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Developing Inner Peace

Updated on October 14, 2010

The Journey

Developing inner peace is definitely a journey, and mine kicked into full gear when I was 18yrs old. After almost cutting off my left index finger in a work related accident I had to take a month off of work to give my finger time to heal.

About one year prior to that I had started having strong feelings of wanting to learn more about Theravada Buddhism and meditation, but had only done some reading on the subject to that point.

After the accident I had a vision of a monastery, so I went on the web and quickly found the Birken Forest Monastery, which was about 6hrs away from me. Since I had the time off from work I thought "this is the perfect time to go."

So I went for a week. Let me tell you, it was a Life Changing Experience! I learned how to meditate and never felt so at peace and connected to the universe. Through meditation I was able to see how terrible I had been treating myself and so many others for years. I saw several insecurities I had because my mind was so calm. With my mind being so relaxed I was able to easily change the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs to positive ones.

Through meditation I reset my body to fall asleep easily, because before that I had a hard time falling asleep.

It was such a powerful and strong experience for me that part of me did not want to leave because I felt the happiest I could remember in my entire life. But, my intuition told me that I needed to leave, there were things I needed to do in the world.

After arriving home, my mother could not believe how much I had changed in a week. I was beaming with radiate light.

I did go back to Birken Forest monastery two more time, and every time I became clearer and clearer and release more mental and emotional garbage that was inhibiting my inner peace.

In the years to come I studied many different form of medicine which help to deepen my inner peace. I became a Dr. in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I worked with a native medicine man, studied Pranic Healing, Medical Qigong and Theta Healing.

Now I help other people find and develop their inner peace through Distance Healing, group Healing Meditations, diet, nutrition and other practical solutions. So many health problems can be prevented and resolved if the mind is calm and relaxed by doing meditation. That is why I have focus part of my practice to facilitating group Healing Meditations.

How to Meditate

I find the best way to meditate is through mindful meditation. This is when you sit with your legs crossed in a meditative position focusing on inhalation and exhalation of air from your nose. Through focusing on this simple process it allows your mind to calm down and be in the present moment.

It is best to meditate daily to reap the benefits. There are several great books and audio material available about mindful meditation.  For instruction on how to meditate watch the video below.

Healing Meditation

To sign up for Free Healing Meditations go to


Dr. Adam Fulmore, TCM


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