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Denture Relining for Denture Wearers On A Budget

Updated on March 2, 2011

All You Need To Know About Denture Relining

Are you putting off having denture relining done to your dentures at your dentist, because you can’t afford the cost right now? Are you experiencing soreness in your mouth and gum areas? I think oral pain is one of the worst types of pain to deal with.

There is no need to be in pain any longer. There is an easy and quick solution. Believe it or not it is to reline your dentures yourself. It’s easy. You don’t have to be a dentist or a lab technician to be able to a good job that will eliminate your pain. People just like you who have no dental skills are performing denture relining for themselves.

Relining dentures your self is a secret that most people don’t talk about. However, with the Internet more and more denture wearers are finding out about this quick, safe and inexpensive solution to eliminating the pain from ill-fitting dentures

First let me share why you have this problem in the first place. It isn’t because your dentist did a poor job in making your dentures. The problem stems from how your bone and gum heal after you have your teeth extracted. Both your bone and gum will shrink. Plus most people have an on going problem, because your bone and gum are always changing. That is why there is continual friction between the area of your dentures and your gum area are in contact with each other. This is what courses you pain, and your dentures not fitting properly.

So let’s get to the information about how you can become a denture relining expert.

• Denture Relining kits are sold with easy to follow instructions.
• The cost is no more than a couple hamburgers at your favorite fast food restaurant.
• When you reline dentures you will create a new surface on your denture plate that comes in contact with your gum.
• A soft denture reline kit also know as a temporary denture reline kit works well for most people because it will adjust more easily to your mouth.
• People find that when they reline their dentures it will be fine from three months to two years. Everyone’s mouth is different. You will learn what works for you.
• Since the price of a denture reline kit is so affordable you can reline your dentures as often as needed.
• Most people keep an extra denture reline kit on hand so they never have an emergency.

The entire process takes no more than twenty minutes to perform the relining to your dentures. After you do it a few times it should take you as little as ten minutes. For the best outcome it is important to reline one denture plate at a time.

1. Follow the recommended steps for your best outcome: Start with first cleaning your dentures with a brush and then drying them.

2. In order to protect your dentures apply Petroleum Jelly to the outside of your dentures. The jelly will protect the outside of your teeth and will make it easier to wipe off any excess that might run off.

3. There are two vials for each denture relining application included in the kit. One vial is of powder and one vial of liquid.

4. Mix the liquid with the powder in a mixing bowl.

5. Quickly stir the mixture until it is smooth. This process should take no longer than eight to nine seconds.

6. Pour immediately and spread the mixture into the indented area of your denture plate.

7. Insert your denture plate in your mouth. Making sure your denture sits correctly in your mouth.

8. Bite down slowly, firmly, and gently allowing your upper or lower teeth to meet. Maintain this position for 3 to 5 minutes.

9. Remove your denture plate that you have just relined from your mouth and rinse with cold water.

10. Remove any excess material that might have run over onto the teeth. Use either a cloth or sharp knife if necessary.

11. Follow the same steps if you have a second denture plate that requires denture relining. .

12. We do recommend you visit the dentist at least once every six month for check ups.

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