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Death and the after thoughts - a fatal car accident

Updated on July 1, 2016

Death is the final truth of life.People get the shock of their life, when someone close dies.But the truth is, we are supposed to expect death!But when?And are we prepared?Check out in this article by Manish Mehta after one of his close friend, a colleague dies suddenly in a fatal accident.

The following article was published in 'The Desert Times' on 14 August 1977.

By: Manish C. Mehta

Here is a little excerpt from “War is Kind” a poem written by Stephen Crane back in 1899:

A Man said to Universe:
“Sir, I exist”
“However,” replied the Universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

This is the essence of reality.Death is the final truth of life.

Unexpected death of one of my closet friend K. Venkatesh (he was popularly known as KV) shocked me to the core (read here the News item appeared in our newsletter The Desert Times).But life teaches its lessons hard way.And the lesson I learnt was “it’s foolish to expect an expected death!”There is no warning bell.One has to be always prepared for it.

The idea of this article is not to write an obituary or to promote pessimistic view of life, but just to usher to the complicacy simple questions can create when the answer is “NO”.Please go through the questions given below, one by one.If your answer is “NO”, stop for a minute or two.Think how much time, effort or money it would demand from you should turn the answer to “YES”, act upon it, “FAST”.As things, which matter most, should never be at mercy of things, which matter least.

Car Accident...
Car Accident...


  1. Do you have any insurance – life insurance, medical insurance, accident insurance etc.?
  2. If you have insurance, does your wife knows all details about it?
  3. Does your wife knows your ATM card pin code?
  4. Does your wife have an NRE (Non-Resident External A/c) account?
  5. Do you have a joint account with your wife?
  6. Is your wife aware of ‘nominee’ declared by you in your single bank account or other investments?
  7. Have you made a ‘WILL’ establishing clearly ‘legal heir(s)’?
  8. Is your wife aware of all your financial transactions like shares, property, loads etc?
  9. Is your wife aware of your friends / relatives, whom she can fully trust in event of difficulty?
  10. Is your wife aware of capabilities and limitations of your friends?
  11. Is your wife aware of important office personnel and policies?

Note: I have mentioned wife, only for the sake of brevity.It can mean any dependent, friend or relative. In general, anyone whom you care for! Wives should view the questions from their point of view.

Death of KV was a new experience for me. Experience is the mother of thought and thought is the mother of action.Do give a thought to my thought and if it appeals you, consider the following maxim of education that makes the most sense to me:

I hear: I forget

I see: I remember

I do: I understand

If you agree, just DO IT, you will understand it much better.

KV was one of the most talented financial controllers of our company.Carefree laxity displayed by him in updating his wife/friends about his day to day activities generated plethora of problems after his death.Let us all learn from this experience.

Assume for a while that you had to leave suddenly on ‘final exit’, NOW!

Riyadh Industrial City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


KV Fatal Accident:

(as it appeared on page 8 of August 14, 1977 edition of The Desert Times)

A person is awarded a death sentence the moment he or she is born. People tend to forget this hard fact. In death of a close friend or a relative, we are reminded about this fact often.

Manish’s close friend and colleague Mr. K. Venkatesh (known as KV) met with a fatal accident. On 23rd July, 1997, Wednesday, KV was driving to his office at ABB in Industrial Area (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) as usual at around 8 a.m. he hit a stationary bus parked a few meters away from the main ABB entrance. The fatal accident killed him on the spot. Manish and a few other colleagues rush to scene.

Manish had very tough week, as he and his few other colleagues followed up the legal formalities including settlement and insurance claims. Venkatesh’s bereaved wife and 8 month old daughter left Riyadh after a week when all the formalities were over. His body was sent to his native Bangalore 10 days after the accident.

We extend condolences to the family members of Venkatesh, to Manish and other colleagues in ABB. We pray the Almighty that he family members have enough courage to withstand the gross loss of Mr. Venkatesh.


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