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Guide To Herbal Healing Through Raw Food

Updated on December 26, 2016

Nutrition and Healing

The proponents of complementary medicine hold strong with the idea that the state of your digestive system is crucial in determining your overall health condition. Therefore, you must always look at good nutrition as an investment for your body and health. Although there are still skeptics, the overwhelming number of evidence showing how dietary changes can actually reverse certain health conditions and improve overall well being is enough to solidify this claim. There has been several versions of diet plans established in the market, from organic, to vegetarian, and raw food.

By properly nourishing your body, you provide it with the mechanisms needed to defend itself against diseases or viruses that could cause you to acquire those diseases. So when you take the measure to improve your nutritional level, you have already taken the initial step that would lead to healing.

David Wolfe's Herbal Healing

David Wolfe holds a more deeper insight into the reason behind the importance of adapting raw food and herbs into your diet as part of your effort to gain proper nourishment and heal the body. According to him, making sure that the body contains a complete assortment of important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals is the first step to properly nourishing the body. Of course, there is no better place to get those essential nutrients than through the food you intake. So, this serves as a great place to start building up your nutrition, which is adding foods in your diet that would boost nutrition level and allow the body to naturally heal itself.

Unlike other diet plans, however, David Wolfe claims that he offers a much different approach with raw food and herbal healing. Instead of restricting people's choices of food, he aims to provide enlightenment to people about what foods are best to include in their diet. Eventually, they will increase knowledge on what foods are best for them and automatically avert those that you believe isn't good for you. By refusing to impose restrictions, one can achieve more results.

Components of This Diet Plan

Now that David Wolfe has outlined the benefits of switching to a raw food diet that consists of essential herbs, it is important to dig in deeper and actually identify what types of food are good for the health.

The most obvious choices would have to be organic vegetables and fruits. But what exactly are they? When choosing fruits to include in your diet, avoid going for those extremely sweet and sugary ones like oranges and bananas. Instead, go for those that are rich in supporting properties to boost your immune system like tart applies, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Make sure you get enough raw seeds and nuts into your diet, as well. This is pretty much easy to incorporate in your diet since most of them are readily available on health food stores. Just make sure to check the amount and type of fat present in the food you intake so they are within the healthy range.

The Raw-Vegan Diet

In order for you to follow the guidelines paved for by David Wolfe towards herbal healing, you can follow the raw vegan diet. As what Wolfe has pointed out, raw foods are more superior to cooked foods since they have managed to preserve the nutritional value and it still contain the essential enzymes needed for proper digestion of the food.

Experts warn though that the raw-vegan diet is more suitable for a detoxification process and must not be adapted over a long period of time. Therefore, it very much suits your goal of attaining herbal healing through this diet method. You also need to keep in mind about maintaining a balanced diet to ensure that you do not suffer from any form of deficiency.

Best Herbs for Healing

Herbal healing is one of the most powerful components of David Wolfe's advocacy for switching to a diet consisting of raw food. Indeed, herbs are one of nature's best gifts to human since it provides the best source of nutrition and natural healing. But in order to fully maximize the benefits that are promised by these natural wonders, it all boils down to choosing what herbs to use and how you use them so you can utilize its powerful healing ability.

Below are some of David's best chosen herbs that will boost your nutrition and attain natural healing.


Garlic is one of the most beneficial herbs around, which explains its vast application in the field of aromatherapy. Garlic and garlic extracts are really effective in treating viruses and bacteria. It is considered as one of the most effective medicines there is and yet safe because it is all natural. The idea of using garlic for herbal healing might not be interesting for some since they can start to worry about the smell but there are several ways for you to utilize its healing benefits without that unpleasant smell. You can do this by soaking the garlic in either vinegar or lemon juice, without necessarily destroying the natural chemicals present in the garlic.

There are also garlic extracts that can be bought off the market and you can store them in your home for long period of time and take them out when you are ready to use them. So, make sure to incorporate as much garlic into your diet to boost your immune system and making your body more capable of fighting off common ailments.


This a traditional Native American herb that David Wolfe believes to be one of those highly beneficial types of herb around. This particular herb contain properties that provide efficient support for your immune system. Apart from dried echinacea flowers, you can also purchase echinacea extracts in leading health stores. But David suggests the best method for intaking this herb is making a tea out of its dried flowers. Make sure to go for the organic ones to produce maximum results.

Lomatium Herb

The final type of herb that is one of David's highly recommended as part of its raw food and herbal healing program is the lomatium herb. All throughout history, this herb has been used for treating viruses and flu bacteria. As with all the others, you can easily find extracts or dried ones off the nearest health store to provide quick healing. Just make sure to go for the organic ones to produce the quickest way to healing.

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