide for the human body's needs and facilitate for natural healing. But with several herbs existing in nature, David Wolfe offer a few notable ones that has been proven for their immense capability for healing. Read more below to find out what herbs these are and how you can use them gain these advantages.


All throughout history, garlic is one of the most popular herb used for cooking. Apart from its distinct taste and aroma, which makes it ideal as an ingredient for cooking, Wolfe believes there are more ways to prepare garlic for one to experience its natural healing abilities. You can take extracts from a raw garlic so you can utilize its antibacterial and antiviral properties to boost your immune system and effectively fight diseases.

Lomatium Herb

Lomatium herb is another one of David's highly recommended herb to use for natural healing. Like garlic, it has a rich history in its use as a medicinal herb and has been proven to effectively fight bacteria or viruses that cause flu. You can use dried lomatium herb or take its natural extracts for a quick healing process. Make sure to get an all-natural herb to be assured of top quality.


This type of herb is native to America and one of the most powerful types of herb, according to David Wolfe. He states that echinacea contains vital properties that will provide support for your immune system, which is the most basic foundation for your body's health. You can take drived echinacea flowers or make extracts to be able to acquire those beneficial properties for a healthier body capable of fighting off diseases.


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