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Declutter Stress in your Life

Updated on May 27, 2016

Have Stress? A part of life we just don't need!

Life, we live it everyday, every hour, every minute made up of every second that passes by...

Did you know that these seconds equates to 31,536,000 seconds every year...

That is a whole lot of seconds, when you look at it that way.

When you are experiencing a period in your life that is containing levels of stress in it, even those tiny, seemingly short seconds in your day can seem difficult and they can even feel unbearable... but they don't have to -- there are ways to rid the stress in your life that you are experiencing.

We need to stop carrying stress with us

In this article we will clearly describe a few simple way for you to truly pinpoint the stress you carry, so you can be aware of it and ultimately eliminate it for good!

Free yourself from the negative emotions, anxiety and hopeless feelings that coincide with stress, and ultimately live a stress-free life for good!

I understand. I have been there and I know now that I will never go back to the point where life is only an existence. Never again will I live a life that is less than fulfilling and longer will I spend a single moment, let alone years where I am stuck in a cycle of revolving stresses of different levels -- Some so minute that I didn't recognize them (at first), and others so overwhelming that I used to bury my head in the sand and act as if they didn't exist.

We de-clutter out homes all the time; ow it is time to de-clutter our lives and live stress free!


The negative clutter in our lives can be toxic

There is an antidote: You

Negative clutter is most certainly toxic in our lives. What is negative clutter? It is anything that is in your life, physically or emotionally, that takes away from your life instead of giving to it. 'Toxic negative clutter' is the bad, one step worse...

Take dirty litter boxes for an example; it's bad enough that they are full of feces - a total negative. Over time, if they are not dealt with they will start to emit an odor... if even more time passes, the smell can take over your entire house... Then one day the negative consequence of that one stinking little littler box has come to the point that everything that you own now carries the stench of fecal matter to it! -- It got left so long that it is now a toxin that you are carrying with you everywhere you go. Solution? Scoop the poop and be in a better place!

No one is more powerful and influential than you in your life than you! You can not step down and say: "Hey Joe! I am going to step down from being in charge of me, as of today you take over of my life"... it just doesn't work that way. 'Joe' can not come on into your life and take over -- make the wrong, right and live your life. If you have a 'Joe' in your life, taking charge and making all of the calls, I fully suggest that that is the first 'toxin' you eliminate.

Being 'in charge' in your life will give you the power to make the choices that determine what kind of life you will live. Now if you are in a relationship (and I hope it is a healthy one) the rules are a little different -- there are times that you have to think of the 'unit', consult and work with you partner to be stronger as a whole... You can not be in a healthy relationship where someone is in charge -- Healthy relationships are not a power and balance struggle -- they are beautiful, satisfying and empower you! If there is a 'boss' in your relationship you have a problem, a big problem, that will require some work... Either work on the relationship (with your partner) to make it great, or move on.

Sizes of stress...

A large stress is easy to identify... Small bits and pieces of stress can easily be overlooked... Don't overlook them! They compound and can take over bit by bit, all day long...

Small stress ~ It's just as important to deal with...


Negative clutter examples


- A cluttery space that stays with you: for example a car that is overflowing with 'junk' left in it -- You know you have to clean it out, but for some reason you just don't. It looms on your to-do list, just not getting done. -- In this case the 'clutter in you car' is valid, traditional clutter... It is the 'stress' effect that I am talking about here though. Do you fear someone climbing into your car -- what will their reaction be? Do you opt to park in the farthest stall and avoid parking where people could walk by and can see the mess piled in your vehicle? What I am describing here is the emotional baggage that comes along with the cluttery space. This is a secondary clutter that can be resolved by dealing with the primary cause -- clean out that car and de-clutter the chain reaction of stress you were experiencing...

- Then there are people, for example: You go to the grocery store and the shortest line has the 'cranky' lady at the til -- Do you stay in that line? Or do you opt into the longer line that has the cashier with a 'happiness' that is spreading all around him?... If you decide to take a chance with 'Ms. Crank-pants' then you are placing yourself into the direct line to add stress, even if it is short lived in your life. When it is your turn at the register is she going to 'do-her-thing?', or will she actually be in a good mood?

-- When you know someone that could possible add add stress to your life, do not put yourself into the direct line of their stress-inducing ways... If they are not a positive in your life, chances are they are a negative... This one is often a hard one to deal with, especially if the person is someone other than a cashier that you can take or leave... If you are dealing with a family member or co-worker, you will need to establish boundaries and coping skills. You have the power to define how your time is spent with the people around you -- do not let them be emotional vampires!

