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diabetes diet help

Updated on August 7, 2009

Diet … what does that word mean?

Diet: the usual food and drink of a person or animal; daily sustenance. A regulated selection of foods, especially as described by a doctor for gaining or losing weight or other medical reasons.

I was overweight after spending several years unable to exercise or do much of anything because of back problems and the need to have a total hip replacement. My blood pressure had been elevated, and my blood sugar was becoming a problem. I had been hypoglycemic [low blood sugar] for most of my life and now my sugar was becoming elevated. Still not having to take medication for it’s control, I needed to find a way to take control. Hence the need for the diet to lose the weight that would lead to me being healthier.

I sought the help of my doctor who sent me to a nutritionist who put me on a “balanced diet”. Okay, so I tried it her way. I lost one pound in a month. The balanced diet didn’t seem to help with the weight problem, the blood pressure, and definitely didn’t help with the blood sugar. Actually, the balanced diet was making my blood sugar numbers rise. Where before my sugar numbers were low to okay [60’s to 120’s], the fasting sugar numbers were inching up. After a month into the diet, one morning my fasting blood sugar was a whopping 159. I was getting frightened and was reluctant to take a sugar reading later in the day not wanting to know how high my sugar count was actually getting.

Having lost my father to complications of diabetes, I was afraid. If my numbers kept creeping up, I would have to go on medication to control this disease.

Some of us diet constantly for one reason or other. I personally have been on diets three different times in my life to gain weight. That was great. I was under doctor’s orders to drink the most fattening milkshake I could get at least twice a day. Once I reached the ideal weight, according to the doctor, I went off the diet and the weight just dropped back off.

The diets to lose weight have been difficut at best. Years ago after the births of my children I needed to lose weight. I tried all kinds of diets. One diet had me not eating for several days at a time. I would lose water weight and then when I ate, the weight would return. The yo-yo syndrome had begun. I can’t even begin to name all the different diets I have been on.

Then one day I picked up a women’s magazine in the grocery store and found a diet that was called “the more you eat the more you lose”. The author indicated the diet had been written up in a German Medical Journal and went on to impart the information that there were no calories to be counted. I immediately thought, this diet is for me. So I started the diet and I started to lose the weight. It was a slow process but that is the best way to lose. I found out when you lose quickly, it is usually water weight and not true lost weight. This “the more you eat, the more you lose” diet had lists of foods that were going to take more calories to digest then were actually in the food.

I have been trying to remember what the diet consisted of but it has been so many years since I read and worked this diet for myself. I keep telling myself I have a photographic memory but it seems I may not have had any film in my mind at the time.

Anyhow, the jist of the diet were foods that took more calories to digest than was actually in it. One of the food examples was an egg. A simple food. It is nutritional and low in calories. The calorie count for the egg is 80. When you cook the egg you get the 80 calories plus the calories of whatever you cooked the egg in. Frying or scrambling the egg in bacon grease or butter adds more calories. Plus the egg cooked in either of these two methods does not burn the extra calories. BUT, if you boil the egg, making a hard boiled egg, things change. That 80 calorie egg, in the hard boiled form, takes 92 calories to digest. I also remember reading about different meats. One was lean ham or any other kind of lean meat. You could eat as much as you wanted as long as it was lean. Vegetables were great and the list cotained many of my favorites. Broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, lettuce, lettuce, unpeeled tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash.

Fruits in this diet were pears, apples, berries, and melons, but not bananas. Also most nuts but for some reason no peanuts. Other foods to be avoided are dairy products.

After many months of searching my memory and the internet and calling friends who are research doctors and would have access to medical journals that I couldn’t find, I found a diet that was basically the same as the “more you eat, the more you lose” that I had worked for myself so many years ago. It is called Paleolithic Diet a.k.a. Neanderthin.

The great news about this diet is you do not have to count calories. Of course this doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself everyday, constantly, because no matter what, you will gain weight if you indulge yourself.

I am planning to implement this diet as much as possible because I see improvement in my blood sugar. Hopefully I will also be able to lose weight which, again in turn, will lower my blood pressure.

I am going to ask my nutritionist what she thinks about the paleodiet. My personal thoughts on this and any other diet is that everyone is different. What may work for some of the population may not work for me. I found the “balanced” diet prescribed to me was actually gradually moving my blood sugar numbers up and was not helping me to lose weight.

My blood sugar numbers have been staying within the normal range for a little over a week and looks like the numbers are staying pretty even. There doesn’t seem to be the yo-yoing that was going on before. Of course it has only been a bit over a week of using this paleodiet but I am feeling better. The weight doesn’t seem to have changed much but I feel like some of the fat has redistributed. I am hopeful I can control my diabetes II.

I am obligated to put in a disclaimer at this point. This diet seems to be working for me. I suggest checking with your doctor prior to embarking on any diet. What works for me would not necessarily work for anyone reading my article.


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