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Aluminum Free Deodorant

Updated on May 5, 2014

Looking for a deodorant without aluminum? You've come to the right place.

I admit it; it was a scary email campaign that pushed me toward deodorant without aluminum. Aluminum, warned that widely circulated message, can increase the risk of breast cancer. I tried not to flip out over this thought, given that I'd used standard drugstore deodorants for decades. At the same time, I had to scratch my head: "There's aluminum in deodorant?" Back then, who knew?

Many consumers now are more educated, and even though there's no conclusive evidence linking aluminum in deodorant with disease, lots of us have decided to err on the natural side in terms of what we rub under our arms. I personally think growing kids & teens deserve special consideration in this area. With puberty starting earlier than ever, the need for deodorant can kick in at 10, 9 or even younger. Don't we want to keep things as nontoxic as possible when it comes to kids' developing bodies?

Here, five picks for aluminum free deodorant, three of which our family has experience with, and 2 I'd like to try.

(image: amazon)

Tom's of Maine Aluminum Free Deodorant

Our family has sort of a complicated history with Tom's aluminum free deodorant. It's the first brand I tried about a decade ago, after the scary email from a friend. And this was the scent I got -- honeysuckle rose -- and used for years. When the kids started to need deodorant, I bought the apricot version, but it gave my son and me a bad rash on our underarms :( He ended up liking the Tom's woodspice deodorant, but the scent to me was off-putting. Finally, Tom's came out with a bay lime version which was awesome! The kids and I all loved the scent, and it was fairly effective for us even in summer. Sadly, though, the bay lime got discontinued, so I'm back to the honeysuckle rose, which I do recommend. But Tom's: Please bring back that bay lime!

> Good for: Gals, girls

Herbal Clear Sport Aluminum Free Deodorant

This stuff is great! My sons use and love it. I actually weaned my older son with this off the Tom's of Maine Woodspice dedorant, which he loved but to me smelled too strong for a young teen. The Herbal Clear definitely has a scent, but it's less intense than the woodspice. The price listed is for a 3-pack, so this is pretty affordable -- especially for an aluminum free product.

> Good for: Guys, boys

Arm & Hammer Aluminum Free Deodorant

We had decent luck with this one. It works pretty well, but what I've found is that there's no such thing as a totally unscented aluminum free deodorant. The herbal / natural ingredients always have some sort of scent, and it can be funky. This one's not too bad -- sort of citrusy, and fairly mild. Affordable, too, so worth trying your luck.

> Good for: Guys, gals, kids

Desert Essence Aluminum Free Dedorant

Another affordable product sold as a 3-pack. The fact that a reviewer said it's "almost unscented" is encouraging, as it's very hard to find deodoant without aluminum that is truly unscented. And it gets strong reviews for odor prevention, too. On my must-try list!

> Good for: Guys, gals, kids

Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminum Free Deodorant

Based on the reviews, I'd love to try this one, too. The only downside is that it's a bit pricier than the products I normally use.

> Good for: Gals & girls, I'm assuming, but depending on the scent this could be unisex

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More info on the risks of aluminum in deodorant

It's always best to check the facts before freaking out. The truth is that no conclusive evidence has been found yet linking aluminum in deodorant to cancer and other illnesses. More research is needed, experts say. In the meantime, check out what's known so far:

Aluminum in deodrant and cancer, alzheimer's and kidney disease from webmd

Aluminum in deodorant and breast cancer from the National Cancer Institute

~~~~~ Update ~~~~

As my kids have moved solidly into the teen years, we've learned this is not a great phase of life for natural deodorants :{

I do recommend trying one or more of these products if you're a) under 13, or older but lateish on puberty/adolescence; or b) an adult who's not super hormonal or doesn't sweat much.

I do believe science will someday deliver us a natural deodorant that's effective for all ages & stages. Or maybe you know of one already?? If so, please share!

Want more?

Five Huffington Post editors tested aluminum free deodorants -- some of them sprays, which we've never tried -- and shared results here.

Do you have a favorite deodorant without aluminum? Please share your experiences -- the good, the bad & the smelly!


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    • verymary profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Chicago area

      @cleanskindude: yes, there are more choices than 10 years ago, for sure! let's hope the manufacturers keep 'em coming, or better yet, why not just take the aluminum out of all deodorants? thanks for your visit!

    • profile image

      cleanskindude 5 years ago

      Cool lens... I never realized there were so many choices of aluminum free deodorant. As you point out, there's no conclusive evidence, but it sure does make you wonder if the deodorant ingredients are absorbed into your body and can cause long term side effects. Take care.