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Depression Causes-Learn the Signs

Updated on April 23, 2012

Being able to identify depression causes can help you feel a little more in control of the situation. If you or a loved one may be suffering from depression, this may seem like a lonely time for you. You may be confused and as if you are like a boat out alone on a raging sea with no sign of the shore for miles around you. Understanding Depression is the first step in helping you deal with your situation.

So, what are depression causes and why do they affect some people and not all? There are several factors that come into play when determining the causes for depression. Sometimes it is one element alone but often it is a few factors combined that trigger a depressive illness to surface.

1. Do you have depressive disorders in your family? This could mean your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles from both sides of your family tree. Children, and brothers and sisters can call be more likely to suffer from depression themselves if it is predominate in the family genes.

2. Family environment also plays a strong role in how likely you may be to suffer from a depressive disorder. Depression causes can be such as the type of place you live in, the kind of people you live with (are they pessimists, motivated, or angry people?), or whether or not there is alcohol or substance abuse. Often people try to self-medicate themselves when they are feeling down and what could have started out as just a "depressive episode" could morph into a full blown depressive disorder that can only be treated with medication and the watchful eye of a medical professional. If you find that you do not handle stress as well as you would like, and you are also around others who do not know how to cope with stress, this could be a bad environment for you to be living in. Being around people who are always depressed can have an unhealthy effect on those sharing the same space and could lead to depression occurring in yourself.

3. Brain chemistry is also another of the more common depression causes that occur in people of all ages. This could be chemical and hormonal changes originating from other parts of the body or some physical ailments that play a part in leading up to depression. If you or a loved one has recently lost someone they cherished through death or even someone moving very far away or abandonment, this stress could lead to a spiral downfall ending in depression that will need to be treated by a professional.

Even things such as losing your job, finding yourself with no money which could result in not being able to pay a mortgage or rent, or even having to move to a new home when you didn't really want to; these are all common stress factors for those who find themselves suffering from depression.

While some people such as children, women and older people are at a higher risk for depression, this does not rule out anyone else. There are many cases of male depression occurring as well although until the age of 65 it is known that twice as many women are treated for depression as men are. There are many debates on whether that is due to the fact that the female hormones contribute to a higher chance of depression or that men just simply are taught to deal with stress in a different manner. It could also be that women are more than likely to seek out help for depression than men are (for example, men have a higher rate of alcoholism than women do due to hiding their feelings or trying to numb the pain)

Find that Support System

While there may be many reasons that contribute to depression causes in both men and women of all ages, it is crucial to try to have a support system in place if possible. In this way, you can either be there to monitor your loved ones you may worry about, or they can in turn be there for you if you feel that you are in danger of suffering from depression. There are treatments and solutions for these depressive disorders and there can be a way to still live your life even if you do suffer from depression.


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