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Death Comes in Three's

Updated on March 31, 2012

In my family, there is a deep belief that death comes in threes. Our old matriarch is the one who brought it to our families' attention. So far from my experience, it is definitely a fact. Some people feel that my family's belief is more of a superstition than a fact; but I have proof. Just in the past two years, our family has lost three members. Almost about four years before we lost three family members within a one to two year period. Death occurred either on my patriarch side or matriarch side, but it would always be in three's.

Death of threes became more apparent, when I began to notice death among celebrities. If you check the headlines dating back at least ten years; you will see the similarities. When death occurs in threes, I feel that it is a sign for families to regroup and take stock in what is really important. Families need to come together and truly forgive and forget past disputes. When deaths comes, it also predicts the birth of a child coming soon to take that love ones' place. It does not necessarily have to be the young replacing the old; it could be the young replacing the young.

This past year our family had a reunion in July. It had been five years since the last one. And the family reunion before that was about seven or ten years. It was so ironic, we also had a funeral the day after our family reunion(July, 2010). We lost one of our young adults. I could not help thinking we all should be showing each other deep love, but everyone exhibit a furious chill for one another. The last funeral I attended, our family was so dysfunctional and argumentative. As years past, I can remember hearing a sermon by a minister in Chicago. The title of the sermon was "Only vultures argue over the dead". It was the most moving sermon, I have ever heard. I said from that day on, I would not argue over the dead, because it doesn't matter,..they are dead.

Sometimes there are sins to be paid through death, sins that are from past generations. There's a saying that your children can pay for your sins, it doesn't say when they will pay for them. Sometimes payback skips a generation or two. As I grow older, I find myself reflecting on my past sins. I question my decisions, I have made in the past. I ask could I have went right instead of left, or said no instead of yes. In some my decisions, I did come to the conclusion that I was right and then other decision, I found that I was wrong. Those I could correct and say I am sorry, I did. Others where I missed the mark, I have had to ask for mercy and forgiveness and move on. The main thing we have to do is not repeat the some mistakes and learn from them. I say this, because death reminds you not to leave unfinished business behind.

I said this once before, if we only known what we know now as adults, our path would be much easier and our youthfulness would not be wasted. As I continue my journey through life, I take my decision making more seriously. I do not allow myself to be rushed like I did when I was younger. I also try to remember that family is definitely important.


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    • profile image

      Animerox 4 years ago

      It's weird because my family always die in 3s within a year most of them are accidents or diseases.

    • Sure2purr profile image

      kim masterson 5 years ago from southern CA

      I have always believed the death in 3's to be true. In just two years time my family lost my father & mother in law & my father. Back in 1986 I lost my mother, i miscarried at 4 months, and at end of that same year I also lost a very close friend. My oldest son recently lost friends and I said something about the 3's and the very next week he had lost his third friend. All of them in their 30's with young family's they left behind. All sudden, all tragic.

    • Nykki13 profile image

      Nykki 5 years ago from Germantown, WI

      I've noticed that deaths come in 3's too. It's always a scary thought. I'm interested in knowing more about celebrity deaths in 3's? That would be a very interesting article.