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Depression Treatments

Updated on September 17, 2014

Depression Stinks!

Everyone knows what feeling sad is like, as you can't go through life without something happening to cause some form of sadness.

Depression, however, is a bit more than just feeling sad. With sadness, you can still function and enjoy some of your daily activities.

With depression, you have no interest, or at least a very low interest in any daily activities. Sometimes you cannot sleep or have difficulty with your sleep; too much or too little.

Your appetite drastically changes, sometimes eating too much or too little. You can't concentrate on anything, or you find it very difficult to just care about anything.

You might feel an overwhelming dread if you are depressed. Or you might even feel like you are worthless.

The cloud that surrounds your head and your entire being is very thick and dark, and it never goes away, or you think as much.

Depression is the feeling of being so sad, you think it is never going to get better, and that may also bring about episodes of panic or anxiety.

Depression Treatment One

Postive Self-Talk

One way to treat your depression is by changing your negative thoughts into positive ones using self-talk.

Your thoughts play a bigger role in your emotions than you might realize. If you are having negative thoughts, your emotional being will be negative.

Let's say the sun is shining, it is a beautiful day, the weather is warm, the animals are playing and the birds are chirping. Then a bird poos on your window.

Now, if all you see and think about is a bird pooing on your window and how you feel that is what your life is all about, then you are going to get depressed.

If you see the bird poo and watch it fly to its nest with a bunch of babies, you are going to think what a beautiful creature that is and you will be happy and smiling.

It is all in the way you look at things and it is all about your thoughts. Whether they are negative or you tend to look on the bright side of things.

Sometimes when things get rough it's not always easy, but it is very important to try and change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Depression Treatment Two

Build Your Self-Esteem

Depression can bring about feelings of worthlessness and dread. The worse the depression, the more believable these feelings can be.

Another way to treat depression is to build your self-esteem. That can be very difficult if you've never been taught to love yourself.

Accomplishments, looks, talent, fame, fortune, are also not going to bring happiness or a feeling of self-worth. Self-worth and self-esteem must come from within.

A way to build your self-esteem goes back to your thoughts. Pay very close attention to your thoughts.

Whenever you are being critical of yourself, write it down. Maybe you were late for a dinner appointment and you mentally told yourself that you are no good, you always screw up, or you are inferior.

What you need to write down next to the critical thought is a more realistic one. For instance, you were late for a dinner appointment and your critical thought was that you always screw up.

Your realistic thought could be that, that is nonsense, you are not always late. If you are more late than you would like, change your routine so you can so you can be on time.

It all goes back to the negative and critical thoughts. Change those, and you're on your way.

Depression Treatment Three

Natural Medicine

You are what you eat is not only a famous saying, but it is a bit true as well.

Nutrition plays a big role in how you feel. If you don't believe that, try eating a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and see how long you can stay awake!

Another famous saying is garbage in, garbage out. If you eat a ton of fats, well guess what?

Try to incorporate foods rich in omega 3 fats, folic acid, B12 and Vitamin D. These are four nutrients that researchers have found to be mood lifting.

If you are finding it hard to rely on food, you can always use vitamins or other natural medicine.

Great Quotes

Depression Treatment

Final Thoughts

Depression stinks, but thank goodness there are treatments available. No matter which one you choose, be honest and diligent.

Don't beat yourself up if things don't change right away. It takes time to change old habits.

If nothing else, put on your favorite music and just start dancing. Put a smile on your face no matter how hard.

Depression stinks, but there is help. You can feel better!

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      anonymous 9 years ago

      blurb? ok new lingo for me! um, i am depressed but you didnt hear it from me. i am supposed to be uplifting and bubbly according to most of my friends. HA. Not lately. But since I do have a major in psychology, i already knew this stuff. it was just a wake up reminder to me so thanks! at least i can deal w/ it ya know??