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Developing Intuition–Seven Helpful Things

Updated on October 23, 2012

Listen, I don‘t claim to know too much about intuition, but will share with you the information I have acquired so far. Likely there have been times in your life where you sensed something so strongly that you believed it would happen.

It probably was not a complete surprise when your feelings actually did happen according to your intuitive sense.

You are not alone having such feelings as I have come across many friends who tell me how they do experience them.

So, it is common to have feelings that something will happen and not have any logical reason for feeling that way. This is what is called intuition and you can experience it in three different ways.

You may see it in your mind's eye, feel it in your solar plexus or stomach or hear it as if someone is telling you what will happen.

Clairvoyance is the name for when you see something in your third eye. It isn't limited to just seeing a vision, though. It can go beyond that to where you just know something will happen.

Having a strong feeling in your solar plexus is often referred to as having a gut feeling about something. This is usually an overwhelming feeling and strikes you as fear or anxiety. You can't explain why you feel what you do, but you feel it so strongly that you know it is real.

Clairvoyance or hearing something that strikes a feeling in you is when you can listen beyond what is actually being said. It can also occur when you actually hear a sound and that sound triggers feelings that may seem to be out of sync with the current situation. It is a warning and you are picking it up through Clairvoyance.

It is often said that only a small group of people are blessed with the gift of intuition. According to astrology, Scorpios or Pisces are most likely to be very strongly affected by intuition so much that they almost have ESP. However, there is much evidence to suggest that everyone has the ability to be intuitive.

Why would you want to develop your intuition? What good will it do you? Intuition can help you greatly in communication and if this is so then it is one way on how to make friends. You’re able to tap into people's emotions and to be more sensitive to people around you. You can also understand people better and see their point of view more clearly. You also will have a great boost in your creativity and be able to express yourself much better. Intuition also can help to rid you of negative energy and to help your soul.

Seven Helpful Things

Having explained that, you probably want to know how to develop your intuition. Here are seven things you can do to help develop your intuitive side:

1.) Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis is a great tool that lets you shed that conscious mind and taps into your deeper self. You can do it on your own with self-hypnosis or you can see a professional. Over time hypnosis will help to unleash your intuitive powers.

2.) Meditation: When you meditate you reach a deeper level of consciousness. You get rid of clutter in your mind and quiet your mind. You are able to really let your mind work clearly. You can meditate on your own or if you need more help try getting into yoga which can help you to meditate.

3.) Positive Thinking: Just thinking positive thoughts can help bring your intuitive nature to the surface. You get rid of worry and start to push away the negative that can keep your intuition hidden. Being positive also helps you to more easily recognize when intuitive feelings happen.

4.) Surrender Your Problems: Let go of your problems. By simply pushing them out of your mind instead of focusing on them can bring about intuitive feelings that will lead you to the right solution or choice. You have to push away all your thoughts so you can recognize your intuition when it is speaking to you.

5.) Let Go Of Expectations: If you stop expecting things to happen and trying so hard to make them happen then you can let your intuition guide you. You can't push intuition to happen. It just happens, so let it happen naturally and don't force it.

6.) Trust Yourself: You have to trust in the feelings that you get. You’ll find that this becomes easier with time. If you get a feeling about something then trust in it. Your first impression about something is almost always going to be true, so don't fight it.

7.) Be a Happy Person: Happiness attracts the energy and powers you need to improve your intuition. When you're happy you’ll find it is so much easier to get intuitive impressions. Intuition happens much easier when you are a happy person unlike when you're being negative.

Intuition can be a great life tool. It can help lead you in the right direction and help you avoid problems. It can help you to stay happy, make decisions and follow the right path. Intuition offers you a lot of benefits and allows you to live a life where you can feel free and happy.


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