- Places: Hate long line-ups? But you go to get your blood work first thing in the morning, when the clinic is overwhelmed with life? -- Stop going first thing in the morning then! Does the minimal service at the accountants over lunch make your teeth grind? -- Change the habits of the places that you go to de-clutter the stress that they bring. Ever find yourself gravitating to the sight of where a bad memory lies? Like to the bank that turned you down for a mortgage? When you go to destinations that hold bad memories, or will offer you an experience that will damper you, are walking straight into a stressful situation... Stress is there, out in the open or hiding in your subconscious... We just need to be aware.

Call it what it is

The Official BS Button
The Official BS Button

Sometimes you just have to push the button... Well said button, well said!


Be honest with yourself

About the different stresses in your life

Now I will pre-warn you...

In order to de-clutter stress in your life you will have to identify the source, which will often add a (short lived) spike to your stress levels... Don't let it take you by surprise... Be in the know about the stress in your life, so you are than you can eliminate it!

Would you like a "B.S." button to tote around with you?

See results

Home Work Time

Grab a pen and some paper -- It is time to define the stress you encounter so you can get rid of it...

Here is what my list once looked like...

Items to deal with

- Put up a hook for the car keys

(they were forever lost)

- Move the litter box

(it was too visual and embarrassing)

- Buy more hangers

(the clothes in my drawers were always wrinkly)

- Move the tooth picks

(their placement had the forever falling)

- Do a chore list for my house

(priority things were often overlooked)

- Stop calling 'Joe'

(Joe only had negative things to say about the world)

- Relocate the trash can

(too close to the door, it smelt!)

How much stress are you under

See results

Knowing where things are reduces stress - A small thing, that can make a big difference

Easy Track RB1460-C 4 to 8-Foot Deluxe Closet Starter Kit, Cherry
Easy Track RB1460-C 4 to 8-Foot Deluxe Closet Starter Kit, Cherry

This 4 star closet organizer will help clear the clutter


Knowledge is power

If you can identify the different sources in your life that add bits, pieces and chunks of stress you will be in a position to change the negative into a positive.

On my 'Example List' I had 'move the toothpicks' -- now this doesn't seem like it a small thing but to me -- it was like a mountain.

The placements of some toothpicks could easily be a source of stress. They had been in the same cupboard for years - not a big deal, right? They weren't lost. BUT EVERY TIME I opened that cupboard door I would somehow knock them off the shelf and they would fall out and go everywhere....

The action of opening the cupboard was not stressful, but dealing with the aftermath of picking up, what always seemed to be about a million toothpicks, got to be something that frustrated me every time! It took me a while to smarten up and realize that the frustration of dealing with picking up the toothpicks once a week or so, left a residual negative feeling with me. Moving them was only small task, that took seconds to do and ended up being a double positive! Not only was I dumping the tooth picks any longer, but every time I opened the cupboard to where they were once housed I smiled, just happy to know that they wouldn't be falling out everywhere! In the end I determined that this residual negative feeling was stress - stress that I was able to eliminate.

If you can identify what triggers the stress you can deal with it, be it big or small --- personally, I moved the tooth-picks and have never had to face this toil in my life again!

Make life a no stress zone



Take a tiny stress and say GOOD-BYE!

Upgrading some simple products around your home will help you relax - Take your bedding for example. Do you need a heavy blanket to get the best sleep? Or perhaps your 'other half' keeps steeling the comforter; leaving you with a cold bottom all night... Fixing this issue is easy! Upgrade your bedding so you can get the best sleep you can and give you the energy you need for the next day. Home is where we go, stay or be... It should be deemed a space that is comfortable, relaxing and most certifiably, should be classed as a 'No Stress' zone...

Here is to you and the ridding from your future!

Words of advice?

  • Be brave enough to risk a change
  • Love yourself enough to keep 'finding the right path'
  • Know -- you are worth it

Please share your thoughts - On how you declutter stress from your life...

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    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 

      4 years ago from Texas

      Try not to sweat the small stuff.

    • profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago

      I am a Libra and suit that personality ideally. I love things to be balanced and organized. Unfortunately my husband is the exact opposite which does lead to more than a few little tiffs in the family on occasion. Hopefully I will have him a little more organized by the time we reach 80.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      Very good points. I know we put up with some aggravations around the house that could so easily be changed. Why do we let those slide, adding to our daily stress?


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