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Dealing with Aging Parents and Elderly Family Members: 52 Things YOU Should Know

Updated on July 17, 2014


Today's Boomer generation faces a huge squeeze between caring for themselves, their children, and now their aging parents and elderly family members. Many of what is now called the "sandwich generation" are totally unprepared for the sudden onslaught of questions, problems, and situations that occur. For most it's a massive dilemma.

Many are faced, like I was, with elderly parents who are aging but aren't quite at the point where they need live-in care or require an assisted-living home but they do need help. Too often boomers discover the help needed is way more than they thought and too late the generation of adult children learn their aging parents don't want to admit they need the help. What to do?

This is why I wrote DEALING WITH AGING PARENTS AND ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBERS: 52 Things YOU Should Know. Before you know it, you're dealing with issues and situations you never thought you'd face. I've offered a variety of ideas and suggestions, many coming from my own expereinces, that help alert family members to the emerging needs oft their elderly family member. My hope is that this information can help in the transition that both generations, adult children and elderly parents, enter into.


I know I was not prepared for the changes that occurred when my parents age caught up with them. Neither were they. For the last fifteen years, I've had to learn, manage, and cope with a multitude of problems from helping put the trash out to changing a light bulb for parents who could no longer do those chores to assisting them with medical issues, doctor appointments, and needed legal elder care preparations. There are 52 ways to help. If you start now and focus on one way a week, you'll have a year of help at your disposal.

Here are some of the ways this book will help someone who is suddenly faced with coping with an elderly parent or aging family member.

- Ways you can help with health issues

- Ways you can help around the house

- Ways you can help with the pets

- Ways to help with finances

- Ways to hlep you cope when dealing with your aging parents

- Ways to help you cope with family conflict

- Ways to help when a change of residence is needed

- Ways to help with your own stress

- Plus a Free report “More Help When Dealing with Aging Parents & Elderly Family Members”

Vikk Simmons
Vikk Simmons

Vikk Simmons knows what it's like to take on the daunting task of caring for aging parents. She spent fifteen years caring for both her mother and father during the last phases of their life from the simple tasks of changing a light bulb to the more difficult end-of-life tasks with in-home hospice. She now hopes to share what she's learned with others in hopes of helping them through these critical stages for both them and their parents and family members.

Simmons is also a certified Journal to the Self Instructor through the Center for Journal Therapy with Kay Adams and is working toward a Journal Facilitator Certification through the Therapeutic Writing Institute. Look for more books that will focus on aging parents and family caregivers. Discover more at and visit The Reluctant Caregiver Facebook page.

If you think you'll be facing this potential situation with your parents or maybe already are, check out DEALING WITH AGING PARENTS & ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBERS: 52 Things YOU Should Know now so you can become better prepared for what's ahead.

Dealing with Aging Parents and Elderly Family Members: 52 Things You Should Know
Dealing with Aging Parents and Elderly Family Members: 52 Things You Should Know

Discover some of the things you should know now so you can make life easier for your aging or elderly parents and family members. They will appreciate your effort.


I know many are facing these issues. Do share your own experiences and suggestions, too.

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    • Vikk Simmons profile image

      'Vikk Simmons 3 years ago from Houston

      @benjamindlee: Thank you! I do think it is an important topic and one we all need to think about.

    • benjamindlee profile image

      benjamindlee 3 years ago

      Such an important subject. Thanks for sharing!